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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 142

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 142


As the old Chinese saying goes, “one who survives a great disaster is destined for good fortune later”.

However, in Qin Ruo’s perception, this saying might not be necessarily true to everyone, judging that he was now hanging on a high altitude snowy peak!

‘Why am I not blessed with any ‘good fortune’ after surviving rolling off the cliff the first time? Why did I have to tumble one more time instead? Not only that, but this fall was way deadlier than the first since I was blasted two meters off the cliff by the Wintry Vajra this time. If not because of my prior experience and quick reflex to activate Aquamorph and stuck one hand into the protruding ice wall at the critical moment, I must have become a pile of meat paste now.’


Qin Ruo hung helplessly on the ice wall extended out from the precipice while enduring the chilly wind for a short moment. Not a single sound could be heard, and this made him feel gloomier. He let out a sigh then quickly get into action. He first controlled the ice wall connected to his arm to draw him nearer to the precipice, then he ‘dragged’ out another ice wall under his feet as a foothold.

These series of movements enabled Qin Ruo to fix his stance. Nonetheless, Qin Ruo did not climb back to the snow path immediately. Not like he did not want to, but he was forced not to do so!

‘Damn it! It’s no wonder the Wintry Vajra is a Tier 4 Elite Miniboss.’

Not only had it proven its Fall-Resistance was as durable as its Strike-Resistance, it was also shrewd as hell. It had just fallen from the hundred-meter high snow path to the lower level a few seconds ago, yet it was back on its feet after fainting for only about ten seconds. It was especially excited as if it was drugged after staring at Qin Ruo, who was now hanging in midair. As if fearing that Qin Ruo might flee from the scene, the Wintry Vajra quickly wound upward on the snow path while roaring joyfully.

Qin Ruo felt angry and bitter at the same time.

He had never foreseen that this Wintry Vajra could survive the fall from such a high altitude…

Although he could certainly return to the snow path and get prepared before the Wintry Vajra reached him, he might not have sufficient time to do so! Moreover, it was too risky to use a simple trick like the Frost Trail repeatedly against a Boss monster. It might be effective against an ordinary monster, but it was too monotonous and will most probably be ineffective against a Boss the second time!

So if he returned to the path now, the only outcome Qin Ruo would face was death.

But of all things…

Qin Ruo was certainly unwilling to deal with the Wintry Vajra while hanging in midair, so he had to quickly think of a solution. As he listened to the chilly wind coming toward him from all directions, his vision naturally fell to the most attractive scenery on this Frostsnow Island—the Sapphire Lake.

Since he had stepped onto this island, this Sapphire Lake had surprised him the most and helped him to solve two major obstacles. He began to wonder what might happen if he lured the Wintry Vajra into the lake…

During his contemplation, a scene where the Wintry Vajra was frozen in the lake flashed through Qin Ruo’s mind. His heart was moved by this abrupt inspiration. If only he could lure the Boss into the lake, its speed would certainly be slowed tremendously by the lake water. Although he was not entirely sure about it, this tactic was no doubt more hopeful than staying on the snow path!

His thought ended here as he suddenly heard the stomping sound approaching fast from the right flank on top of his head. Qin Ruo gritted his teeth and jumped lightly to the side. At the same time, he removed the two Frostramparts he had used to support himself. His body then plunged speedily toward the ground…


Frostrampart rapidly stretched out around five meters directly below him!

Qin Ruo, who was in the Water Element State, flipped his body the moment he dropped on the Frostrampart and used one of his palms instead of his leg to reach the wall first…

A chilling sensation was emitted throughout his hand…

A Water-elemental arm appeared to be rapidly fused into the Frostrampart and embedded deep into the icy precipice! After securing a leverage point, the sky-high icy precipice looked less terrifying in Qin Ruo’s eyes now. He swung a little in the air, then once again plunged down by canceling the Frostrampart!

This “ability” could be considered as “good fortune” unearthed by Qin Ruo at his life and death moment. At that time, he anxiously stretched his arm to grab the protruding Frostrampart after judging that the Frostrampart was too distant to catch his fallen body, which then resulted in the previous hung-in-midair situation.

This was yet another trick expanded out from Aquamorph! These tricks had saved Qin Ruo’s pitiful life time and time again, which proved that the choice made by Qin Ruo at Specter Castle was correct!


The Wintry Vajra reached the top of the precipice where Qin Ruo was at a moment ago just when he landed safely on the solid ground. The Wintry Vajra roared furiously as he saw Qin Ruo avoiding it in such a weird manner. What followed the roar that spread wide into the mountainsides was the hasty stomping sound of the Wintry Vajra coming down through the snow path.

Qin Ruo withdrew his gaze in satisfaction and was silently relieved after seeing the Wintry Vajra’s reaction.

To be honest, he was a little worried just now. He was worried that the Wintry Vajra would turn back and return to its den. In that case, his effort and the depleted Attribute Potion would most probably be in vain. Luckily, this creature was unable to hold its emotion despite being intelligent. It was still incomparable to humans in terms of scheming…

Well that was for sure!

If the monster was as good a schemer as a human, then the whole H&G world would be conquered by the monsters!

Qin Ruo let out a grin. He swiftly leaped away from the snow path once again and swung further downward the snow mountain. Utilizing the newly inspired Aquamorph, Qin Ruo reached the bottom of the snow mountain rather quickly. The Wintry Vajra, now halfway down the mountain, remain persistent on hunting down Qin Ruo. It relied on its quick speed as it single-mindedly dashed down the serpentine snow path. It seemed that Qin Ruo’s previous strike on the Wintry Vajra had really left a deep trauma in its mind and soul. Under normal circumstances, the other Bosses would have long since vanished without a trace in such a scenario.

Qin Ruo had deep remorse in his mind for half a minute long, then he turned around and began to run. He trailed back on the route where he came in earlier and bolted without any scruples.

The Wintry Vajra did not disappoint him. Not only did it not turn back and run away, but it had caught up to him just as he reached the Sapphire Lake. Its enraged, blood red devilish iris was overflowing with enormous killing intent! However, what troubled Qin Ruo more was that this creature had summoned out two Snow Giants once it was out of the snow mountain range…

Needless to say, these were exactly the two stupid creatures entrapped in the nest! It seemed that the Wintry Vajra was certain that with Qin Ruo’s speed, he would not be able to run out of the Frostsnow Island region. Thus, it generously summoned the two “little guys” together.

One small, two huge—a total of three figures were threatening Qin Ruo like a giant thorn pointed to his back.

Qin Ruo almost cried out loud. He never expected that the Wintry Vajra would be this cunning. He initially planned to take out the Wintry Vajra in a solo fight, then only turn around and take care of the two bloated giants. Unexpectedly, the Wintry Vajra had summoned them out so soon, which saved him the time to make a return trip… This, however, had also made his strategy to defeat the Wintry Vajra more difficult to accomplish.

But since he had pulled the string, he had to unleash the arrow now regardless of the adversity!

Qin Ruo gritted his teeth. With a splash, he dived into the Sapphire Lake with great determination and swam swiftly toward the center…



Just as he approached the center of the lake, the Wintry Vajra also jumped into the lake and created a huge splash. With such a gigantic body, his movements were really affected by the lake. In addition to the hindrance from the lake water, the mud at the bottom of the lake also equally restricted its movement speed. Aside from that, Qin Ruo was most surprised by the fact that the whitish ice body of the Wintry Vajra had gradually turned blue from the moment it immersed into the water. The dark blue crystal-like structure on its chest also slowly beamed out blinding rays…

Such an anomaly immediately raised Qin Ruo’s vigilance. Without any delay, he quickly placed several Water Element Walls in front of him and prepared for the worst!

The two Snow Giants, which had just reached the shore, were shocked as if they had witnessed some utterly horrible stuff. They were unsettled by the transformation befallen upon the Wintry Vajra and groaned continuously in a frightened manner. They were standing near the edge and dared not enter the lake.

Such a behavior of the monsters truly baffled Qin Ruo.

Soon, his vision was once again attracted back onto the Wintry Vajra, who was now immobile and had its body completely turned into a blue color. He stared fixedly at the crystal on its chest which was emitting a blazing dark blue light ray. An idea suddenly crosses his mind.

‘Is this…

‘Don’t tell me this is the Deepblue Frostsoul?

‘What had happened to the Wintry Vajra anyway?’

Qin Ruo opened his mouth slightly and temporarily let his guard down. He first looked at the blank-looking Wintry Vajra that was now standing like a wood in the lake water, then took another look on the Deepblue Frostsoul shining with a blazing dark blue light ray. He found it difficult to comprehend why the Wintry Vajra, who was actively and angrily hunting him not too long ago, had suddenly turned motionless like a toy without its clockwork. He also couldn’t understand why the Deepblue Frostsoul had appeared before him without a sign…

He was really confused!

He probingly entered the thirty-meter range of the Wintry Vajra… The monster did not respond to this and remained completely still on the far side as if it was dead.

This encouraged Qin Ruo to courageously release another piercing Frost Bullet.


The Frost Bullet directly pierced through the Wintry Vajra’s body. It penetrated its body so easily like it was passing through an Aquarampart. Even the system had failed to relay the message on whether Wintry Vajra had just been attacked or damaged. This was really odd!

Unlike the Wintry Vajra, the two Snow Giants at the shore raised their arms in dissatisfaction as they saw Qin Ruo was approaching step by step. In each of their hand was a giant snowball two meters long in diameter. They swaggered and roared non-stop toward Qin Ruo, threatening to instantly throw the snowball toward him if he dared to proceed further.

At this moment, Qin Ruo finally confirmed one of his conjectures.

This quest segment involving the Wintry Vajra was most probably left with only one last action—retrieval. But before that, he needed to take out the two Snow Giants first. As he thought of this, an evil grin flashed on his face after he scanned through the Sapphire Lake as well as the Snow Giants which seemed to be frightened by the lake water.

“So your weakness is water, hehe…”

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Chapter 142