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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 148

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 148


Wargod’s Hamlet was a name that sounded flashy and imposing. But the strange thing about it was Qin Ruo and Grand Magi never heard about it before. They asked some of their close friends including Slayer’s Heart, but none of them knew of the town as well. It was needless to think about whether or not they were familiar with the village.

Judging from the limitations and descriptions stated in the quest, this should involve a Boss battle. That could be the reason why the player who posted the quest gave an ambiguous location.

Grand Magi reminded Qin Ruo this quest would carry some unknown danger along with it, or else the quest would not specify an Aquamancer and a Radiant Priest to accompany Ron’s Mistress along the journey. It seemed like a simple escort quest which happened to send Potions to another player named Ron along the process, but the quest also contained a requirement needing players to protect Ron’s Mistress probably toward some perilous region.

How would Qin Ruo not notice that?

Since the player who posted the quest made a specific request for a Radiant Priest or an Aquamancer was needed, in other words, even if there was a danger during the journey on the quest, the situation should remain within a manageable level.

So after giving deep thoughts about the matter for a moment, Qin Ruo accepted the quest.

After saying goodbye to Grand Magi, Qin Ruo followed the quest description, spent ten gold coins, and went to the Wargod’s Hamlet, a tiny, ancient, run-down town, not as flashy as its name implied.

Qin Ruo did not expect to see that Wargod’s Hamlet would turn out to look so pathetic the moment he walked out of the warp portal. He was shocked, to say the least. After looking around the village which had about ten houses and a few shops, he found the Mercenary Guild half-hidden nearby the village entrance.

The village looked rundown to the core!

No wonder no one knew about this place. This town looked out of this world due to how rundown everything was. The village did not even have a normal Class-change Guilds or an Inn, even if there were newcomers arriving at this place, they would leave the moment they arrive. They might be too lazy to remember what this village’s name was or if it even existed.

The miserable scenery right before his eyes disgusted Qin Ruo. He questioned whether his journey to get here was worth it. Would there be a good quest appearing around such bleak region? He could not believe a Boss would be around here—immensely doubtful.

After trying to control his urge to leave the place, Qin Ruo got over to the entrance of the town seeking for the player named Ron’s Mistress. Since the quest had yet to be canceled, the player by the name Ron’s Mistress would still be standing on the provided coordinates waiting for a prospect’s arrival. It seemed unlikely though.

There was no one around the entrance, but nevertheless, Qin Ruo followed the coordinates on the quest. There, he found a female player with a chestnut hair and blue eyes under a tree right behind the wall by the entrance. There was also a male Elementalist right beside her. Qin Ruo could confirm the identity of the player, Ron’s Mistress.

The nationality of the female player with chestnut hair and blue eyes remained a mystery. However, judging from her accent, she does not hail from China. She must be a player hailed from Europe, America, or perhaps the Pacific, somewhere in the west. She was good looking with an amazing body. She has an amazing body though. The way she looked at people was a little too flirty, and very charming. It gave her a vibe of an indecent person though.

When he walked toward her, two strange pairs of eyes greeted Qin Ruo, one of them wary of him.

That male Elementalist took a quick glance at Qin Ruo as he seemed nervous. The man turned his face around to whisper inbehind Ron’s Mistress’ ear. However, the woman did not seem to respond to him at all. With her sparkling blue eyes, she stared at Qin Ruo as he walked towards them. She scanned his body with an obvious prejudiced gaze.

“Excuse me…” After hesitating for a moment, Qin Ruo remembered the ten gold coins he had wasted to get here. He ended up dropping his jaw over his naivety. As he prepared himself to ask if the girl was, indeed, Ron’s Mistress, and if he had reached the requirement and conditions stated on her quest. The lady player nodded. She whispered something back to the male Elementalist as she walked towards Qin Ruo.

“Hmm… You’ve finally arrived!”

With that utterance, the male Elementalist standing right behind Ron’s Mistress went pale.

The Elementalist charged in front of her and shouted.

“F*ck you, you f*cking whore! What the f*ck is the meaning of this?! When I came here, you’ve asked me tons of questions. After I’ve told you my situation and status after half a f*cking day, you said you needed to consider! But as soon as this pretty f*ck boy came over here, you f*cking god damn said nothing and straightaway nodded? Are you f*cking with me?!”

At that point, Qin Ruo understood the man was not Ron’s Mistress’ party member. Instead, he was also a Tier 4 Aquamancer who accepted the quest and came all the way over here to be greeted by this. Hearing the words he said, Qin Ruo furrowed his brows and looked at the girl. He wanted to see how she would answer fist. He would never want her toying around with him as she did with the other player.

The girl seemed disdained by the look in her face. She let out a “hmph” through her nose and said, “Who asked you many questions, huh? You’re the one who kept sticking around me showing off your equipment. You didn’t even notice what kind of bastard you are, looking at me like you wanna rape me with your stares. What, you’ve never seen a woman before? Do you think since my nickname is like this I must be a lowly, lewd girl used by garbage men like you?! If it’s not because very few people would accept this quest, I would have told you to get lost!”


Qin Ruo was speechless once again, but what the girl said held truth. That man had been sticking too close to the girl. Although Qin Ruo had never seen the man before, the distance between them was a little too close. He would say words like f*ck and whore the moment he opened his mouth. The personality of that man seemed to prove how hard this quest was going to be.

When he was getting a bad impression on the Tier 4 Aquamancer, that man felt like he was shot in the face as he gritted his teeth and shook his head in discomfort. He pointed his fingertip at the girl with the chestnut hair and grinned like he was on the brink of popping a vein. “Good! Very good! I won’t allow this! You! Just wait!” The more he talked, the more malicious he sounded. His eyes were glowing with ferocious intent. He lowered his head and his lips quivered. Qin Ruo and Ron’s Mistress could understand this man was about to escalate the situation out of his embarrassment leading to his anger.

Qin Ruo never expected a simple quest would take a turn for the worse like this. He felt a little lost at the moment… After looking at Ron’s Mistress who had an icy look in her eyes, and took a quick glance at the Tier 4 Elementalist standing at the side sending voice messages to gather his friends, Qin Ruo felt his mood weighed down.

Just as he was pondering on how he should handle this situation, a system notification rang by his ears.

Quest issuance successful, quest started; accepted Ron’s Mistress’ Quest. You’re tasked to protect Ron’s Mistress along the journey following her instructions to find Ron… If the monsters kill Ron’s Mistress, we would deem the Quest failed. If Ron’s Mistress does not die and the party found Ron, Ron’s Mistress will pay 500 gold coins as compensation! For each passing hour, she will increase the rewards by 500 gold coins!

After he received the notification, Qin Ruo felt his arm stiffen as if someone pulled his sides. The voice of Ron’s Mistress rang to his ears. “Ignore him, he’s a lunatic.”

“Me, a lunatic, you foul b*tch. I’ve tried not to embarrass you, you ungrateful b*tch! Where are you ready to bring this f*ck boy to, huh? Haha, let me tell you this. You’re not going anywhere today! I’m bringing my men to stall you until you die!” The Tier 4 Aquamancer bursted out laughing as he continued spewing vulgarities. Qin Ruo could not help but frown as he followed Ron’s Mistress glaring at the man with anger.

“You better shut your mouth or else!” At first, Qin Ruo did not provoke the man, and he did not want them to entangle him in trouble and cause collateral damage.

Who would have known he would stoop so low? The man turned his furious eyes from Ron’s Mistress over to Qin Ruo and fixed a cold grinned at him. “What? You’re in a hurry? Are you that excited to follow that b*tch into the wild and have fun?! What quest, spit on you! That’s just a b*tch who loves a f*ck boy when she sees one!”

The man came up with filthier words Qin Ruo never knew he would be hearing today. Qin Ruo was so mad of all the crap coming from the vile mouth of the man he was on the brink of popping a vein. Qin Ruo never met such a shameless and despicable rascal in game till this moment…

“Get lost!”

“Hehe, you f*cking brat, stop crying cuz when my men arrive, you better be an obedient boy and get lost! Or else we’ll get rid of you as well!”

The Tier 4 Aquamancer tailed continued tailing them with his endless b*tching. Qin Ruo’s movement speed was the same as the man. Unfortunately, this meant he could not move ahead of the man which gave him an intense headache as if his brain fell into pieces. He never had the experience of handling people like him.

“So what do we do now?”

Qin Ruo turned his head around and asked Ron’s Mistress. If this man insisted on harassing them, the uncertain risk factor of this quest would grow. Qin Ruo did not hope to get himself killed without a clear cause. Regardless of whether he would die by the hands of the monsters or other players, it would be a remorseful turn events if he dropped the three pieces of Gold Equipment on him.

Ron’s Mistress did not seem to care at all though as she went on her own way, ignoring her harasser. Just when she was ready to open her mouth to say something, the man following their trail had cried out saying, “Haha! Look at the little f*ck face you picked! Speaking of capabilities, he has none! He does not even have his own mind at all! It would have been great if you have followed me instead… Argh!” Before the Tier 4 Aquamancer could finish this new batch of toxic flaming, he let out an agonizing scream as he got thrown off the ground and fell backward with his hands and legs in the air.


When Ron’s Mistress saw the Tier 4 Aquamancer landed to the ground and a piece of ice curve bulged up from the surface of the ground. She furrowed her eyebrows and stopped her footsteps. A dazzling flash of fiery sword aurora streaked across Qin Ruo’s eyes as if a blade crossed from the void and into her hands!

Before the Tier 4 Aquamancer fell onto the ground could get back on his feet, the vehement fire sword aurora cut him down once again as the sword struck his waist. While his body bled, he never got back up on his feet again. His corpse lied on the ground with the flaming sword rendering him speechless as he faced the blue skies.

The world had become quiet at last!

Ron’s Mistress’s face remained impassive. She did not even feel a sliver of remorse seeing the man’s lifeless body. After she sheathed her sword, she spoke to Qin Ruo in a foreign accent. “It’s your fault! You’ve made me waste one Honor Point. Now that everything is quiet, let’s leave.”

Qin Ruo attempted to speak, but he could not muster up the courage to do so. He followed the girl like a shadow while he leered at the back of Ron’s Mistress with a different opinion of her. He thought to himself she was not such an indecent person after all as he wished the tension around them would die down.


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Chapter 148