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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1966

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1966

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Sis… Stop talking, let’s tell the truth. I know that you’re my big sister and you want to protect me, but I want to take responsibility… so I’m coming clean to Mommy.” Little Bean looked at Pudding and slowly said.

“But…” Pudding seemed like she had something to say.

“There are no buts. Let’s tell the truth.” Little Bean was set on taking the blame.

“Why did you do this, don’t you know that it’s dangerous to go out alone?” Huo Mian asked.

“I thought that it’ll be fine here… It’s the United States, the bad guys are still in China.” Little Bean thought back to what her sister told her.

“You’re joking, there are bad guys everywhere. You don’t know where they are… If something happened to you guys, how will your aunt and grandpa ever face us? They were under so much stress… You disappeared for four hours and made your grandpa alert the Los Angeles Police Department. You really went too far.”

The twins lowered their heads and remained silent…

“I always thought that you guys were compassionate. When you’re occasionally headstrong, I can understand that because it’s in the nature of children… But this time, I can’t understand you, because you guys were selfish, inconsiderate of others’ feelings, and only thought of your own pleasure… It’s because we’re strict in China, so you act like this here. Do you know what a ridiculous thing you’ve done? You almost caused a disaster!”

“Mommy, we’re fine.” Pudding was stubborn.

“Shut up… Don’t tell me that it’s fine, it’s survivor mentality. What if something happened to you? What are we going to do? Think about how your grandparents and Uncle Su, how would they feel?” Huo Mian sounded heated.

“Sweetie, calm down, calm down.” Qin Chu patted Huo Mian’s back, he didn’t feel good seeing how enraged Huo Mian was.

He was stuck in a difficult position, where one side was his daughters and one side was his wife.

“Mommy, we know what we did wrong, sorry,” Little Bean was more obedient and immediately apologized.

Even if she was insincere, she would calm down her mother first in order to get out of a beating.

However, Pudding refused to give in. In her mind, buying Su Yu a present wasn’t wrong.

Nothing happened to them either, they were fluent in English and their drive there was successful. It wasn’t as dangerous as their mommy made it out to seem.

Of course, they were still young, they didn’t know how much Huo Siqian wanted to hurt them, and they also didn’t know that a demon like Ian was after their whole family.

She just thought that her mommy was overreacting…

“Is sorry good enough? What if you did something worse in the future, like murder, do you think you’re going to be forgiven if you apologize? Do you think that you don’t have to face the consequences?” Huo Mian sternly lectured them.

“Honey, it’s not that serious, don’t scare them.” Qin Chu felt bad.

“It is serious… If I don’t set an example now, they are never going to learn.”

After speaking, Huo Mian raised the ruler in her hand…

“Little Bean, I am asking for the last time. This was your idea, right?”

“Yes, it was mine.” Little Bean was set on taking the blame.

“Okay, you’re going to receive punishment for it.”

After speaking, Huo MIan held Little Bean’s hands…

She began slapping them with the ruler. The loudness of the sound reflected how much force she put into it.

She hit each hand five times, ten times in total.

Qin Chu felt his heart hurt with each slap, but he didn’t dare to beg mercy for his daughters.

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Chapter 1966