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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 155

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 155


With Qin Ruo’s vigilant and excited gaze, the Shadowfox went down the platform. With just one step, it moved a few meters away and headed to the opposite side and disappeared among the advanced Tier 4 monsters in less than a few seconds.

As soon as the Shadowfox was out of sight, Qin Ruo felt his heart was about to explode from intense anger. He felt compelled to rush to the platform, laughing,

He was out of combat state. The Shadowfox had actually let him go.

This little cute one, he would like to pinch it a little since it actually understood gratitude.

Although Qin Ruo was not sure that the Shadowfox had a human-like conscience, its eyes and its quiet actions before had that implied it probably did.

After the Shadowfox disappeared, Qin Ruo rushed to the platform. Then, as expected, he saw the equipment, which Ron dropped, lying on the platform. It was a metal chain gauntlet that reflected a mysterious Dark Gold luster.

He moved forward and grabbed the Dark Gold gauntlet in his hand. At that moment, Qin Ruo felt so happy that he compared it to actual world peace. An unprecedented excitement overwhelmed him, as he was filled with a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction.

‘Dark Gold equipment! Hell yeah!’

Qin Ruo’s heart pumped violently, as he excitedly grasped the chain gauntlet made of soft metal. He tried to hold his excitement but curiosity kicked in. He peeked at the equipment’s status.

Dark Knight’s Goldchain Gauntlets:

Dark Gold Tier

Defense 32

Magic Defense 12

Attack Speed Increase 20%

Dark Elemental Magic Effect Increase 12%

Dark Elemental Magic Attack Increase 8%

Health Points Limit Increase 200 points

Blackout Chance Increase 50%

Requires 52 Strength

Requires 42 Agility

Requires 20 Intelligence

Limited to Umbra Swordmaster

Level Requirement: 40

“What the f**k!” Qin Rup exclaimed.

‘So this is Dark Gold equipment huh? The base Defense itself is so high! If I could gather a complete set, with an Accessory and the activated combat aura, I can almost completely be immune to Tier 4 Elementalists’ spells! F*ck! Not only that, this Dark Gold equipment has five attributes and each of them seems to be very practical.’

Without delay, he summoned the inventory window and glanced quickly at the Gold helmet that Ron’s Mistress dropped. His heart pumped very fast, as he swallowed his saliva, the hand that held the dark gold gauntlet was shaking.

“F**k yeah, I am very rich now! How much does it cost?”

Fire Elf’s Helmet:

Gold Tier

Defense 24

Magic Defense 8

Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura Increase by 1 level

Additional Fire Damage Increase 30

Requires 60 Strength

Requires 32 Agility

Limited to Ignis Swordmaster

Level Requirement: 40

He inhaled sharply and suddenly realized that he should leave. If he encountered the re-spawned monsters and dropped any of these two pieces of equipment, he would be so sad. However, when he took out the Return Scroll and shook it, the system message he received disappointed him.

Please leave combat state before using the Return Scroll.


‘Hold on. How it can be? What’s going on?’

He felt surprised, but the warning bells rang.

He quickly turned back and ran as fast as he could.

Qin Ruo immediately caught sight of the “little devil” who had silently “left” him, was now behind him. He could feel it, as a sense of impending doom washed over him.

‘Damn it!’

‘Why did this terrible little one come back?’ Qin Ruo wondered as he held his breath and looked into its pair of black eyes. Staring at the golden monster that proudly squatted more than ten meters away, he felt completely hopeless.

Qin Ruo concluded that this returned Shadowfox was a terrifying killer! Because of this little one, Tier 4 champions like Ron and Ron’s mistress dropped one of their highest-tier equipment.

It rushed out from Wargod’s Hamlet and was prepared to hunt him down. He was wondering that if he died, would he drop his Frostsoul Necklace or the two highest tier equipment in his backpack, which he had just obtained…

Qin Ruo wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, but he did not dare to move even a muscle. What a horrendous event.

Although the Shadowfox kept leaving and returning, it would politely stop behind Qin Ruo when he pulled out the equipment for a quick inspection. It did not have the intention of attacking Qin Ruo. The little critter would keep quiet until Qin Ruo turned around. Then it would squeak at him and lick its golden fur while waving its claws. It looked like it was trying to say something.

This strange situation made Qin Ruo stop trying to charge his spells.

From the battle of Shadowfox with Ron and Ron’s Mistress, he understood what speed really meant. What power really meant. The horrors of a super-powered beast… If he fought this Shadowfox on his own, he would probably be killed in an instant! He immediately forced himself to calm down and carefully look at the Shadowfox. His instinct told him that this little one was expressing something.


Watching the Shadowfox patiently licked its golden fur and the wounds dealt in the battle on its body for the seventh time, Qin Ruo finally understood something.


‘This little one wants me to heal it? Hmm, can player heal a monster?’ Qin Ruo wondered.

He decided to give it a shot.

Qin Ruo slowly condensed the magic to avoid the misunderstanding of the Shadowfox and conscientiously used a very friendly slow motion to cast his first Aquaheal on it.

As soon as the Aquaheal dropped, the eyes of the Shadowfox changed to look like crescent moons. It jumped around excitedly, perhaps due to the accomplishment of getting such an obtuse guy to understand what it meant.

Qin Ruo could see that the scars on the Shadowfox fading. His heart was calmer now that he knew he was right. At the same time, he felt very surprised since the monster could actually receive heals from players.

He sighed quietly, he continued to use Aquaheal to restore the Shadowfox, fawning on this monster who did not kill him.

At the same time, he thought to himself, ‘If it is grateful and lets me go, I will not come here and give it any trouble later. If it was like that evil bitch, intending to kill me after using me. Hmph… When I am getting strong enough, I will come here every day to make trouble. Take its fur and make Xiaoxiao a scarf.’

The Shadowfox that comfortably received Aquaheal was now quiet. It stuck out its tongue and licked its fur that the scar gradually faded. It was just like a domestic and harmless wildcat. This gradually dispelled Qin Ruo malicious thought to the little critter. How could anyone harm such a cute little fur ball… Ow… so cute…


After several rounds of Aquaheal, it was already healed several times over! The Shadowfox made an exciting, happy squeak. It happily jumped in front of Qin Ruo and suddenly took out a golden ball that looked like a peeled egg and placed it on the ground respectfully, then took two steps back.

Seeing what the little golden critter did, the tensed-up Qin Ruo’s finally relaxed completely. He realized that this little one was a monster that knew gratitude, thus it would not attack him.

There was one thing that Qin Ruo could not put his fingers on. Him healing the little critter… was that just for show or could it be a part of a Hidden Quest?

Finally understanding what the Shadowfox wanted him to do, Qin Ruo approached the egg-shaped object and gently held it in his palm.


A golden light flashed and he could feel his palm burning. He had trouble understanding where the pain was coming from. There was a small cut in his palm and a few drops of blood stained the egg-like thing. A golden light glowed. He could catch sight of the few drops of blood quickly dissolving into it.

Following that, the system notification rang.

Item Bound!

Qin Ruo was stunned for a moment, then he looked up and glanced at the Shadowfox. However, what he could see was that its eyes flashing with a scarlet light. It squeaked for a while and looked at Qin Ruo and the egg-like object. Then it turned back and jumped off the platform, vanishing among the monster far away.

Qin Ruo was completely dumbfounded. He immediately stood up and ran to the edge of the platform. But all he saw was a faint trail of blood left behind by the Shadowfox.


Qin Ruo’s face changed. In a split second, without even checking on the egg-like object, Qin Ruo stuffed it into his inventory. When he heard a loud roar out of nowhere, he immediately reached for his Return Scroll.

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Chapter 155