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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1957

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1957

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Auntie, I know you’re mad,” Pudding said, her voice filled with deep guilt.

Qin Ning didn’t respond, and there was a stern look on her face.

“But we did this for a reason, can you at least give us a chance to explain?”

“No, you don’t get a chance. Do you want to explain? Sure, explain to your parents tonight…” Qin Ning covered her ears with her hands and shook her head; she knew her high-IQ niece was trying to brainwash her again. She was determined not to walk into her trap, or else the four-or-so hours of worrying would have been moot.

“Auntie, truth be told, I’ve always thought that you’re the smartest in our family.”

“Don’t put me on a pedestal, because it’s not going to work. Plus, who are you kidding? Everyone knows that your mommy is the smartest in our family!”

“Hahaha…” Upon seeing how cute Qin Ning was, Pudding couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“You little brat, are you laughing at me?”

“Auntie, you don’t have to listen, but I do have to explain. Here, let me show you something,” Pudding said as she took out the belt for Su Yu and showed it to Qin Ning.

“Is this a men’s belt? Is it for your daddy? But wait… it’s not his birthday or anything…” Qin Ning muttered to herself.

“We bought it for Handsome Su.”

“It’s a gift for Su Yu?” Qin Ning asked, slightly surprised.

“Yeah… we used to handmake presents for Handsome Su, but we’ve never given him anything expensive… after all, we’re still young and don’t have the ability to make money. Before we came to the U.S., I decided to buy him something. Coincidentally, you gave us some money, and I won some from Grandpa Qin this morning. Therefore, we combined our funds to buy this for Handsome Su.”

“That’s why neither of you spent the money I gave you… you were saving it for Su Yu,” Qin Ning said with genuine surprise.

She guessed that the twins probably would want to shop here, so she gave them some money when they arrived. However, after a couple of days, neither of them said they wanted anything.

Qin Ning really assumed that they didn’t need anything, but now she realized that they were saving up to buy something for Su Yu.

“Pudding, you’re great to Su Yu.” Qin Ning turned around, rubbing Pudding’s head.

“Auntie, we may still be young, but we know to be grateful. There are people who are not only good to you but also love you for who you are, and Handsome Su’s like that with us. That’s why we’re so good to him… He’s been spoiling us ever since we were born and was with us when Daddy couldn’t be. We thank Handsome Su for everything he’s done for us, even if it’s because of our mommy… he loves us from the bottom of his heart.”

Pudding’s words touched Qin Ning; she was shocked that a third-year-old was capable of saying something like this.

Before she could respond, Pudding continued, “Versace is just one of many luxury brands, but it’s Handsome Su’s favorite, and that’s why we went there. Guess why I bought him a belt, Auntie.”

“Because belts put the finishing touch on suits?” Qin Ning guessed.

Pudding shook her head with a smile.

“Because belts are cheap and you guys can’t afford anything else?”

Pudding shook her head again.

“Come on, just tell me why, I’m so curious!” In the end, Qin Ning decided to give up – she really couldn’t guess the answer…

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Chapter 1957