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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 223

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 223

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Under the aid of the Darkfrost Potion, the Compressed Frost Bullet once again showcased its ferocious power!

The Earth-Enchanted Spider had escaped from the Twelve Frostrampart Formation effect and destroyed eight ramparts. Before it came close to cripple the defensive magic outside Qin Ruo’s body, it was once again inflicted with Chill as a result of the enormous icy aura carried by the Compressed Frost Bullet…

It would slow down in five seconds!

The Compressed Frost Bullet bought five more seconds for everyone to react. Although the spell could only reduce the monster’s speed, Slayer’s Heart was confident he could contain the Earth-Enchanted Spider’s offensive spell. He growled and commanded everyone to focus fire on the three remaining arachnids first—if it was not due to these damn creatures, the Earth-Enchanted Spider should still be trapped inside the Frostrampart Formation now.

“Take care of the underlings first!”

“Qin Ruo, keep on preparing the Frostrampart!”

His command was relatively late, though…

This was because as soon as the two Blackjaw Spiders escapees went berserk, both Burning Rose and Dinosaurcerer had responded out of regret. Without waiting for Slayer’s Heart signal, both of them blasted a Grade 4 Magic Scroll non-stop to stun the two Blackjaw Spiders and to attract the vengeful monsters’ attention onto themselves.

The other remaining spider was long killed by Little Apple and Brother Da.

Needless to say, Qin Ruo reacted before being asked, too…

After he released the Compressed Frost Bullet, he did not have the time to replace the collapsing Darkfrost Shield covering his body as he begun to extract the Water Element from the air at an insane rate posthaste. Under the influence of the Darkfrost Potion and due to the environment of the Underground Chambers, his speed of magic condensation boosted beyond thirty-eight percent! In other words, the Tier 1 Elementalism normally requiring a second to cast was now shortened to only half a second.

As Burning Rose by his side tried to salvage the situation, she witnessed several Aquaramparts appeared in front of Qin Ruo at an unbelievable speed and lined up uniformly in a long row…

The incredible speed in which the Aquaramparts was condensing made those behind Qin Ruo both dazed and excited.

So fast!

In fact, too fast!

Unfortunately, once the five-second Chill was triggered, the Earth-Enchanted Spider immediately sensed the grave danger emanating from Qin Ruo and his Aquaramparts. With a quake, the AoE Earth Sting destroyed the last four Frostramparts remaining behind the monster immediately.

At this precise moment, Burning Rose’s and Violet Orchid’s newly-born optimism was once again extinguished. They both felt their hearts sank deep and cursed silently.

‘Damn this Boss monster, such a shrewd creature!’

The eighth Aquarampart had just taken form at the same time when the monster brought down all four remaining Frostramparts. The swift action of the Earth-Enchanted Spider interrupted its subsequent transformation into its Chilled state…

“Damn it!”

Fortunately Qin Ruo, through his Elemental Perception, figured his other party members had already taken care of all Blackjaw Spider. Slayer’s Heart was also out of danger in the meantime with Violet Orchid and Violetmoon Devilite’s help. Slayer’s Heart also succeeded halting the Earth-Enchanted Spider’s attack…

Knowing this, Qin Ruo told himself quietly, ‘We could still win this! We won’t lose, for sure!’

Qin Ruo assured himself that if he lost his resolution now, the monsters wiping them out would be the only fate awaiting his party. No matter what, he had to persevere…

He had no time to lose and must keep on his fight with the Earth-Enchanted Spider. Fortunately, he knew he was not taking this fight alone. Slayer’s Heart, Violet Orchid, and everyone else would do their best to buy him more time.

In a split second, Qin Ruo made a quick decision…

As soon as the eighth Aquarampart took shape, it bypassed the Earth-Enchanted Spider with seven others and moved toward the galleries at both flanks.

At the same time, the ninth Aquarampart was built instantaneously in front of everyone’s eyes!

This was not the first time for those on scene to witness such a horrifying speed of Elementalism, especially for Violet Orchid. She had seen a lot of players from the Bauhinia League achieving this before with the help of equipment boosting Elementalism.

However, to condense an element at such an efficient rate while moving the eight Aquaramparts at the same time was rather inhuman. Qin Ruo’s exceptional wit and Elementalism were almost on par with that of a monster!

Despite feeling disheartened, everyone was still ecstatic to see Qin Ruo’s godlike speed in harnessing the elements for his spell. Seeing that the tenth and eleventh Aquaramparts appeared and once again encircled the Earth-Enchanted Spider, they could not help but feel tense about the final stage of the formation.

But… How was it Elite Boss at the peak of Tier 4 was not aware of Qin Ruo’s strategy? How could it not understand the threat it would face once the Aquaramparts altered its state? Why would it just sit in silence and allow this to happen?


With a flash of a khaki-colored ray, another layer of steel-like coat covered the monster’s outer skin… While the monster resisted Slayer’s Heart powerful attack, an enormous magic fluctuation emerged above the Aquaramparts.


With the deafening blast, a black whirlpool rapidly materialized at the gallery ceiling. Giant rocks then fell from the black whirlpool like heavy raindrops.

Slayer’s Heart attack failed as if his hammer was hit on a giant piece of steel. None of his attacks seemed to budge the Earth-Enchanted Spider. They could only helplessly watch while the Boss monster was casting the AoE spell.

The subsequent event brightened their mood as what they witnessed thereafter pleased and thrilled them at an unprecedented rate…

Though the falling giant rocks splashed and deformed the Aquaramparts, all condensed Water Element remained attached to the moving ones. The elements seemed lively and it let the rocks passed through the liquefied rampart, never slowing to slip through the rock-fall zones.

The Earth-Enchanted Spider was now upset after seeing its magic was ineffective against the Aquaramparts!

With another flash of lights, eight faint blue lasers were emitted from its devilish pupils…


The faint blue laser hit the bull’s-eye! It did not hit Qin Ruo, it landed on Burning Rose instead who took a side step and block in front of Qin Ruo…

Burning Rose had long realized Qin Ruo’s Darkfrost Shield was on the brink of collapse. She moved beside him as soon as she killed the Blackjaw Spider. Once the Earth-Enchanted Spider took aim on Qin Ruo, she sacrificed herself to take the hit in his place.

She was already hit once by the Earth Sting, her dual defense was no longer at its finest state. Her Fire Aegis also evaporated by the eight faint blue lasers. Another defensive spell, the Verdantflame Barrier, shook vigorously and its Defense Stat dropped by few tens.

An attack by a Tier 4 Elite Boss was extremely fast!

The monster gave no room for Qin Ruo and Burning Rose to breathe. Right after the laser attack, the AoE Earth Sting was once again unleashed…


Burning Rose did not get the chance to use any potion and was killed right away. The Verdantflame Barrier covering her body twisted irregularly and dispersed into thin air. The tragedy that had befallen Burning Rose saddened Dinosaurcerer. He took full blame on himself because they would not suffer so if he did not hesitate and follows Violet Orchid’s instruction to attack straightaway!

While he was blaming himself, two Healing Spells were simultaneously cast on Qin Ruo—all thanks to Violet Orchid and Violetmoon Devilite that had switched their supporting target.


Qin Ruo was fine!

To Dinosaurcerer’s surprise, Qin Ruo still stood firm on the same spot, unaffected even though he was attacked by the monster’s AoE Earth Sting twice and had no chance to consume an HP Potion. He even successfully condensed out the fifteenth Aquarampart…

How did he survive the attack?!


Qin Ruo, who condensed the Aquarampart while spreading them out at the same time, felt his Intelligence had been pushed to the very limit! Hence, without much delay, he roared the fifteen Aquaramparts under his control loudly, which surrounded the Earth-Enchanted Spider from all direction. In order to avoid the core of the Frostrampart Formation from being destroyed once again, Qin Ruo deliberately constructed more than enough Frostramparts as back up. Even if there was an unexpected tragedy, he would not need to distress about the lack of Frostrampart again.

As the “Freeze” command rested…

Great, frightening frosty aura ascended majestically within the quiet gallery with a loud bang—as if it erupted from a volcano that had been dormant and accumulated for a hundred years!

The massive chilly aura caused the Earth-Enchanted Spider to hiss uneasily. As Qin Ruo expected, it unleashed its “Great Earth Roar” to destroy three Frostramparts in one direction. This act reduced the Frosramparts number from fifteen to twelve.

Unfortunately for the Boss, this spell was the last it could conjure…

The Twelve Frostrampart Formation was restored!

Attribute Burst!

Frost covered the Earth-Enchanted Spider’s outer body once again…

As soon as the Frostrampart Formation entrapped the monster, its “face” was greeted by the infuriated Slayer’s Heart’s lighting quick Pazuzu’s Warhammer.


Echoed to his fanatic raging roar, Dinosaurcerer, Little Arrow, Little Apple, and Brother Da released their strongest attack to beat on the unfortunate Spider. They take it out on the monster to vent their frustration over the previous chaotic scene, and to avenge Burning Rose.

The only exception was Qin Ruo…

He had just maximized the usage of his Intelligence, and was now gulping in a bottle of MP Potion with a head full of cold sweat. As he watched his MP gradually restore from single digit, he thought with a lingering fear, ‘Damn! Luckily the crisis was stopped on time, or else this fight would turn out to be a great farce…’

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Chapter 223