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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 150

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 150


Wargod’s Canyon of Trials

In the area filled with monsters ranged between Level 45 and Level 48 before the two of them got closer, they could already hear the roaring of the monsters and the growling of the beasts, as one fell and another rose—echoing into the distance. Ron’s Mistress and Qin Ruo did not seem to be able to keep calm anymore. The girl grabbed tightly onto the hilt of an unknown golden longsword and hissed coldly at Qin Ruo.

“Follow closely! Don’t blame me if you die!”

At a moment like that, she did not look like a mistress at all. Qin Ruo was skeptical as to whether she picked that nickname on purpose. But he did not pay any attention to her. He just responded to her in a regular tone.

“Worry about yourself first.”

Ron’s Mistress was not happy as she responded to Qin Ruo with a “hmph”. She suddenly increased her movement speed in a fit of pique and charged inside of the canyon. With her immense speed, she instantly put a few meters in between herself and Qin Ruo, who was following her.

Qin Ruo was not nervous though. When encountering the assault of the monsters, ten meters or more was the safe distance. Furthermore, her speed would unavoidably be reduced by then. So, as long as he could constantly heal her the moment she needed it, that should be good enough. Qin Ruo instantly calmed down as he slowly followed the girl into the Wargod’s Trial Canyon, which had never been mentioned or heard before on the forum.


The moment they quietly sneaked into the gloomy dark canyon, a few Tier 4 monsters sensed the presence of human intruders. The atmosphere in the entire canyon instantly become extremely charged. Among the crazed roaring, there was also some excitement mixed in there. The first few monsters in front turned around and charged right at the two adventurers.

That was not the end of it though. It seemed like more and more monsters had continued to catch the scent of meat as their footsteps became louder as they gathered toward the two adventurers akin to rushing to the market.

Instantly, Qin Ruo was aghast. He completely did not expect that the monsters in the canyon to be so sensitive and so easily triggered. They had just set foot into the entrance of the canyon, but how did the monsters already know? If the both of them really charged right into the canyon, one hit from each monster could directly dismember the two of them, leaving them almost nonexistent.

But when he saw the way Ron’s Mistress suddenly turned around and looked at him, Qin Ruo just gritted his teeth and did not slow down. He clung on to the last straw of hope.

‘Let’s see how she would react to this situation. If it really cannot be done, we can definitely retreat since we are only at the entrance of the canyon. If she dies, she can’t blame anyone except herself.’

Ron’s Mistress seemed a little worried at that time. She was worried that Qin Ruo would suddenly flee if he saw the situation in the canyon and realized the danger. If she was all alone, even though she had “that” ultimate skill, it would definitely be impossible for her to charge her way through the canyon. It would only be possible for her to do it if she had someone to support her. So, Qin Ruo’s courage was crucial to the outcome of the quest.

Fortunately for her, the mercenary she picked this time was much more courageous than the previous two. He did not even fall back by a single step and his movements were also careful because of the perilous situation in the canyon he saw.

Ron’s Mistress turned back to the front and quietly exhaled in relief. Soon after, her eyes instantly looked forward—there were already monsters entering the attack range.

In the next second, Qin Ruo saw Ron’s Mistress’ body, who was ten meters ahead, suddenly blazing with dazzling red flame. Her entire body was literally covered in real fire when she charged at the few gigantic monsters that were lunging towards her.

‘Materialized combat aura?!

‘That is top-tier Fire Dragon Combat Aura!

‘This woman…’

Following closely, Qin Ruo inhaled and fixed his eyes on the materialized combat aura on Ron’s Mistress’s body. His eyes reflected the fire. He had never expected to see materialized combat aura as it was rare even on the forum. He had never expected that he would see that on a foreign female player with a mistress title for a name whom he had just met for the first time.

That was too incredible!

Rumor had it that top tier combat aura could only be achieved by those who do not sleep or rest and fully commit to activating combat aura for an entire month. It was even more difficult than training for the top Tier 4 barrier of the Elementalists… Up till this point, only a very small number, less than a hundred top players were capable of achieving that… It was really unexpected…

‘Who the heck is that lady really?! She is actually that powerful!’

At that moment, Qin Ruo began to feel fully confident about Ron’s Mistress. A player with such strength would definitely not do something that she was not confident to do. Even if Qin Ruo really decided to abandon the quest halfway, the girl would still be able to clear a path for herself and get away from the monsters. After all, the fact that she possessed the top Tier 4 Fire Dragon Combat Aura represented her extraordinary strength.

Tier 4 combat aura: Other than the increase in 40% of Defense, Attack, Speed, and Resistance, it also possessed an Elemental Attribute.

The Elemental Attribute of the Fire Dragon Combat Aura was the materialized fire damage. Any target in the range within one meter from the player who activates it would be attacked by the thought of that player. Inflicting 50 Damage per second, it could not be avoided or nullified.

Knowing the girl with such a powerful Attribute, it was very difficult for Qin Ruo to imagine what kind of threat a regular Tier 4 monster was to Ron’s Mistress…

As expected!

Even though the single-target skills and spells launched by the few Tier 4 monsters were extremely powerful and all of the attacks had landed on their target, the amount of damage inflicted on Ron’s Mistress was insignificant. Qin Ruo rapidly activated his Aquaheal on Ron’s Mistress and immediately restored her to full HP.

Ron’s Mistress did not bother herself with the monsters, which were fervently launching their attacks at her. She just waited until there was a pause in between their ferocious attacks before she swiftly activated her skills and passed the monsters through the small gap between the monsters as she engaged dodged the monsters’ attacks.

Qin Ruo was once again shocked by her behavior because it seemed suicidal. He was extremely worried.

–’God damn it, even though your Defense is insanely high, you didn’t need to do that, right? You can charge, but what about me? What if those monsters accidentally cast some AoE spell or ranged attacks which might splash unto me? Would this Barrier be able to endure that?

Though he felt a little disheartened, Qin Ruo gritted his teeth and continued to follow the girl. He then healed Ron’s Mistress by 200 HP, which she lost in the second round. At the same time, he shouted.


He controlled a piece of Aquarampart and condensed it into ice before he stuck the ice right before an Iron Battle Monster Bear–as long as it was not a Magic Attack and he did not cause any damage on any of the monsters in that area, Qin Ruo will not attract the Aggro of the monsters. But then again, he could at least block some powerful physical attack by the Iron Battle Monster Bear and slow down its attacks at Ron’s Mistress by one or two seconds.

Even though that was an insignificant move, at least it allowed Ron’s Mistress to experience lesser resistance in her movements. Qin Ruo was definitely capable of performing a rapid Elementalism within that one second of cool down from his Healing. That was better than doing nothing.

Furthermore, Qin Ruo’s equipment had received an improvement of 25% on his speed to cast the Water Element. Even in places that were not rich with the Water Element, he was still very familiar with using Tier 1 Elementalism. He immediately cast another Aquaheal and restored Ron’s Mistress’s HP.


Those were two simple controls, but that finally made Ron’s Mistress notice that Qin Ruo was not simple as well. At least his Water Elementalism skill was extraordinary. Not only was he able to follow her with his Aquaheal, he even had a little time to look over her shoulder. That was something that surprised her a little. She immediately giggled as the flame around her suddenly moved even faster.

As Qin Ruo stared at her, she charged ten meters forward at a high speed.

‘What the f*ck?’

That was really toying with life!

In Qin Ruo’s eyes, that move that Ron’s Mistress pulled off put her in the middle of over forty Tier 4 monsters. There were more than ten monsters pursuing her, and there were more than twenty fierce monsters.

‘That woman is insane!’ Qin Ruo could not hold back from mentally insulting her.

‘She can’t be serious, can she?’

There were almost forty Tier 4 monsters. Even if all monsters did not instantly kill her when they launch their attacks at the same time in the first wave, the attacks could still reduce her health bar by half! Qin Ruo’s Aquaheal could only recover over 200 HP. It was not like his Heal efficiency could catch up to the pace of the monsters’ damage. What was worse was that the attack that ten monsters caused could also stagger her movement and prevent her from moving forward. Once her movement was staggered, even just the action of taking potions would be greatly affected. She was digging her own grave!

After rapidly gulping down a bottle of MP Potion (M), Qin Ruo got ready to withdraw from the canyon.

Qin Ruo felt his skin creeping as he was ready to embrace the death of that crazy woman. He was mentally ready to face the nightmare of being pursued by the monsters. The golden longsword that Ron’s Mistress held in her hand suddenly flashed with red and reeked of an abnormal omen.

At first, it was an unnoticeable quick flash of light, and then…

It looked like a small sun suddenly exploded. An intense light pierced through the darkness of the canyon. Even Qin Ruo, who was more than twenty meters away from the girl, could sense the presence of a powerful flame, that boiling heat that was aimed for the eyes!

All monsters in the thirty-meter radius of Ron’s Mistress bore the brunt of the attack as the monsters covered their faces with their limbs and roared in terror. They continued to rub their eyes, stepping backward.

“Quick! We only have six seconds!”

Ron’s Mistress turned around and quickly notified Qin Ruo. She then quickly broke out of the monster horde. The monsters behaved as if they were completely unaware of her movement. They simply roared and continued to wipe off their tears.

Qin Ruo was dumbstruck. He followed her closely after that. From then on, he finally understood why Ron’s Mistress was so confident.

Six seconds!


Ron’s Mistress actually knew such powerful Stealth. Purely just the debuff effect of the AoE skill was enough for the two of them to charge over sixty meters. If the situation lasted longer, it would have been possible for them to use that method to get through the canyon.

That was no wonder!

(Although AoE spell does not include the user’s teammates, the teammates would be completely immune to the debuff of the spell itself. Because Qin Ruo was on the same party as Ron’s Mistress, the attack was not able to truly inflict any damage. That was the reason why he had survived.)

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