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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 151

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 151


“What skill is that?”

As Qin Ruo was following Ron’s Mistress and activating his Aquaheal to recover her HP, which could not be recovered to full bar this time, continued to ponder. But at the same time, he was also clear that now was not the time to chat. Furthermore, if they stopped for a break later and Qin Ruo asked her, Ron’s Mistress was definitely not going to reveal her Hidden Skill to a stranger. Once this sort of skill was made common, it would become impossible to use this as her ultimate skill anymore as it would lose its value.

But after witnessing the skill being used for the second time, Qin Ruo no longer had any doubts about pushing their way through the canyon. The skill possessed such pure Attribute Attack. When the skill was used, an explosive amount of Fire Element was instantly unleashed, filling the surroundings with intense heat. It was not just any normal light effect. Even if one took precautions and closed their eyes with their hands, it would not help. Therefore, normal monsters definitely could not block that at all. As long as Ron’s Mistress could use that skill after the ten-second cooldown and immediately nullify all attacks of the monsters, they would be safe.

What Qin Ruo needed to do next would be to run forward as fast as he could, taking potions and also healing Ron’s Mistress to make sure that her HP did not deplete completely.

After the six seconds, the monsters would recover from the blinding light. By then, the two of them would have gone over ten meters away from their attack range. Even if the monsters wanted to pursue them, they would not be able to catch up with Qin Ruo and Ron’s Mistress. Even if some of the monsters were the agile-type, they would certainly be greeted by Ron’s Mistress’s next round of Attribute Attack.

But at the same time, Qin Ruo noticed something from the few movements that Ron’s Mistress made… some information about that skill.

This Swordsman’s skill with a great range consumed a tremendous amount of MP!

Every time that skill was used, Ron’s Mistress would quickly replenish her MP. She would always use MP Potion (M) that could fully recover her MP in one go. Even for a Tier 5 DPS melee Class, a bottle of MP Potion (M) was enough to fully recover their MP bar. Of course, the circumstance would change if they were equipped with a full set of equipment that raised their Maximum MP (DPS Classes have an extremely small number of equipment that could increase their Maximum MP).

There was once that Qin Ruo even saw Ron’s Mistress using one bottle of the potion before she used the skill. After using that unknown powerful skill, she would immediately use another bottle of the MP Potion.

So Qin Ruo concluded that the MP consumption for this skill was at least 60 or more.

Other than that, Qin Ruo also realized the ten-second cooldown as Ron’s Mistress movement speed would suddenly drop. She would be seen consuming HP Potions to tank the attacks of the monsters. It seemed that all her efforts were spent on achieving her goal to delay the time by ten seconds…

After understanding the situation, Qin Ruo quietly came to a conclusion, ‘No matter how powerful a Hidden Skill is, there would still be obvious weaknesses as well. This skill for instance has a long cooldown. The MP consumption to activate that skill is also too high. The skill does not deal significant damage effect either. Other than that, targets behind a Barrier would not be affected by the skill too… Nonetheless, when the targets are affected by the skill, the targets would not be attacked at all. Or else the debuff would instantly be nullified.’ That was what Qin Ruo noticed from Ron’s Mistress cautious movements while she made her way through the monsters.


This harsh canyon was three hundred meters long. Just running through it for about a minute, Qin Ruo had already used up all five bottles of MP Potion that Ron’s Mistress had given him.

Ron’s Mistress was exhausted as she was panting heavily with beads of sweat trickling down her forehead. When she was running through the canyon, she had also paid quite a price. Other than the ten MP Potion (M), she had also wasted over ten bottles of HP Potion.

After Qin Ruo and Ron’s Mistress had exterminated monsters in the canyon, the two of them took a quick rest in a vast, gigantic valley.

After deactivating his Barrier and his Darkfrost Shield, Qin Ruo looked quietly at Ron’s Mistress, who lowered her head and touched her lips. Qin Ruo began to feel even more curious about the final target of this quest—Ron’s situation.

‘Just get to some place, she actually endured the pain of wasting two thousand gold coins for this quest and potions worth thousands of gold coins. Furthermore, she also possesses powerful strength. So who are these two truly mysterious couple? How powerful could Ron’s strength be?’

Other than that, what was these two’s final goal?

Qin Ruo was exceptionally curious as he stared at Ron’s Mistress, who leaned on the mountain wall, sending voice messages. He waited until she lifted her head to ask her his question.

“How much further?”

Ron’s Mistress lifted her head and stared at him for a long while. She then solemnly told him something that he could not understand.

“You… should just give up the quest.”


Qin Ruo was stunned.

“Your quest is complete. It’s already enough that you’ve escorted me here.”

Ron’s Mistress slowly stood back up as she pointed the tip of her sword that was radiating with faint heat waves at Qin Ruo.

“I’m very grateful that you had my back in the canyon. But the quest is over now. You can leave now. Give up the quest and get back to the city… Or else, I’ll throw you to the monster horde.”


Party disbanded!

The system notification coldly informed Qin Ruo. After that, all information about Ron’s Mistress vanished before Qin Ruo’s eyes.


Qin Ruo’s blood ran cold. He consciously controlled two Water Elements in front of him as protection.

“What is the meaning of this?”

With Qin Ruo’s wit, of course he understood what Ron’s Mistress was trying to say. But what he truly could not understand was why this crazy woman’s attitude had suddenly changed. It was really very difficult for Qin Ruo to accept or process the change all of a sudden.

However, Ron’s Mistress’s expression was cold. With a quiver in her sword, she easily swiped her sword through the Water Element and slightly grazed Qin Ruo’s Elemental Robe…

Hostile attack from Ron’s Mistress. Counter Stance activated.

Received 15 Damage.

The second notification from the system had completely sealed off Qin Ruo’s heart. His expression was cold and he did not concern himself with the slight pain in his chest. His sharp eyes were fixed on Ron’s Mistress, who did not continue to make any move to attack. He also did not say anything or made any move. He stared at her quietly. Qin Ruo really hoped that she could tell him, why she was doing this… at least give him an explanation.

Ron’s Mistress was able to tell the confusion in Qin Ruo’s mind by the look in his eyes. Her sexy lips curled up in a cold smile mixed with a little disdain.

“Hmph! You fool. Is a quest with 2,000 gold coins really that tempting to you guys? Where would there be such easy money in this world, huh? I am not responsible for the consumption of your MP Potions… You really think that there were people out here that are really that generous? Giving you money for free? Hmph. I was just looking for someone to toy with because I’m bored.”

Her voice did not sound warm at all. Ron’s Mistress spat as she wanted to make herself very clear. Her words instantly ignited a wild fire deep in his heart which blazed. It did not take long before his blood was boiling. A wave of manic anger gathered in him as he was on the brink of snapping and erupting. But in the end, Qin Ruo was still able to suppress his anger with rationality. He tried his best to prevent himself from exploding in fury.

Even though Ron’s Mistress had made her words very clear and did not sound hesitant or compassionate even by a tiny bit… even though Ron’s Mistress had even given Qin Ruo a chance to get into Counter Stance, Qin Ruo was very clear that a Tier 4 Aquamancer versus a Tier 4 Ignis Swordsmaster was like hitting a rock with an egg!

Not to mention that…

Qin Ruo had just advanced into Tier 4 not long ago. His opponent was an Ignis Swordsmaster with the strength near the pinnacle of Tier 4 who also happened to possess top-tier Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura. No matter how much effort Qin Ruo could put in, he would not stand even the slightest chance to win a battle against her. He even doubted his own Water Elementalism could break through the Fire Dragon’s Combat Aura of the girl and deal some real damage to Ron’s Mistress.


“… Initially, I planned to let you escort me to the destination first before I kill you. But unfortunately, you’ve just advanced into your new Tier. Killing you would not only cause you to lose nothing, I would also need to waste one Honor Point. That’s not worth it… so… you better go away on your own now. Give up on this quest. And the compensation for the reward of the quest… let’s just say the compensation for the quest reward you are paying shall cover back the cost for the MP Potions I gave you.”

While she was talking, her sword was pointed at Qin Ruo as she raised her voice coldly.

“Just do it if you’ve understood what I said.”

Qin Ruo could only nod his head quietly. He walked backward very slowly. He kept staring at Ron’s Mistress with his cold eyes as he no longer had any emotion. His heart was too shocked.

‘Great! I did not expect my first quest from the Mercenary Guild to be a twisted game by this lunatic woman… Not only was I used like a fool,* but the lunatic woman had also threatened me and forced me to pay a sum of gold for going back on the quest. Hmph… This is just hilarious!’*

But this Ron’s Mistress seemed to be handling the situation quite well. If Qin Ruo did not agree, perhaps she would really throw him into the horde of monsters. Qin Ruo did not doubt that at all. She was just rushing to build that Hidden Skill of hers…

While he was in a combat state, he could not go offline or get back to the city.

Feeling betrayed, Qin Ruo considered the two pieces of Gold Accessories on him. He thought of immediately canceling the quest, pay the 500 gold coins as compensation and put this incident behind him. He could still slowly plot his revenge soon in the future…

Qin Ruo was not an idiot after all!

What if the girl still did not want to let him go when he canceled the quest? What should he do?

Qin Ruo’s cold eyes narrowed as he stared at Ron’s Mistress. He quickly started to think of some ideas to handle this situation.

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Chapter 151