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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 228

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Old Man? Granddaughter? Sacred Potion

Translator: ASB | Editor: _Lunaelle /EndlessFantasy Translation
Qin Ruo found it hard to believe that a slender and petite little girl was actually a Blacksmith. Based on what he could observe, this little girl whose name was Moonwaltz Rimbo did not seem to be able to wield a heavy hammer that could transfigure solid steel.

However when the shopkeeper officially introduced him to the little girl, Qin Ruo was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow to the extent of wishing to die. What kind of godforsaken liar tricked this little girl to actually like this dull and boring profession of being a Blacksmith?

If Qin Ruo was not able to see her public information that she had the Advanced Blacksmithing, he would have thought that this was a scheme devised by the shopkeeper and little girl to steal his rare materials.

But having the skill and being able to really forge Dark Gold equipment was a whole different matter.

Since the beginning, Qin Ruo had always thought that players who could really become Blacksmiths were those strong and manly middle-aged men1 because only mature middle-aged men were able to withstand the repetitive routine to forge one after another metal masterpieces. Yet the little girl who seemed to have just entered high school did not fit the image he imagined at all, which also made Qin Ruo feel uneasy to entrust his Ancient Darksteel to her.

‘What a joke…

‘Entrusting materials worth a million gold coins to a little girl who possibly can’t even swing a hammer? Who knows if she will turn all these rare materials into a bunch of scrap metals on the first day itself.’

Qin Ruo immediately private messaged the shopkeeper requesting to hire a different Blacksmith in an indirect manner.

However after the shopkeeper realized Qin Ruo’s concerns, he sincerely expressed that if Qin Ruo was willing to let Moonwaltz Rimbo forge the twenty sets of equipment, he was willing to give two of his treasured Mithril so that Qin Ruo can gather sufficient materials to forge twenty sets of Dark Gold weapons.

As Qin Ruo raised his eyebrows, he was tempted by the offer.

However when Qin Ruo look toward the petite Moonwaltz Rimbo, he immediately shook his head like a rattle drum. With just forty thousand gold coins worth of magical metals for Ancient Darksteel that was worth millions?

‘Can’t do it.

‘Absolutely can’t do it.’

“What do you mean by shaking your head? I am asking you where are the materials?” demanded Moonwaltz Rimbo with a cute childlike voice. Qin Ruo’s heart skipped a beat as he turned and saw her big shiny eyes. This little girl still did not realize because of her physique, she had entered Qin Ruo’s list of untrustworthy people2 which made her lose the right to obtain the job.

Although Qin Ruo felt that this could hurt her pride, to ensure that he would not be disappointed in the future, this was the right choice to make, Amen. If someone was to be blame it would be the shopkeeper for not making things clear beforehand.

After summoning up the courage, Qin Ruo prepared to be honest with Moonwaltz Rimbo. However the shopkeeper covered his mouth and whispered in his ears softly.

“Let her forge it. I will not only provide you with five sets of Magical Metal for free, if she fails I will compensate you the gold coins for all your materials that was lost.”


Qin Ruo was speechless as he looked toward the shopkeeper as if he was an idiot and said, “She is your daughter isn’t it?”

This was Qin Ruo’s first reaction since the shopkeeper was willing to spend one million gold coins for loli girls to squander or this old man could possibly be a billionaire in real life.

As expected the shopkeeper hesitated for a moment as he revealed the truth.

“You are wrong, she is my granddaughter3.”

“How old are you exactly?”


“You don’t look that old.”

Qin Ruo looked curiously at the plump and wealthy looking shopkeeper who at most seemed to be in his fifties.

The latter glared back at him and said, “Didn’t you know that there was an option in the appearance settings to look ten years younger?”


Qin Ruo was at a loss of words because he really had no idea that there was such an option. However that was not what he should be fixated about…

“Even if she is your granddaughter, you don’t have to pamper her so much right? Are you not afraid that you would spoil her badly? One million gold coins, I don’t think there anybody else out there who would spoil their granddaughter so much?” said Qin Ruo as he glared back at him.

“You know nothing!”

The shopkeeper rebuked him bluntly, “How would you know if my own granddaughter’s forging skills are weaker than other people? If it wasn’t because of you judging other people’s forging skills based on their appearance, would I have to place such a bet with you? Argh!”


The shopkeeper angrily rebuked him in the private chat.

“Although my granddaughter doesn’t have many shortcomings, she has a very headstrong personality and likes to be different. 4This applies in real life and also in game so when she found out about forging she was instantly interested in it. Moreover when my granddaughter is focused on something she would be more serious than anybody, so how would those bunch of muscle heads be more diligent and meticulous than my granddaughter?”


“Stop glaring at me, everything I said was the truth, my granddaughter had successfully forged many things. Even compared to others in the industry, her success rate is not low also! If it wasn’t because your materials were sufficiently adequate, I … I just don’t want my little girl to lose the opportunity to raise her Blacksmithing skill to Master Rank! Even if forging all twenty sets of Dark Gold weapon fails, at least it would help my granddaughter raise her Advanced Blacksmithing to reach the highest mastery points it can for Advanced Rank. If she succeeds to forge one or two, reaching Master Rank could be even possible. Why are you looking at me like that? This is forging Dark Gold equipment that we are talking about, did you think this was as simple as making a kitchen knife?” said the shopkeeper with his incessant berating which made Qin Ruo break a cold sweat and was rendered speechless!

The little girl seemed to realize that Qin Ruo was looking down upon her as she folded her arms together in front of her chest. She uttered a “hmph” as she turned her head away indignantly while swaying her ponytail as she waited for her grandfather to negotiate with Qin Ruo.

In the end after the shopkeeper had threatened and reassured incessantly, Qin Ruo decided to trust him… Temporarily… (He trusts the shopkeeper but not the little girl. Qin Ruo still thinks that it is still ridiculous for a little girl to swing a hammer and forge metal.)

After creating the request, he gave it to both of them.

The time limit for the forging request was three days.

After three days, he would know the fate of his materials.

After Qin Ruo had left the materials, he decided to leave. When he left the shop, he paused at the entrance for a moment and look upon the shiny stars shining brightly in the night sky and praised himself in his own mind.

“Sigh, I am just one of those people who are too kind and optimistic,” said Qin Ruo as he sighed and shook his head, slowly walking away.

Qin Ruo did not notice that at that same moment at the restaurant opposite the shop, two Pharaoh Clan members were exchanging glances with each other and instantly stood up and left the restaurant together.


“Boss, we discovered that punk from yesterday.”

“Who the hell are you talking about?” said the voice with an anxious tone.

“Sorry boss, it’s the Aquamancer Qin Ruo.”

“Keep a close eye on him!” The voice turned serious and said, “This time don’t let him escape! Where is he right now?”

“Savis Town. Uhhh… now he is going to the vault.”

“Don’t let him out of your sight, check to see if he is leaving town. If he is leaving town, let a Bandit follow him and kill him in a place with nobody around!”

“Yes, boss!”


Qin Ruo had no idea that he was like a flower attracting bees and butterflies. Wherever he went, there would be someone paying close attention and seeking revenge against him.

As he briskly entered the vault, all his attention was focused on the twenty-one attribute-boosting potions in his vault.

Other than the six bottles of Darkfrost Potion with Quality ranging from 7 to 9 points, the other fifteen bottles of attribute-boosting potions were:

Three dark brown Anti Toxin Potions with Quality Points of 5, 7, and 8. According to the Quality of the potion, during the duration of ten minutes per Quality of the potion, it reduces the poison effect toward the players. 5 Quality Points reduces 50% poison damage, 8 Quality Points reduces 80% poison damage, and etc.

Qin Ruo did not have much use for this kind of potion since poison damage was usually dealt by Bandits. With Qin Ruo’s confidence in his skills, he would definitely not let any Bandits have the opportunity to approach him and deal poison damage.

Just as Qin Ruo thought about it, he recalled the incident that happened in Silentdeath Jungle.

Tiger Cub!

This guy’s special poison damage skill posed a great threat. Since they might meet him in the Graveyard of the Gods, Brother Slayer might need this potion when they face him again.

Quality Points 6, 7, and 9 of Sacred Potion: Increases the level of healing type spells, instantly increases the HP healing limit to 500 points, duration of 36 minutes, 42 minutes, and 54 minutes. Limited to Radiant Priests and Aquamancers.

After reading the description, Qin Ruo was slightly disappointed. One was to reduce poison effects, and the other was to increase the healing HP limit. ‘Both attribute-boosting potions are not really useful, what a shame.’

Next, he turned his gaze upon the remaining nine potions, six of them were brilliant golden liquid.

As he read the description, Qin Ruo’s heart began to pound excitedly as a brilliant glow could be seen shining from his eyes.

‘Haha! Finally, something good has arrived!’

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Chapter 228