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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1961

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1961

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Little Bean said, “Daddy, don’t listen to her. She’s acting cold and indifferent. Let’s ignore her and go. I found a good tiramisu place, we can try it.”

So, under Little Bean’s pressure, Qin Chu went downstairs to have cake with Little Bean.

Little Bean finally found a legitimate excuse to eat.

Qin Ning and Pudding were the only people left in the home theater upstairs.

“Pudding, you’re not going to be liked this way. Kids that don’t cry won’t get candy… You should learn from Little Bean, acting cute once in a while is a good thing, really…” Qin Ning slowly said.

“Auntie, we’re born as individuals, we don’t rely on or imitate others… It’s in Little Bean’s personality to be pure, naive, and cute. I can’t learn it, I don’t want to learn it either… I was born calm and cool, and I think it’s a good thing.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your mommy and daddy might love Little Bean more? After all, she’s more friendly,” Qin Ning teased her.

“No,” Pudding sounded very sure.


“We’re both Daddy and Mommy’s daughters, they’ll love us equally… Mommy carried us for nine months and gave birth to us, and we’re connected to Daddy by blood… It’s an invulnerable relationship… No matter how calm, cold, and prideful I am, they’ll love me the same. I believe in that fact.”

Pudding sounded pretty domineering when she said that, nothing like a cute three-year-old girl.

She seemed like a confident grown woman…

Qin Ning was very impressed by her niece…

“Pudding, you’re not like a three-year-old kid… I think you were either reborn or a time traveler… You seem like you’re ascending into a little god.”

She knew that Pudding was clever and mature, but there were so many things that even an average adult could not comprehend, much less a three-year-old child.

After listening to Qin Ning, Pudding scanned her aunt’s face.

“Auntie, you watched too many soap dramas and read too many romance novels.”

Qin Ning was speechless.

“They’re not good for you because they will lower your intelligence, did you know that?”

After thoughtfully speaking, Pudding patted Qin Ning’s shoulder and went downstairs, leaving Qin Ning completely dumbfounded.

That night, Qin Chu’s uncle ordered the kitchen to prepare a Chinese feast. The family gathered around the table and ate together.

“What time are you leaving tomorrow?” Qin Ning’s father asked Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

“We’re visiting my parents tomorrow to stay for one more day. We go back the day after.”

“So soon? Chu, stay for longer.” Qin Ning didn’t want them to leave.

“Yeah, it’s so rare to have all of you here. Your parents love the kids, they’ll miss the twins.”

“Uncle, Mian and I have things to take care of. We can’t stay for long, but we’ll have lots of opportunities in the future… We’ll come twice every year, don’t worry.”

“Actually, have you considered leaving the twins here for school?” Qin Chu’s uncle suggested.

“Here for school?” Qin Chu was taken by surprise.

“Mhm, they would receive the best education in the world here. The twins can go to school here and get into an elite Ivy League university, like Stanford… Isn’t that great? Otherwise, they have to come abroad later anyway…”

“Uncle, they’re still too young right now.” Qin Chu immediately looked at his daughters with reluctance.

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Chapter 1961