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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 153

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 153


In Wargod’s Canyon of Trials, the number of monsters was not as high as before. That had made it strangely much easier for Qin Ruo, who was tailing Ron’s Mistress, to get to the space he had never set foot upon.

Almost ten minutes had passed. Qin Ruo finally saw the other key character of this quest—Ron!

It was a white man who was approximately in his thirties. This man that stood tall on a platform that was about seven to eight meters high oozed with foreign charm.The equipment on him were also extremely striking. Two pieces of Dark Gold, three pieces of Gold. His weapon was a spellblade that emitted dense dark aura as if the darkness shrouding the sword could ignite anytime.

Judging from the man’s appearance, Qin Ruo concluded that this man must be on a completely different level from Ron’s Mistress. This man’s strength was definitely way beyond that of Ron’s Mistress.

So after receiving the quest’s reward, if he really wanted to do something, he must be very careful.

He was facing two powerful champions. They were also two champions who had Honor Points as backup. Once he was discovered, the chances of him getting killed was high. So, either he should not make any move later or he must make sure that he achieved his goal if he wanted to make his move…

Deciding on that, Qin Ruo looked left and right carefully. He then hid in a corner far away. (No monsters would spawn near the platform)

After moving a little, Qin Ruo suddenly saw something fascinating. Underneath the platform was a monster with golden fur that looked as small as a fox. It was flying back and forth very quickly like a beam of golden light. The pathway that led to the platform was sideways, about fifteen meters from it. It was pretty obvious that the small critter was blocked by Ron underneath the platform.

But Ron who was currently standing on the platform seemed like he did not dare to attack that small monster. He had been calmly waiting for Ron’s Mistress’s arrival. Ron’s Mistress arrived on the platform and the conversation echoed through the place…

“… Quest…”

“Has gotten away…”

Without thinking much, Qin Ruo concluded that Ron’s Mistress did not immediately inform Ron about Qin Ruo departure before that. The man frowned and said something else. After that, Ron’s Mistress shook her head and said something too. Ron swiftly scanned the surroundings a few times as she was making her way there.

Qin Ruo felt pressure on his chest. Could it be that Ron’s Mistress had suspected that Qin Ruo did not leave since the beginning? He quickly curled up his body and quietly moved his hand into his backpack to grab the Return Scroll. Between his goal to cause trouble and retaliate against the two of them and the equipment on him, the latter was more important.


On top of the platform, after getting an affirmation from Ron’s Mistress that the Tier 4 Aquamancer had hidden well or had already left and was posing no threat to them anymore and that he did not even have a way to come here, Ron was still a little unsettled. He then quickly scanned the inside of the canyon from higher ground with his shaded blue eyes. After confirming that there was no sign of any suspicious people around, he lowered his voice and reminded Ron’s Mistress.

“Be more careful next time.”

Although Ron had yet to meet the Tier 4 Aquamancer Qin Ruo whom Ron’s Mistress had mentioned, judging from the three messages shown by Ron’s Mistress, Ron could slightly sense that this player who was sabotaged was indeed not a simple player at all…

First, even though he had just advanced into Tier 4, he actually possessed an Elementalist skill to flee. Second, when faced with danger, he was extremely calm. Finally, with a single activation of Frostburst, he was capable of removing himself from Ron’s Mistress’ grasp. If everything was true, he could even almost be certain that this quest of theirs had provoked an enemy who had a great potential to improve.

Of course, Ron would not mind another powerful opponent in the game. Truth to be told, any player with the strength to act alone would not afraid of that. Because the rate of running into an accident was too small to begin with. Not to mention that the opponent was just an Aquamancer who was possibly oppressed by his own woman.

After gently reminding her, Ron wrapped his arm around his woman and the two of them kissed. Qin Ruo felt a little depressed looking at that. This shameless couple was really talented in acting. They were kissing for quite some time, just like in the movies, urgh!

Only after Qin Ruo quietly scorned for the nineteenth time did the couple part lips. He then rubbed the tip of his nose and said, “Let’s get to work! Be careful and don’t die again.”

The girl seemed to have completely gone back to being a good girl in front of Ron. She nodded enthusiastically, lifted her sword and walked off the platform. She then walked toward the little monster beneath the platform, approaching it cautiously…

In a dark corner, Qin Ruo witnessed everything that was happening. He felt his heart tighten for a moment.

Qin Ruo could vaguely sense, from the speed of that little monster and the attitudes of the two powerful players, that the origin of that little monster was simple. Even if it was not a boss, it was definitely a special monster or some mutated monster. Or else it was definitely not possible to make Ron and Ron’s Mistress so cautious. Ron would also not be willing to stand here for so long.


The system notification rang.

Escorted Ron’s Mistress safely to meet up with Ron!

“Part 1 of Quest completed! Within 1 minute, if you have not accepted the Trade Invitation from Ron, the person is assumed to have given up on the Part 2 Quest automatically. The quest will be completed automatically and be counted as successful!”

The same moment when that information rang into Qin Ruo’s ears, he was startled. He quickly gripped onto the Return Scroll in his hands a little tighter. He knew that when that notification rang, it would have been heard by Ron and Ron’s Mistress as well.

As expected.

Ron and Ron’s Mistress were stunned for a moment. Then, Ron took another quick glance across the canyon. He then looked at Ron’s Mistress and gestured for her to continue moving.

After all, this sort of quests were rarely created and posted. Furthermore, this sort of situation rarely occurred too. So why would the system notification still appear even after Qin Ruo had left the area? The both of them were also baffled. But the 2,000 gold coins did not seem to bother them much. As long as Qin Ruo did not appear, as long as the information about the Shadowfox was not leaked to the public, everything should be fine.


Just as Ron’s Mistress activated her combat aura as she approached the Shadowfox, its attention was partially diverted. After it became more cautious for a moment, the Shadowfox locked its round eyes onto Ron’s Mistress. After that, the monster moved like a shot-out beam of laser. There was no sign of any magic wave, nor was there any powerful skill that could change the situation being used. But the monster moved like golden lightning as it leaped in front of Ron’s Mistress!

It was really fast!

Though Qin Ruo was really surprised, Ron’s Mistress seemed to have the experience in handling this sort of situation. She was perfectly calm as she swung her sword and landed a strike on the Shadowfox.

One was a Tier 4 champion who had activated her Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura while the other was an agile small-size monster. However, the moment the two of them crashed into each other, Ron’s Mistress was actually the one at a disadvantage.

After a disgruntled “hmph”, Ron’s Mistress seemed like she was struck by a high-speed giant hammer. She staggered a few meters back. The Shadowfox was unscathed. It paused for a moment, then it pursued its target again at an even faster speed.

“What the f*ck! What kind of monster is this? What a powerful f*cker?!”

Although that was just a very ordinary clash that there was not even a single spark and sound, Qi Ruo was still very shocked to realize the mess he was in. If he did not try hiding, if he did not stay just because he wanted to complete the quest and if it was not because he could not send a voice message… he would have used every single method he could use to inquire for the details and information about this small and agile Shadowfox.

That was just too amazing.

That little fella was truly too cute!

He was afraid that the little critter would at least possess the strength of a Tier 4 Elite Boss. No, that was not right. A Tier 4 Elite Boss would normally have Tier 5 Skills to attack. It was not possible for Ron to stand on top of the platform so easily then. That little critter seemed to be clueless in launching range attack. It only had the speed and the capability to use Physical Attack.

As Qin Ruo pondered, Ron’s Mistress was beaten three consecutive times. If it were not because Ron came down from the platform in time and landed a sneak attack behind the Shadowfox, perhaps Ron’s Mistress would have been put down for good…

Ron’s attacks were obviously more effective than that of Ron’s Mistress. His weapon was a Darkflame Sword. Every time he swung the sword, there were many black faces behind the sword, groaning miserably. Not only the attacks created a certain degree of Corrosion on the Shadowfox, his attacks also greatly reduced the Movement Speed of the tiny critter.

But then again, Ron’s situation was not that good either.

The moment he turned around, the single Shadowfox had suddenly turned into four!

Appearing like golden puppets, the other three summoned clones and the one real Shadowfox charged at Ron at the same time from all four directions. Then, a series of solid impact sounds echoed through the canyon. Even though Ron had activated Death Combat Aura, he was still beaten up real bad to the point that blood came out of his body. He was being beaten up like a punching bag and did not even have the ability to fight back anymore. He was Stunned…

At the brink of life and death, Ron’s Mistress was ready earlier on. She activated her ultimate skill behind the monster. With a powerful violent swing of her sword, a strong blinding light appeared.

The Shadowfox hissed and roared in shock. It closed its small eyes and curled its golden tail all around its body looking like a mass of cotton wool hiding in its entire body.

The sudden change of pace on the battlefield had rendered Qin Ruo speechless.

That little critter seemed to be packed with quite some capabilities! It was battling alone against two Tier 4 champions. Not to mention that it was already on the verge of taking them out just after meeting them shortly. If it were not because of Ron’s Mistress’s ultimate skill, this battle would have been over with the Shadowfox obtaining a perfect score.

Seizing the opportunity of that moment, Ron swiftly recovered his stance and gulped down a large bottle of HP Potion The man and the woman launched their attacks at the Shadowfox with tacit understandings right before the effects on them faded.

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Chapter 153