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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 226

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 226

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was undeniable that the value of metals is greater than herbs.

First and foremost, this was because Herbs were one-time consumption items but metals could be used to create Gold equipment and weapons which could worth ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Secondly, currently the Potion Crafting skill of the Chemists in H&G had not reached an adequate level yet and only a few players were able to understand the true value of herbs and attribute-boosting potions. On the other hand, the blacksmithing industry had progressed to a considerable scale. Just this fact alone could be observed from the great group of miners in the Goblin’s Mining District.

Thus in the long run, the gap of value for Herbs and Metals which are from the same grade have increased significantly!

Qin Ruo had found out from Slayer’s Heart that the Grade 4 perfect Quality Ancient Darksteel could be worth up to fifty thousand gold coins in the market. This was because that was different from Mithril which can be added in minute amounts as a Magic Catalyst Metal to forge Gold equipment (Magic Metals can be divided into smaller portions and used); the size of an Ancient Darksteel was huge and sturdy, suitable to be used to forge equipment or weapons with a large surface area. By using a Grade 4 Ancient Darksteel to forge a weapon, the lowest grade that could be achieved if successful would be Dark Gold.

Furthermore if the rumored Grade 3 Magical Metals could be added during casting, Legendary equipment could even be forged!


Qin Ruo currently has twenty pieces of perfect Quality Ancient Darksteel which were worth one million gold coins! This made Qin Ruo be at a loss as to what to do with it. Slayer’s Heart just told Qin Ruo that since he was the one who found it from some corpses, he should dispose of it himself.

‘What the hell, this is worth a lot of gold, not some common trash, how would I dispose of it?’

After hesitating at the entrance of the Alchemist Guild, he finally decided to store it momentarily at the Bank Vault and decide what to with it later since he was not short of gold at the moment. Next, he decided to pay Black Market Trader a visit to collect the attribute-boosting potions that were crafted for him.

On his way to the Bank Vault, Qin Ruo noticed that the raw materials shop that was blocked by a crowd had resume business as usual. He then subconsciously changed direction and walked toward the old place he used to work as a raw materials supplier.

“Qin Ruo?”

“Blackie, someone’s here to see you.”

The shopkeeper was able to notice him from afar before he even entered the shop and he immediately called Black Market Trader inside the shop to come out.

Qin Ruo was astonished as he thought to himself, ‘Wow, this guy seems to be online 24 hours a day, he must be treating this place as his home. The shopkeeper also seems to be more light-hearted since he addressed Black Market Trader as Blackie. But he doesn’t look anything like his nickname, scrawny seems to fit him better.’

Black Market Trader instantly dashed from inside the shop, once he saw Qin Ruo a glow could be seen from his small pea-shaped eyes staring at him as if he had seen a naked beauty. He excitedly rubbed his palms in anticipation as he asked.

” Bro, what fine goods have you brought me this time 1 ?”

Just as Qin Ruo was about to say something, he almost stumbled when Black Market Trader said the classic line which could easily make others misunderstand.


After awkwardly letting out a cough, Qin Ruo explained to Black Market Trader his purpose for meeting him which made the other players who were gazing at them curiously to stop paying attention. On the other hand, Black Market Trader was disappointed for a moment.

” Sigh, I thought you were going to bring me more Grade 4 herbs.” Once he said those words, the tens of gazes which had disregarded them instantly focused on Qin Ruo so intensely that it could burn him to ashes.

Qin Ruo was startled by Black Market Trader reply.

“F*ck, did you really think I can easily supply Grade 4 Herbs? If it was so easy to find, do you think I would still be here?”

Black Market Trader stared at him for a moment to make sure that Qin Ruo was not lying. He then twirled his moustache and gave up his intention of pestering Qin Ruo for Grade 4 Herbs today.

“Since you didn’t bring any Herbs, this means you weren’t looking for me?”

Black Market Trader gave the shopkeeper a look of disdain as he turned around to continue crafting potions inside the shop since his time is precious when the shopkeeper forces him to work constantly like a machine.

“Wait a minute Blackie.”


Black Market Trader curiously turned around.

“Do you know any Blacksmiths with the Blacksmithing skill that has reached Master Rank?”

Black Market Trader instantly frowned and raised a middle finger toward Qin Ruo.

“You must be insane, there is currently not a single Blacksmith in H&G that has reached Master Rank. Try finding one Master Blacksmith and show him to me right now.”

Since Qin Ruo had never followed the happenings with the Blacksmithing skill, he had no idea if there was a Master Blacksmith, thus causing Qin Ruo to look like a fool for asking such a ridiculous question!

“Oh! Uh, how about Advanced Blacksmith then?”

“Most of the people I know are from Pharaoh’s Clan. What are you asking about this for? Are you thinking of giving them materials and let them help you forge for free? Pfft , you are better off finding other people than those slaves. Hmph, even I don’t bother to make any connections with them.”

Black Market Trader returned back into the shop after he finished what he had to say.

At that moment, Qin Ruo felt dispirited.

Furthermore, since he had left the Pharaoh Clan, why would he continue to keep contact with the clan members?

‘It seems that I had asked the wrong person for help.’

After laughing to himself, Qin Ruo prepared to leave.

But just before he left the entrance, a silhouette flashed before him, the shopkeeper was standing and staring at Qin Ruo with an intense gaze.

“Wait a minute! This old man knows a few Advanced Blacksmiths. Qin Ruo are you absolutely sure that you want to let other people forge something with the rare materials you have? What is the quality of the materials you have?”

“Is it to forge Gold equipment or Dark Gold equipment?”

After being halted, Qin Ruo was stunned for a moment.

To be honest, he had actually entered the shop just to have a look around. He had no idea the shopkeeper would welcome him so passionately and called Black Market Trader to meet him. Thus, he had asked about Blacksmiths to seem less awkward which resulted in him getting an uncomfortable rebuff and decided to leave here immediately.

So once Qin Ruo was questioned by the shopkeeper, he was at a loss of how he should reply.

Qin Ruo subconsciously had only thought of turning the Ancient Darksteel into something more valuable, thus thinking of asking the help from a Blacksmith. But after really finding someone, he did not have the slightest inkling of what to forge with it.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Ruo’s cheeks were flushed as he awkwardly asked the shopkeeper.

“Uh, what can you forge with Ancient Darksteel?”

“Ancient Darksteel?!”

The eyes of the shopkeeper had almost popped out with amazement! If it was other people who had heard about it, they would have no idea what it was! But for someone like him who opens a shop in this business, how could he not know! He remembered clearly that just a few days ago a player had entered his shop with an Ancient Darksteel with only 6 Quality Points, treating it as if it was the most precious thing in the world asking him the price he would offer for it.

It was at that moment he remembered the attributes of this material.

A Grade 4 Metals, a rare forging material.

The shopkeeper thought to himself, ‘This kid has finally become successful. Just a few days ago he was able to bring Violetjade Fruit, Dreamy Blue Ice Chrysanthemum, and a few other Grade 4 herbs. Now he is even interested in metals? Not to mention those are rare metals, could it be this kid has found a treasure mine? If it wasn’t how is he able to get such rare materials in the next following day?’

After taking a deep breath, the shopkeeper tried hard to calm himself and reply in a composed manner.

“Hmm, I am not so sure about that myself. Let me about that, please wait a moment.”

Although helping these players did not benefit him directly, once the shopkeeper realized how outstanding Qin Ruo was he had a feeling that if he could retain Qin Ruo as his usual customer, he would benefit greatly from it. Furthermore, with what he had done yesterday, Qin Ruo had left a favorable impression in him. Thus in terms of personal and business matter, he was glad to help him.

Since Qin Ruo did not have any pressing matters on hand, he agreed immediately and waited for the shopkeeper to ask the professionals.

After a minute, the shopkeeper replied.

“So this is what I’ve learned, Ancient Darksteel is best suited to forge warrior-type armor and heavy weapons which are suitable for most warrior classes! The Blacksmith had also mentioned that this kind of metal is best suited to forge heavy weapons for the best results. It is also the easiest to have the best results and if successful their value would increase by several folds.

“Furthermore, the Blacksmith had also claimed that if it is used to forge Gold Weapons, he could immediately gather the necessary materials and start forging for you free of charge. You only need to pay the cost for around two thousand gold coins worth of other forging materials. The success rate for forging Gold Weapons would be 50%.”

After saying this much, the shopkeeper paused for a moment and asked Qin Ruo another question, “Oh yeah, what is the quality of your Ancient Darksteel?”

“Have a look yourself.”

Qin Ruo just sent him a trade request with one Ancient Darksteel to let him look over.

Once he saw it, the shopkeeper paused for a moment.

“Perfect quality, that is great, please wait a moment.”

After the shopkeeper talked with the Blacksmith for a minute, he raised his head and spoke with Qin Ruo in a serious tone.

“Materials with 10-point Quality would increase the success rate greatly! My friend said that if you are willing to let him forge Gold Weapons with your Ancient Darksteel, not only will he waive all the charges for the other materials, he is also willing to compensate you the value of each Ancient Darksteel which is fifty thousand gold coins if the forging fails.”

Once Qin Ruo heard the promise given by the shopkeeper, he was immediately tempted!

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Chapter 226