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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1954

All chapters are in My Youth Began With Him Novel

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My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 1954

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

The belts here all cost more than one thousand dollars; she didn’t think two toddlers were capable of purchasing something so expensive.

“We came alone, they’re not here,” Pudding replied calmly.

“Oh…” The clerk looked at the twins in shock.

“So, may I please buy a gift for my friend?” Pudding asked proudly.

“But our belts are quite expensive…” The woman tried to explain things to the twins, but Pudding nodded, shocking the store clerk even more by saying, “I know, China sells Versace as well. I’ve been to their stores.”

Pudding wasn’t lying; Su Yu was a huge fan of Versace, so all his clothes, wallets, shoes, and household accessories were of this brand. The twins often went shopping with Su Yu, and the latter bought them clothes from Versace as well.

Su Yu sometimes even bought Huo Mian clothes, but she never once wore them.

“Miss, we need to go home soon, could you please show us some belts?” Pudding reminded the store clerk, who nodded. “S-sure, come with me.”

She took the twins to the couch in the middle of the store and poured them some water.

“Do you have any juice?” Little Bean asked.

“Come on, we’re here to shop, not to eat,” Pudding said, her expression as helpless as could be.

“Miss, could you bring us your most expensive and newest belts? Just for men, thank you.” Pudding sat down on the couch, one leg straddling the other.

Today, the twins were wearing light-blue skirts with white bell-sleeved shorts. They looked adorable, and it was obvious they weren’t from an ordinary family.

Even their leather shoes were of some well-known brand.

The store clerk quickly brought over a bunch of belts. “Which one do you like?”

“Can you put them down? I’d like to take a closer look at them.” Pudding then went on to inspect every single belt on the couch.

Little Bean quickly lost patience. “Handsome Su doesn’t need belts, he has a mountain of these at home. What’s the point?”

“He might have mountains of these, but none of them are from us.”

“That’s true too…”

“Can you shut it if you’re not going to help me?”

Pudding then went back to looking at the belts, while Little Bean began walking around the store as she sipped on a glass of water.

Soon, a black belt with Versace’s classic pattern attracted Pudding’s attention. What was unique about it was that it had a Medusa buckle, and Medusa’s eyes were made of sparkling diamonds.

“Miss, how much is this?” Pudding pointed at the belt and asked.

“This is a limited edition belt, it’s more expensive than the others,” the clerk explained patiently.

“How much is it?” Pudding asked.

“A little over five thousand dollars.”

“Wow, that is expensive. That’s more than 30,000 yuan,” Little Bean said as she placed down her glass in surprise.

“I’ll take it. Miss, can you pack it up for me?” Pudding nodded.

“Gosh, Pudding, are you crazy? Do you even have that much money?” Little Bean asked worriedly in a hushed tone.

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Chapter 1954