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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 147

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 147


Frostsoul Necklace

Gold Tier

Effects: Increase Water Element Affinity by 5%, Increase Maximum HP by 200, Increase Maximum HP by 50.

Requires 70 Intelligence

Limited to Aquamancer

Level Requirement: 40


Standing on the street in the small Savis Town, Qin Ruo idled looking stupid all the while, until someone had given him a gentle push on his back. This took him back to reality; being shaken up with a slight rapid motion recovered his senses. He closed the interface of his backpack as a familiar handsome face greeted him.

“What’s going on with you? Didn’t you hear me after how many times I’ve called out your name? Are you deaf or something?”

Grand Magi came closer to Qin Ruo with a puzzled look on his face. He stared at Qin Ruo and scanned him from head to toe with obvious doubt in his gaze.

Qin Ruo could recognize who the person was after a few seconds. He felt relieved as he smiled.

“Brother Magi, it’s you! Cough… I’ve been sending voice messages to someone. I didn’t hear you. So what’s up?”

Grand Magi suspected nothing, and replied, “Oh! It’s nothing. I’ve been seeing you standing in the street like a statue and so came over to greet you. Huh? You’ve advanced to a new tier? How fast! That’s incredible!”

“I’ve advanced to a new tier a few hours ago. Where are you going now? Where’s your sister?” Qin Ruo’s head was still in the clouds as he was still mystified about the one attribute on the Frostsoul Necklace. He asked questions without thinking straight. He did not expect Grand Magi would burst out laughing while pointing his finger at him with a mocking look in his gaze.

“You little brat, you forget your friends when you see a pretty girl. We haven’t even spoken a lot yet and you’re already asking about my sister. Your intentions are too obvious!”

Upon seeing Grand Magi’s smirk, Qin Ruo mouth was agape with a startled and panicked expression on his face. Only then did the face of the beautiful Violetmoon Devilite arise in his mind. He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh as he shook his hand trying to explain himself. “No, no! Don’t misunderstand me, Brother Magi. I saw that you’re alone, so I was curious.”

“Hehe, stop pretending anymore, my sister will not come online for a day. She has a play or something.”

“A play?” The thought of it stunned Qin Ruo.

“Yes. My sister works in the film industry. She’s a little busy at the weekends. Why? You believed you mesmerized her, for real?” Grand Magi winked at Qin Ruo with a grin as he explained. “You really think I would let my sister go along the act with you? And speaking of that, you brat! You really are a talented actor. It looked real back then… Hehe that was what she told me.”

“Urgh…” This rendered Qin Ruo speechless. He thought Violetmoon Devilite had a little crush on him back at the Snow Domain, but he never expected he was talking to a professional actress. That was unfortunate of him. All of a sudden, he felt the pride in him vanish into thin air.

When Grand Magi saw the expression on Qin Ruo’s face, he knew another boy with good intention had become yet another prey of her sister’s pretense. He sighed with a grin while patting Qin Ruo’s shoulder afterward. “Keep your chin up, bro. There is a bunch of boys pursuing my sister! You’re the only one who got the chance to act like a couple with her. You’re fortunate already.”


Qin Ruo said nothing. He took a quick look at Grand Magi. He seemed lucky. It was fortunate for him to know her lie this much earlier, or else he would have flattered himself the whole time believing he was some hotshot. It would have ended on an ugly note.

Qin Ruo interrupted Grand Magi who was coming up with something to lighten the mood up and shifted the conversation by pointing at the Mercenary Guild. “All right. So Brother Magi, where are you going now? Do you plan to come over here to post quests again?”


Grand Magi was sincere to improve the mood of the “heartbroken” boy. He went through the flow of the conversation and went along the new topic. “No quest today. I’m bored being alone. I’m here to see if I can find any suitable quests I can accept.”

“Accept quests?” This stunned Qin Ruo. He looked at the moving crowd coming and leaving from the Mercenary Guild. “Are you accepting quests from the players or the system?”


There were a tremendous number of system quests at the Mercenary Guild. The simple quests would include killing a certain number of Galewind Wolves. The rewards would all go to the system though, and only then would the system reward a certain amount of gold to the ones who finished the quest. For the more difficult quests, the system would ask players to pursue Overlords, Elite Bosses, or completing certain quests on the Mythical Battlefield… there would be a variety of lucrative rewards!

As for the quests posted by the players, it would depend on what the players accepted. As long as the requirements were suitable and fair, they could post the quests anytime they want. A quest could go as simple as exploring new maps, retaliating against players, or hire players with specific Jobs to form a party and start other quests…

To turn the man’s frown upside down, Grand Magi told Qin Ruo his battle back at the Snow Domain was an inspiration he got from him which sparked his will to become a lot stronger! Qin Ruo felt bashful after hearing that. He never expected he could inspire others while he was a mere Tier 3 player. Not to mention the person he inspired was, in fact, a Tier 4 player. It felt a little strange though.

But what Grand Magi said afterward made Qin Ruo serious.

Grand Magi said he had been training hard on many of his skills for the past two days. He had summarized all post information regarding the Ignis Swordsmaster on the forum. He wanted to grow stronger. He wanted to rely on the strong ability of the special Attributes the Fire Element does not have. He would focus on developing the flames of his Fire Element and ignore damage.

Grand Magi had traded all the equipment he did not need for gold coins for the past two days. He also purchased a few pieces of equipment from an Ignis Swordmaster in the market, all possessing additional Fire Damage.

Unfortunately, his savings was about to dry up. This is the main reason why he returned to the Mercenary Guild and find quests with at least a reward of 500 gold coins.

After telling Qin Ruo all of his plans, holding no details off, Grand Magi smiled and looked at him. “How about you? Why don’t you get yourself a familiar with your magic skills since you’ve advanced to a new Tier? Why are you here standing blankly in the middle of the street?”

“Hehe. I have not much free time, actually. I’ve thought after I’ve gotten into Tier 4, I could earn more money whenever I kill monsters.” What he said made him want to either weep or snicker. He had spoken out the voice troubling his mind. The frequent opportunities and rewards for the past few days, and also the rewards he got from Aricus Underground Ruins widened Qin Ruo’s desire for action, making him unable to ease himself enough to earn a living back at Kane Jungle like he used to. He focused his thoughts on getting to higher places. He would do everything in his power to increase the number of gold coins in his backpack from 130,000 gold coins to 500,000 gold coins.

Perhaps when he is more relaxed about the game, Qin Ruo could wander about in an unhurried pace to grind and train his level. Perhaps he could charge towards the goal he buried deep in the bottom of his heart by then! He thought about the rewards he got from completing the Tier 4 Advancement Quest such as the Frostsoul Necklace and various other pieces of equipment. Qin Ruo could not help but feel fired up.

“Haha! That’s great! We lack money now but it’s cool! Let’s go! Let’s get inside and see if we can get a suitable quest…”

Grand Magi let out a hearty laugh as he invited Qin Ruo in. It did not bother Qin Ruo though as he nodded his head in agreement. It was obvious he had no purpose today as well. So he followed Grand Magi’s words to try out his luck. The two of them wrapped their arms around each other as they walked into the popular in-game building Mercenary Guild.


They seemed to have terrible luck though; Grand Magi had entered the place for less than ten minutes before he had picked a compatible quest from the list ranging from 200 gold coins to 500 gold coins. He smiled and got closer to Qin Ruo. “I’m done here. How about you? Huh? You are ambitious, I see.” Grand Magi was astounded after seeing Qin Ruo examine quests from the 1,000 gold coins to 2,000 gold coins.

They said the Quests with 200 gold coins to 500 gold coins were already difficult for players to handle. Furthermore, some loot could be dropped while doing the quest. For an instant, the quest Grand Magi picked had a reward of 400 gold coins. While farming for 500 Yetis, the Frostsoul Crystal the player got during the process would not be transferred to the person who posted the quest. (Frostsoul Crystal was a common forging material that a number of Water-type monsters would drop upon death. The drop rate of this item was not low at all. The value of the item on the market was about 10 gold coins). By killing 500 Yetis, the players would get at least twenty Frostsoul Crystal. After adding up the value of the Crystal farmed, Grand Magi should be able to earn a bit higher than a hundred gold coins by selling them.

Grand Magi convinced himself to pick the quest for this was what he thought the most reasonable choice was…

After seeing Qin Ruo browse quests from the 1,000 gold coins and 2,000 gold coins reward bracket, Grand Magi could not help but feel a little concerned. Why would he be so ambitious even though his level was so low? Grand Magi would not have known Qin Ruo was just looking at the quest list. He went all the way through the quest list as he was looking from the few quests with the reward of 100,000 gold coins all the way down to the quests with rewards ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 gold coins. He was literally only browsing through the list. He found no quest compatible with him yet.

Most of the quests with the reward higher than 1,000 gold coins were dangerous. Most of those quests had something to do with Mythical Battlefields, or with players holding grudges against others. Some were quests requiring specific Classes and levels. Having said that, Qin Ruo has not found any quests he could accept yet.

Qin Ruo browsed over to a quest with an unusual description. The quest wanted to hire a Tier 4 Aquamancer or a Radiant Priest…

They posted the quest at around 12:30 p.m. The instructions stated the quest would require one Tier 4 Aquamancer and one Radiant Priest. Players compatible with the quest should head to the entrance to Wargod’s Hamlet 1 right away. The quest wanted the players to locate a player named “Ron’s Mistress” at the specified location and talk to them to acquire her approval in the specific coordinates xx, yy. Only then would the quest considered official. After that, the player Ron’s Mistress would lead the other players to locate “Ron”. During the quest, players must protect Ron’s Mistress. Upon locating Ron, players who accept the quest must sell two sets of MP Potion (M) to Ron at the price of 60 gold coins per bottle—its market price. The players could get the 2,000 gold coins quest reward afterward! Another limitation was how the players could not send voice messages with anyone, or else, the quest tracker would mark the quest failed.

‘It is that simple?’

This filled Qin Ruo with excitement, but he was not aware of Grand Magi with his eyes about to pop out. Qin Ruo was beaming with anticipation. Why would someone aim a simple quest rewarding 2,000 gold coins to an Aquamancer and Priest?! That made no sense at all!


small village

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Chapter 147