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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 152

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 152


If there were any other players in Wargod’s Canyon of Trials right now, they would definitely notice that strange scene. A moment ago, two players, one male and one female, who were still close comrades as they escaped from the claws of Tier 4 monsters, had suddenly turned on each other like they were enemies after taking a short break and fell into an irreconcilable confrontation.

The female swordsman pointed her longsword at the male Elementalist’s chest as her eyes gleamed with faint murderous intent. The eyes of both the man and the lady were gradually filled with coldness.

“If I were in your shoes, I would have immediately abandoned the quest and gotten the hell out of here.”

Ron’s Mistress looked at Qin Ruo in disdain with the eyes of a hunter. She then continued, “Don’t test my patience. You are a Tier 4 Aquamancer. You should know that you do have not even the slightest chance of defeating me.”

“Is that so?” Qin Ruo spat coldly. “On the contrary, I hope that you would kill me. At least I will be able to get back the reward that belongs to me…”

“Little handsome, don’t force me. Although I won’t be killing you with my bare hands, I will still throw you to the monsters and let the monsters finish the work. It is still easy for me to do that, you know.”

The rate of getting equipment loot after being killed in a PvP battle where the players battled with hostile intentions was extremely low. However, Ron’s Mistress did not seem to be hasty at all. During this quest, she had set quite a number of traps. As long as Qin Ruo sent a voice message or went offline, he would immediately fail the quest and he would be forced to pay a penalty of 500 gold coins. Furthermore, he was not able to use his Return Scroll in combat state.

Ron’s Mistress appeared smug as she pointed at Qin Ruo, who seemed very confident. She was not worried that some accident might really happen at all… Actually, even if some accidents did happen, the situation would still be under her control. The three-hundred-meter Wargod’s Trial Canyon and hundreds of high-level Tier 4 monsters of all types were not something that a regular party could just charge through within a short period of time.

However, Qin Ruo remained still and did not even make the slightest movement.

Although he was certainly not able to fight that witch with a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions, if he wanted to run, Qin Ruo was completely confident that he could easily flee from the crazy b*tch.

Wargod’s Trial Canyon was gloomy. He could easily get himself out of there if he used Aquamoprh.

Though there was a huge group of high-level monsters blocking at the entrance of the canyon, she had also entered her combat state. So, Ron’s Mistress thought that her plan was perfect and was determined to get what she wanted. If she got to know the ability he possessed, she would definitely not have allowed him to delay that much time, since it was only a half hour left from locating Ron. As long as he could locate the target, within just a minute, regardless of whether he would make the potion trade with Ron or not, he would be able to acquire the reward of 2,000 gold coins…

After seeing that Qin Ruo was not swayed by her words at all, Ron’s Mistress saw that Qin Ruo was trying to stall as much time as he could. She let out a grunt and gave Qin Ruo a final warning.

“I’ll give you another ten seconds. I’m going to make my move on you when the time is up. I think… Any piece of equipment on you should cost more than 500 gold coins. Don’t come back and blame me when your equipment drops when you die later.”

“You shall regret everything you have done today!”

“Is that so?”

Ron’s Mistress was not swayed at all as she smiled coldly and said, “Seven seconds left.”

“We have more than enough time,” Qin Ruo said, startling Ron’s Mistress.

In that instance of being absent-minded, along with a faint magic energy wave, a Frostrampart swiftly appeared more than ten meters into the distance on the road that led towards the canyon.

Ron’s Mistress furrowed her brows again.

“I first thought that you are a wise guy. But I have not expected you to prepare yourself to fight desperately like a cornered wild beast? Hmph! This is boring!”

Qin Ruo did not stop though. He grabbed onto the chance while Ron’s Mistress did not dare to directly attack him as a second Frostrampart appeared a little further down the road leading into the canyon.

Ron’s Mistress smiled coldly as she stared at Qin Ruo, who seemed to be trying to do something. She was prepared to see what this Tier 4 Aquamancer planned to do by using these utterly useless Frostramparts.

“Condense! Ice!”


A Frostrampart abruptly froze into ice before her and Qin Ruo.

With her vision blocked, the look on Ron’s Mistress’s face changed. Her combat aura was activated as the golden longsword swung out of reflex. A blood-red flame came out of the sword like a raging breath of a fire dragon and started to ravage its way toward the Frostrampart that was emitting a chilly aura.

However, just as the Frostrampart materialized right before Ron’s Mistress launched her attack, Qin Ruo also shouted a single word.



Before Ron’s Mistress’s Fire Dragon’s Roar could blast its way to the Frostrampart, the Frostrampart had been detonated. It was blown to pieces of ice and snow that instantly filled up the surroundings, covering everything within a radius of ten meters, swallowing everything into the cold mist.

Even though Ron’s Mistress was under the protection of her combat aura and would not be harmed, her vision was greatly affected. A moment ago, she had lost her vision of Qin Ruo’s shadow. But the tide of the situation had changed as she had also lost her vision in the Frostburst. Everything seemed white as ice shards and particles flew all over the place.

When the ice and snow made contact with the Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura covering Ron’s Mistress, the ice and snow that filled the air instantly evaporated into vapor, causing the view to become even more blurry and misty.

After having her vision taken away from her, Ron’s Mistress instantly thought that Qin Ruo wanted to flee now…


Qin Ruo quickly got himself away from the frosty mist and headed straight toward the canyon.

Although Ron Mistress was unclear of Qin Ruo’s intentions, she was a hundred percent sure that Qin Ruo definitely did not dare to fight back as he was just a Tier 4 Aquamancer. He would not be able harm a Tier 4 Ignis Swordmaster. Not to mention that she was an elite Ignis Swordmaster with top-tier combat aura. As for the two other Frostramparts, there was an eighty percent chance that Qin Ruo prepared the two Frostramparts for fleeing.


Ron’s Mistress reacted very quickly.

Less than two seconds after the Frostburst, she charged out of the area that was affected by the Frostburst, her entire body blazing with red fiery fire. Her pair of charming eyes were filled with disdain and a cold murderous intent as she charged in the direction of the two Frostramparts in the direction of the canyon. The moment she charged out of the effective range of the Frostburst, she discovered that the two Frostramparts were slowly moving. They were slowly moving toward the canyon.

With her quick thinking, Ron’s Mistress lunged at the two Frostramparts…

A red light flashed across the air. One of the Frostramparts was halved like it was made of papier-mâché. But there was no sign of Qin Ruo or his shadow behind that Frostrampart. Ron’s Mistress then immediately looked at the other Frostrampart.

To her surprise however, the Frostburst happened again.


The Frostrampart was blown into pieces. This time, Ron’s Mistress evaded the effective range much earlier. Her eyes were cold but she did not blink even once as she fixed her eyes on the spot that was covered with ice and frost. She figured that her prey had nothing much left up his sleeves and was about to reveal himself in the ice and frost that blurred the scene.

However, what astonished Ron’s Mistress was that, when the ice and frost had settled, she did not see even a single trace of Qin Ruo’s shadow. She quickly turned around and swept her eyes across the area. There was no sign of Qin Ruo’s shadow in the Wargod’s Trial Canyon as well…


Finally! Ron’s Mistress, who was full of herself, thought that she had everything under control. She ran toward the entrance to the canyon and took a quick glance inside. After that, she ran into the canyon.

However, she still could not find her target…


“Come out!”

Ron’s Mistress started to get anxious. She scoured through every inch of the area where no monster was. After searching in every place where people could hide themselves in, she still could not find Qin Ruo. She went into a slight frenzy as she activated her Hidden Skill while she stood still on the spot. But then again, after the intense light had flashed through the area, nothing was found either. The unexpected turn of events had taken her by surprise!


Of course, Qin Ruo was not stupid enough to respond to her. He knew that Ron’s Mistress was not able to confirm what really just happened. She did not know whether Qin Ruo had quietly sneaked his way back to the city and hide, or did something else. Qin Ruo hid quietly in the corner, unnoticeable to Ron’s Mistress while he watched her almost-frantic behavior. He sneered quietly.

‘Do you think that if you used such a method to threaten your hired player, they would really fight back or perhaps just give up? Fool! Do you really think the IQ of players all around the world are beneath yours?’

* *

Not only would Qin Ruo be taking away the reward of this quest “as agreed upon” now but he was also suddenly very keen to find out what sort of deal Ron’s Mistress had with Ron in the depths of the Wargod’s Trial Canyon. Was it a Hidden Quest? Or was it taking on some sort of high-level Boss? Or perhaps they have some goals that they could not tell the others about.

Qin Ruo was not convinced that these two players, who possessed absolute strengths, would think of such a low pathetic method to trick a stranger. It was more likely that they were using this malicious way and the loss of gold coins to distract Qin Ruo from finding out their true intentions.

However Ron’s Mistress did not understand though…

Qin Ruo started to wonder what really existed at the bottom of the Wargod’s Trial Canyon. That place had attracted such two powerful champions after all. Furthermore, having Ron’s Mistress to actually create and post a quest with a reward of 2,000 gold coins only to hire a player who could heal properly… Qin Ruo thought about that long ago. It was just that, if Ron’s Mistress had gladly handed over the reward when the quest was completed, Qin Ruo would not have to risk offending two champions trying to join the Hidden Quest that the both of them wanted to complete so badly. But now… Hehe!

Everything was already too late now.

After getting such a “great grace” from Ron’s Mistress, Qin Ruo’s curiosity and his thirst for revenge grew.

‘Since you’re not playing nice, then don’t blame me when I play dirty…’

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Chapter 152