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My Secretary is a Little Sweet Novel Chapter 366

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My Secretary is a Little Sweet Novel Chapter 366

Chapter 366: A Worse Situation

Zheng Jing did look quite pitiful.

His hair was unkempt and the usually well-ironed police uniform was dirty and wrinkled. His sleeves were ripped, displaying the bronze colored arms.

There was a bruise on his cheeks, nose and ears. The wound on the ears was apparently a result of biting.

Shangguan Ning thought that Zhao Anan must have been truly annoyed to have bitten him in this way.

Zheng Jing didn’t look surprised to see Zhao Anan here. Nor did he care about the wound on himself. But he was apparently surprised to see Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning here.

He greeted Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning and said to Mu Qing. “Mu Qing, my girlfriend is now at your hospital. Two of her rib bones are broken, and her inner organs are hurt. The doctor has checked her, but can you look at her for me? I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

Mu Qing looked at him in slight surprise. “Aha, your girlfriend is here too?”

He had just said the words when Zhao Anan rushed to him instantly. She dragged him back and said with annoyance, “You are not allowed to check her. I broke her rib bones so she can suffer. Get her out of the hospital. No more treatment here.”

Zheng Jing turned to Zhao Anan, frowning. But soon he gave her a short smile. “Anan, I need to thank you for hitting Zhu Ruotong, because I am going to get engaged with her now. She is injured because of me, and only by getting engaged with her, I can make it up to her. If something happens to her because of delayed treatment and she gets permanent injuries, then I will definitely have to marry her, otherwise I would feel very guilty.”

Zhao Anan got completely startled. She burst out and said, “What… did you say?”

Zheng Jing still had a mild smile on the face. “Yes, you have heard me right. I am going to get engaged with Zhu Ruotong. Are you going to stop Mu Qing from treating her?”

He was not joking with Zhao Anan nor was he trying to provoke her. He was really going to get engaged with Zhu Ruotong because of her injuries.

He had been hesitant about it, because he truly had no affection towards Zhu Ruotong. She was like a brother to him.

He had been struggling inside his mind, because he didn’t want to leave Zheng Lun and get married. He wanted to guard her for however long it might take.

But Zhao Anan had made him realize the truth.

Marrying Zhu Ruotong was what he should do. His mother liked her and she would be an ideal daughter-in-law.

Zheng Lun was his sister after all and not just a replacement to his real sister. They were siblings. She even used his sister’s real name. He mustn’t change the mind, never!

So the best way for them to break up was that one of them married someone else.

It didn’t seem to be possible for Zheng Lun to marry someone else. She turned down all the men apart from him.

Then it was left to him to get married.

At least, he didn’t dislike Zhu Ruotong. He could spend his life with her in camaraderie. They had many things in common with each other.

Zheng Jing also felt that Zhu Ruotong had approached him not because she liked him, but because she regarded him as a buddy. She respected him for his ability to solve cases and wanted to learn from him. She had no romantic fantasy about her marriage. What she hoped was that marriage could help her improve herself.

She was more interested in cases than in men but because of the family pressure from her family when she reached 30 years old, she agreed to be with Zheng Jing as a couple.

But she was very annoyed to have been badly injured by Zhao Anan. She had never been humiliated like this in her entire life.

She had only been injured in a situation where she fought with villains as a policewoman of A City. She was very upset to have been drugged and hit by a woman.

Zhu Ruotong had not said a word on the way from Family Zheng to Family Mu’s Hospital. Zheng Jing knew that she was annoyed, but he had no idea how to console his friend. He knew how to comfort Zheng Lun, but not a woman like Zhu Ruotong.

He was feeling very guilty. Zhu Ruotong was injured because of him. She was capable enough to be injured by almost no one.

Therefore, Zheng Jing decided to get engaged with Zhu Ruotong.

Zhao Anan couldn’t recover from her surprise after standing there for a long time.

She finally resurfaced when Mu Qing went outwards with Zheng Jing. She rushed up to close the door and stop them from leaving the room. “No, you mustn’t get engaged with that woman. If you do, I will drug her and kill her tomorrow!”

Shangguan Ning watched the scene helplessly.

Zhao Anan was pursuing the man for her friend, but it looked as if she was the one in love with Zheng Jing.

Mu Qing also shook his head helplessly. “Stop it now, Anan. I will go and see how badly has she been injured by you. I promise that if I get her back to feet, Zheng Jing would not get engaged with her, alright?”

Mu Qing found the entire thing so ridiculous.

It sounded as if Zheng Jing would get engaged with Zhao Anan if he gave up on Zhu Ruotong!

Luckily, he knew Zhao Anan and Zheng Jing’s relationship well enough, otherwise he would have definitely suspected that something was going on between the two of them.

Zhao Anan stood still for a while and allowed them to leave. She was worried that if anything happened to Zhu Ruotong, Zheng Jing would have to take responsibility for her for the entire life. Then she would truly have done a bad thing.

After they left, Zhao Anan went back to the chair with a drooping head. She scratched her unkempt hair. “Ning, did I just make the situation worse?”

Shangguan Ning smiled and said, “I don’t think so.”

Zhao Anan looked up. “What do you mean? Do you have any way to stop Zheng Jing from getting engaged with that woman?”

“No, I don’t. But I have discovered a secret. Come, let’s go and visit Zhu Ruotong. You have to apologize to her after injuring her, alright?”

Shangguan Ning said as she stood up and started to walk outside.

Jing Yichen couldn’t stand it any more. He took hold of Shangguan Ning’s hands and pulled her into her arms and said helplessly, “Ning, we are here for the pregnancy examination. Can’t you help others after we have finished with the examination?”




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Chapter 366