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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 141

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 141


The Wintry Vajra was more than three meters tall and more than one meter wide. It was much bigger than the Berserker who had the sturdiest body among regular players. Its muscular body was like a round peg in a square hole in the Ice Pythons’ nest packed with ice pillars. It could not pass through the narrow gaps.

However, it was obviously not an “environmentalist” and in fact, not even a good-tempered Boss. When it showed up, it rushed into the Ice Formation with its steely and sturdy body.

The ice pillars in front of him all collapsed, the sound of ice blocks breaking filled the air.

However, with the obstruction of the ice pillars and the ice shards on the ground, Wintry Vajra’s speed had been significantly reduced as each impact consumed a lot of power and sometimes it would hit several ice pillars at once, therefore the resistance was even bigger. By seizing the opportunity of Wintry Vajra’s slow movement speed, Qin Ruo ran out of the Ice Pythons’s nest as fast as lighting.


Out of the Ice Pythons’ nest, the broad view of the Ice Mountain on the cliff and the dizziness overwhelmed him. The chilly wind calmed his nervous mind and he suddenly thought of a serious problem.

He was in the front and Wintry Vajra was at the back. It seemed that this situation was familiar to him. It was exactly the same when he first dealt with the Yetis. When he ran thirty meters more and turned back, he could not see the entrance of the Ice Pythons’ anymore.

Suddenly, he had a bad premonition.


He did not expect to still have unpredictable elements in his detailed planning. Just because of the difference in position, the situation had completely changed. Now that the Wintry Vajra could attack him with the long-ranged attack when he was controlling the Frostramparts.

Qin Ruo had the confidence to defend the Tier 4 Elite Miniboss’ attack, but with the current terrain… he was very unsure.

Four meters away was a cliff where icy wind whistled. If the Boss’s attack was a little stronger, this could blow him off the cliff.

Since the Wintry Vajra had been drawn out and Qin Ruo had drunk the Agility Potion, he was in an awkward position from which he had no way to retreat from. Qin Ruo needed to get the work done as the duration of the effect of the Potion was left with only 360 seconds. Once the effect was over, the Wintry Vajra could catch him up and there was no time for him to set up the trap. That would be a dead end for him.

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo gritted his teeth.

‘Let’s do this!

* *

‘Death is not a big deal!’

Qin Ruo paused and embraced the situation with an all-or-nothing determination. Then, he turned back and quickly cast Aquabarrier and Aquashield…


He concentrated on the snow path at the corner and a layer of smooth and slanting ice surface floated. Under Qin Ruo’s control, the ice surface quickly improved and perfectly formed an ice trail that had successfully framed the Yeti before. It was easier to make it from top to bottom and it was more perfect than the previous one and harder to detect with the naked eye.

The ice trail was completed, but Qin Ruo was still worried.

After judging the rumbling sound he heard, he could estimate the direction of the Wintry Vajra. Qin Ruo relaxed a bit.

‘I still have some time.’


The transparent water wall appeared in front of Qin Ruo.

Triple layers of defense, plus his own defense, could hold Wintry Vajra’s strong attack. But Qin Ruo was not at ease, he reached out his hand and grabbed a bottle of dazzling white potion from the backpack and drank the potion (it was an inferior quality Advanced Vitality Potion). Following that, he drank another bottle of HP Potion. His original 670 HP soared to 1020, now his Vitality was equivalent to a regular Beastblood Berserker.

Qin Ruo was filled with confidence. He quickly kneeled on the ground.

His palm was on the ground as his voice boomed.


A smooth and flat Frostrampart rose from his back as soon as he squatted down. This was a safety precaution. Based on his current vitality, it was impossible for him to be instantly killed by the Wintry Vajra. He could even hold two to three attacks from Wintry Vajra. It was totally not a problem for him. However, the cliff next to him worried him. He could perish together with the Wintry Vajra, but there were still two Snow Giant. He would fail his Advancement Quest. Therefore, he needed to protect himself.

After condensing a Frostrampart, the heavy footsteps came closer.

Thud, thud, thud.

He could hear the rhythmic footsteps rushing out of the Ice Pythons’ nest.

This made Qin Ruo nervous.

‘It is coming.’



When the Wintry Vajra dashed out of the Ice Pythons’ nest with scratches all over its body, the anger in its eyes was now replaced with strong murderous intent. Its scarlet eyes constantly sought for the adventurer. It did not expect that this human intruder, who invaded the Snowpeak, to be so shameless. What he did was playing some small tricks along the way, like the Frostrampart and Frostburst, he had no courage to confront it at all. He even drew him to the Ice Pythons’ nest and disappeared from sight.

For the Wintry Vajra, chasing a Tier 3 human adventurer, who was a Tier 3 Aquamancer, and then losing him, was a shame that it never had before. Therefore, Wintry Vajra would not give up. It relied on the only passage in the Snowpeak it remembered, at top speed. It accelerated and came out of the entrance. It could not believe that a Tier 3 Aquamancer could do anything that could take it by surprise.

Just as he ran out of the Ice Pythons’ nest, it suddenly noticed a strange magic wave on the snow path. At the same time, it also felt a heat source from the corner. This magic wave was the same as the adventurer’s frequency…

It was a Tier 4 Elite Miniboss after all. It realized that the snow path had been tampered by someone. There was a slight disdain in its cold and angry eyes. Without slowing down, it stepped onto the snow path. Perhaps it did not notice Qin Ruo’s intention or it thought that this little trick was not worthy of its attention.

Seeing the Wintry Vajra coming into view at top speed, Qin Ruo was very nervous. The magic inside the Frostrampart could not hold in anymore.

When the Wintry Vajra stepped on the snow path as Qin Ruo wished, whatever he expected to happen did not happen. The Wintry Vajra did not fall down. Instead, there was a dull cracking sound under its feet, as if it had stepped on Qin Ruo’s heart, making Qin Ruo’s heart weigh down.

When it put his feet on the ice trail, even the ice around the soles of its feet was broken. Not only did it break the ice trail meticulously created by Qin Ruo, but it also destroyed his previous plan…

It was at that moment when the pent-up feeling inside Qin Ruo was displayed on his face. His mood turned cold. Without knowing the reason why, when his life was in danger, his heart would become stay very calm, just like the moment when he pushed by the Yetis off the cliff, he was very calm. He kept staring at the place where the Wintry Vajra stepped. All of a sudden, he had an idea. Recalling something that happened during the winter when he was a kid…

Qin Ruo’s hand subconsciously moved.


Ice turned into water…

It was very crucial to use the two ice pieces on which the Wintry Vajra had stepped on. Everyone knew that when ice melted, the ice becomes slippery. The harder you stepped on it, the more you lose your balance.


The Wintry Vajra was not aware of it and so it slipped. Its steady momentum was broken. At this moment, its body swayed and eventually, its foot slid forward half a meter, its body was overturned.

It was a good chance!

Seizing the opportunity…


A Frostrampart came out of the ice wall, followed by Frostburst!


The Frostrampart cast was very accurate. It hit the Wintry Vajra from the side. Together with the explosion of the Frostburst the strong and heavy monster finally tilted toward the cliff.

It was unfortunate that, the value of the Frostrampart was not reflected in the small tricks. Besides, Elementalists were not good at Physical Attacks. Thus, the thrust produced was very limited. The Wintry Vajra just staggered and the ice was crushed.

However, Qin Ruo’s Elementalism did not stop.

The second and the third Frostramparts simultaneously hit the shaking upper body of the Wintry Vajra…

The Wintry Vajra was frightened by this Tier 3 Aquamancer’s Elementalism and roared angrily and panicked. It tried to control its center of gravity to stand up steadily.

However, the ice trail that Qin Ruo created had no good foothold. After being hit by several Frostramparts, it gradually slid toward the edge of the cliff!

Finally, it lost its footing and fell out of the snow path…


As soon as its feet were off the snow path, an extremely angry snarl exploded from its mouth. When it was free-falling, a white object shot from its hand.

He could feel the cold wind piercing. Qin Ruo suddenly had a bad feeling. He quickly condensed and compressed an Aquarampart in front of the barrier, trying to block the fist-size Frost Bullet that flew at him like a lightning.

‘No! It can’t be a Frost Bullet! Frost Bullets aren’t so fast!’

Qin Ruo had even no time to raise the shield. He could hear something penetrating the Aquarampart and the barrier…

Qin Ruo was stunned for a while. Then a tremendous magic power exploded behind his right ear!


The Snowpeak trembled for a while. Then, a small figure too, fell off the snow trail together with the Wintry Vajra…

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Chapter 141