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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1968

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1968

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Mommy, this wasn’t my sister’s idea, it was my idea,” Pudding said through tears, in a somber voice.

“Yeah? Then why didn’t you tell me just now when I asked you?” Huo Mian stared at Pudding and asked word for word.

“It’s because…” Pudding bit her lip and struggled to explain.

“Because of fear? Fear that you would be punished if you admitted your mistake?” Pudding nodded.

“Then why didn’t it occur to you that if your younger sister admitted this mistake instead of you, that she would be punished the same way?”

“I didn’t expect… her to say that. That’s why I was surprised. When I wanted to explain, it was already too late.”

“You were afraid, so you didn’t come clean. But Pudding, when you caused the trouble in the first place, why weren’t you afraid?”

“Mommy, to be honest, I don’t think I caused trouble. I have my reasons for leaving the house. It wasn’t because I wanted to play, I was going to buy a gift for-” Huo Mian cut in angrily without letting Pudding finish.

“Stop it, I don’t need to listen to your excuses. No matter what the reason was, you were wrong. Your selfish actions caused extreme trouble and worry for your aunt and granduncle. It was fortunate that nothing severe happened. Otherwise whatever you have to say would be too late. Pudding, I always thought that between the two of you, you were the calmer and more mature one, more like your daddy. But this time, you really let me down. Your pride is the result of your selfishness, your princess syndrome, and your moodiness. You don’t have a sense of responsibility like your daddy. Whatever your daddy does, he always thinks of his family and me. But you always put yourself ahead of everyone else. You even let innocent Little Bean cover your mistake up for you. Little Bean is usually just a little foodie who doesn’t care about much else. But at critical moments, she is more responsible than you. She’s more like my daughter, not a coward like you. You are a troublemaker who causes mayhem and makes your sister cover for you.”

“Mommy, no… I didn’t mean to do that,” after hearing mommy’s harsh words, Pudding felt really sad, and she tried hard to explain.

“I know you understand all the facts, but you still don’t behave. So are you just trying to defy me?”

“No, Mommy. I just wanted to go out to buy gifts. I didn’t think about it and didn’t know how worried Grandpa and Auntie would be. If I knew they would be like this, I definitely wouldn’t have done it.”

“Pudding, in this world, everyone needs to be responsible for the mistakes they make. It can’t be easily let go by a simple line of ‘I’m sorry, I apologize’. It’s not a horrible thing for a person to make mistakes. What’s horrible is a person who doesn’t want to assume responsibility. In fact, no matter how big the mistake is, how big the sin is, as long as you are willing to assume responsibility and make up for it, you can turn over a new leaf. I hope this time that you’re actually growing up and will understand life better. I hope the fact that Little Bean got hit on your behalf can change you. That’s it. You can leave now, Mommy’s tired and needs to sleep now.”

“Mommy…” Pudding seemed to still have something to tell Huo Mian and couldn’t stop crying.

“Get out,” Huo Mian sounded fairly cold.

Pudding had to walk out while crying.

Qin Ning heard that the twins were being questioned and was worried so she immediately came to the rescue.

Pudding didn’t say a single word but was just walking over to her room with her head down, when Qin Ning ran into her.

“Pudding, are you okay?” Qin Ning felt bad.

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Chapter 1968