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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 154

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 154


‘Spamming consumables?!’

When Qin Ruo saw that Ron’s Mistress had used her ultimate skill several times just to keep Ron alive and then gulp down a bottle of potion right after, Qin Ruo was rendered speechless.

This sort of battle tactic that relies purely on the consumption of items to exhaust the HP of the boss was only used in handling bosses that were extremely powerful. But having to use this tactic on a small little monster that did not possess the power of a boss and did not even know a single AoE skill and range attack? Was it really necessary for these two top-tier Swordsmen, who are obviously very powerful, to use that sort of tactic for this battle?

Qin Ruo had been watching the battle for a long time. Finally, when he received the system notification stating that he had acquired the 2,000 gold coins reward, he was woken from his stupor. He quickly sent a voice message to Slayer’s Heart and went straight to asking for information about Ron and Ron’s Mistress. At the same time, he also inquired about the Shadowfox.

Unfortunately, Slayer’s Heart and the others had never heard of the two powerful champions. As for that small golden monster Shadowfox, they were even more confused as they have never of it before either. In the end, Qin Ruo simply asked them about Wargod’s Hamlet.

Neither of them had heard of that too.

Helpless, Qin Ruo was disappointed when he ended the voice call. More wounds and cuts appeared on the Shadowfox. Although its attack and its speed were still powerful, Ron and Ron’s Mistress were working more closely now. They seemed to have gotten into a familiar pattern of the battle. The situation was starting to be more unfavorable to the Shadowfox.

Qin Ruo started to feel very anxious after he saw that. He had no idea how long more the Shadowfox could hold on. Although he was very keen to quietly join the battle and try to affect the great battle between the humans and the beast, he was worried that he himself would become the next target of the Shadowfox once Ron and Ron’s Mistress died. Even though Qin Ruo hated these two, he did not intend to do something that would harm the others and himself.

Not to mention that the speed of the Shadowfox allowed it to “conveniently” take Qin Ruo down for being nosy right after it was done with Ron and Ron’s Mistress.

Other than that, if he ever used Tier 1 Elementalism to quietly sabotage the battle, he was very doubtful that Ron’s Mistress would directly blast an intense light and turn around with Ron to get him. He would get into more trouble than gain any good if he got himself into combat state.

What should he do in order to make sure nothing would go wrong?

Qin Ruo furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about it.


An idea flashed across Qin Ruo’s mind as Ron stood on the platform to block the Shadowfox.


Just when Qin Ruo was making his way up to the platform, he quietly activated his Aquabarrier. (Because of the distance, his presence was not noticed by the people underneath the platform)

Although Ron and Ron’s Mistress did not notice him, it did not mean that the Shadowfox did not as well. Although the Shadowfox could not cast any Elemental Attacks, it was extremely sensitive to any scent of living things especially magic waves. It strangely got startled and roared out in panic almost at the same moment Qin Ruo activated his Aquabarrier.

“Chi! Chi chi…”

Ron was knocked back by the Shadowfox, which suddenly changed its pace. Ron’s Mistress did not panic as she swung out her sword out of reflex and scorched the ground with fire.

At first, Qin Ruo was a little unsure as to whether the Tier 2 Aquabarrier could block that scorching heat wave. In the end, as the intense light flashed across air, Qin Ruo, who stayed behind the protection of the barrier, did not even suffer a single scratch. He instantly regained his composure

However Qin Ruo knew that within seconds after the intense light appeared, Ron and Ron’s Mistress would definitely not make any move on the Shadowfox to buy themselves time for their skills cool down. So, Qin Ruo stayed squatting in the middle of the platform. He did not approach the edge of the platform to look at what was going on down there to prevent himself from being noticed by the two of them.

Unfortunately, Qin Ruo had underestimated Ron and Ron’s Mistress.

After playing H&G for so long, the sudden appearance of a very faint Magic Wave in the nearby surroundings albeit just a split second, still caught Ron’s Mistress’s attention. Grasping the opportunity of the Shadowfox still recovering from Blind, she suddenly turned around and sprinted toward the other direction to look at the surface of the platform from afar.

However there was nothing on the platform. Or rather, she could not see anything on it.

Even though Ron’s Mistress was still a little doubtful, she did not dare to stop now. She quickly rushed back to her spot before the Shadowfox recovered from Blind.

“You have sensed it as well, right?”

Ron’s face changed a little. He was a little anxious.


Ron’s Mistress first thought was that it was her own illusion. But when Ron also felt the same, she immediately felt alerted and shouted, “Oh no! That must be that Aquamancer! He has followed me here!”

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Relying on his Water Elemental State to fool Ron’s Mistress’ vision again, Qin Ruo appeared at the edge of the platform above that shameless couple. He looked at the two of them and the monster from higher ground and listened to their conversation. He immediately knew that his presence had been discovered by the two of them.

He did not say a word at all as a Frostrampart rapidly formed above the couple’s heads.


The moment when the cold chilling air rose into the atmosphere, the two of them, who were beneath the platform raised their heads at the same time. Just in time, they saw Qin Ruo, who revealed his presence at the edge of the platform. The ice and snow that filled the air suddenly exploded above their heads.


“Oh crap… urgh!”

In the ice and snow that filled the air, the miserable scream of Ron’s Mistress echoed. Then, a flash of small and agile golden shadow lunged out of range, pursued by another flash of red shadow that flew off the range as well.

Without Ron coming to help her, Ron’s Mistress was completely incapable of enduring the continuous attacks of the Shadowfox. She had finally let out a miserable scream and was killed.

It was already a tragedy that she died, but she dropped a Gold helmet.

Dropped a piece of equipment?

Qin Ruo was stunned and excited at the same time as he stared at the Gold Equipment. He began to drool. However he immediately sighed regretfully.

‘F*ck… Why did this drop?! Why wasn’t it that sword of hers instead?’

Suddenly, a raging roar came from beneath him.

“Just die!”

Just because of that one brief moment of distraction, Qin Ruo had lost the chance to retreat onto the platform. Ron charged out from the ice and snow and swung his spellblade upward from below Qin Ruo. Dark presence gathered around and formed into wretched-looking skulls, shrouding his sword as it was pointed straight at Qin Ruo.

Qin Ruo was shocked. He had never expected that the shameless couple actually possessed ranged skills. He could only summon an Aquarampart in front of him in time. After that, he felt an extremely evil power disintegrating the Aquarampart and also the Aquabarrier around his body. The negative dark feeling rapidly spread and engulfed him.

However, Ron who successfully landed his strike on Qin Ruo did not expect an Aquamancer, who had just advanced into Tier 4 without activating any Tier 4 defensive spells and without any Gold Equipment to actually survive that attack. Ron’s face instantly turned grim. He no longer had the chance to make his move again. The Shadowfox charged straight at Ron like a lightning bolt!


Ron screamed through his gritted teeth, gulped down a bottle of purplish attribute-boosting potion and swiftly took out a golden shield out of his backpack. After all his effort, only then was Ron able to block the attack of the Shadowfox. After that, he frantically drank the potions as he lured the Shadowfox toward the stairs of the platform.

After getting struck by Ron’s attack, not only did Qin Ruo lost over 600 HP, he also went into a state of fright for more than two seconds because of the Dark-type Attribute.

Right after regaining consciousness, Qin Ruo saw that Ron was looking absolutely wretched as he was lifted his shield and lured the Shadowfox charging through the stairs to get up to the platform.

“What the f*ck!”

The moment Qin Ruo saw the two fiends arriving together, he leaped off the platform without even a second thought.



Ron was astonished as Qin Ruo leaped off the edge of the platform and directly turned into a transparent Water Element in the air. Soon after that, a Frostrampart that was formed in the air beneath him shook a little as if it was being pulled by something heavy to one side before the sound of something landing sounded.

In that one brief moment of distraction, the Shadowfox that pursued Ron activated its Shadow Clone skill. Four Shadowfoxs surrounded Ron.


In the next second, the cute head of the Shadowfox reached out from the edge of the platform. It looked just like a golden little puppy, squatting on the edge of the platform as it leaned over the edge of the platform. After that, it pulled itself back onto the platform. Its pair of round black eyes stared at the nervous adventurer, Qin Ruo.

After Qin Ruo descended to the ground, he quickly moved closer to Ron’s Mistress’s body in order to avoid getting killed by Ron or the Shadowfox. He grabbed that Gold helmet from the ground and put it into his backpack. A Tier 4 top level player’s Gold Equipment should fetch a good price. Even if he got himself killed later, as long as he did not drop his two Gold Accessories, he would be earning a great fortune this time!

But when he turned around, he did not expect to bump into the Shadowfox that was standing at the edge of the platform, looking at Qin Ruo curiously, like a harmless animal.


‘Couldn’t get onto the platform and now can’t even jump off of it?!’

Qin Ruo looked at the platform that was only about seven to eight meters high, bewildered.

‘A block can occur under such circumstance? The thing that made people even more confused was that the Shadowfox, which was blocked earlier on and was also extremely active as it kept jumping all over the place, became so quiet all of a sudden? Could it be that this little one is a psychic that knows that I am trying to save its life?’

Qin Ruo did not think much about that. The Shadowfox did not immediately find fault with him after all. So now the most important thing was getting himself out of combat state and to get the hell out of that place to prevent any accident from happening.

After retreating, while Qin Ruo was leaning against the valley’s far edge, he noticed that the Shadowfox suddenly turned around and got off the platform. At the same time, there was a dark golden shadow flashing on top of the platform.

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Chapter 154