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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 140

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 140


The mysteriously appearing and disappearing magic wave reappeared again.

The Ice Python was shocked. Its movement speed was slow and it noticed that its way out was blocked. The huge S-shaped body was stuck in the Frostramparts and it could not move forward or backward. Realizing that it was trapped, the nervous Ice Python started to struggle in the Frostramparts.

Qin Ruo did not stop. He added two more Frostramparts on top of the five existing ones.

One was horizontally inserted from the ice wall and quickly covered the top of the Ice Python to prevent it from crossing the Frostramparts. The last one came from the rear. The Ice Python’s tail was greatly distorted and pinned down. This got the Ice Python stuck inside and totally disabled…

His task was accomplished.

The Ice Python was trapped in the mini-labyrinth of seven Frostramparts.


Smoothly imprisoning the first Ice Python, this meant that the only thing left to do was wait. To kill the Ice Python in the shortest time was also a very serious problem for him to solve. Seven Frostramparts could use up 7 MP per second. He only had 144 MP and thus needed to consume a bottle of MP Potion (M) every twenty seconds, which cost sixty gold coins each.

As Qin Ruo liked to say, “It is time to do my best!”


A Frostrampart near the head of the Ice Python exploded and the ice hit the Ice Python which was struggling and stunned for a while. As a result, this one-way blast dealt 86 damage.

This kind of damage was, of course, nothing to the Ice Python with 4000 HP and Frostburst’s cooldown was three seconds. Therefore, in the next three seconds, Qin Ruo could not charge the same spell to deal damage to the Ice Python again.


After a soft whispered, a two-meter-long Frostlance appeared in the passage in less than two seconds and nailed at the Ice Python’s body. The speed of the Frostlance was worthy of the name of Frostsnow Island, the most suitable environment for Aquamancers set by the system/

However, Qin Ruo was still not satisfied because the Frostlance not only did not pin into the Ice Python’s body, but it also dealt not more than 200 damage. His Frostburst Staff was pointed at the Ice Python and five Frost Arrows appeared with much faster speed like bullets from a machine gun. All of them hit the Ice Python’s tail.

“Icicle Barrage!”

“Frost Bullet!”

All the Water Element magic used by Qin Ruo immediately hit the trapped target. The poor Ice Python, which was restrained could not see the person who was attacking it. What it could do was anxiously writhe and struggle, trying to break free from this trap. However, its body was stuck in the narrow passage and Frostramparts. It could not use its power at all. Thus, it was impossible for it to avoid being attacked. All of a sudden, its HP dropped below 2,000.

At this time, Qin Ruo’s MP was about to be depleted completely. He forcibly resisted the ache in his heart and drank a bottle MP Potion (M) to restore his MP. Then, he launched another round of more aggressive attacks. Finally, the 4,000 HP Ice Python died.

At the moment the system sent a notification about the death of Ice Python, Qin Ruo almost had a nervous breakdown.

Looking at the only remaining 14 MP, he exhaled in relief.

‘Luckily I did not waste the second bottle of MP Potion. If one Ice Python wasted 120 gold coins, I will probably start vomiting blood and have a mental breakdown! Just one bottle is great, fifteen Ice Pythons means fifteen bottles of MP Potion. That is unacceptable!’

After Qin Ruo removed the Frostramparts and collected the loot, he took a quick break there. Using an old method, he attracted the remaining fourteen Ice Pythons to the passage. This time, he did not use the four Frostramparts to trap the Ice Python. Instead, he used his Aquamorph and deceived the remaining thirteen Ice Pythons to return to their nest.

Just like this, there was one Ice Python less every few minutes. Perhaps these monsters had no brains or were muddled by too much sleep. They did not care whether their comrades had returned to the ice pillars, they just wound themselves around the ice pillars and hibernate, ignoring the “empty beds” next to them.

After grinding for more than forty minutes, the third part of the quest was completed.

Qin Ruo picked up a Tier 4 Mana Core from below the last Ice Python’s body and looked very happy.

‘Haha, I am rich! Slayer’s Heart was right. The higher the difficulty, the higher the drop rate. This is only the third part of the quest, the drop rate has reached 100%. In addition to the six Mana Cores, there are also six Violet Equipment and one of them is an Accessory!’

The high drop rate made Qin Ruo feel so happy.

After a good rest, he combined and consolidated his previous ideas then ran to the Snow Giant’s den…



The Snow Giants in the den almost simultaneously noticed the uninvited guest who appeared at the entrance of the cave. They turned heads around, let out a roar and immediately rushed toward Qin Ruo.

In Qin Ruo’s opinion, these two Snow Giants were much easier to deal with compared to the Ice Python. Therefore, he was not really nervous. When they came to him, he immediately retreated and backed off thirty meters into the passage. Then, he activated his Aquamorph and paid close attention to the teleportation portal in the Snow Giant’s den.

When they reached the entrance of the passage, they found themselves blocked. Their huge body could not fit to get in to attack Qin Ruo. They snarled at him with a stiff and cold tone. However, what depressed Qin Ruo was that his Aquamorph seemed to have no effect on them.

When Qin Ruo saw that nothing was happening at the teleportation portal, he knew that he needed to roughen them up a bit. Otherwise, the Wintry Vajra would not get the hint. So, he stopped treating them nicely and deactivated Aquamorph. After the cooldown of the skills ended, he instantly took one step forward.


On Frostsnow Island, the ground was full of ice cubes that he could take advantage of. As a result, he could cast the Tier 3 Frostburst any time he wanted. The Frostburst that happened next to the Snow Giants overwhelmed them. Although it deducted only 20 HP points, this still caused the two Snow Giants to go into rage mode as they roared and threw a snowball that came from nowhere…


Another Frostburst. Unfortunately for them, Qin Ruo had withdrawn from their effective attack range when he cast Frostburst. Besides, he also charged a Frostrampart in front of him, blocking the sputtered snowball.

Reactivating Aquamorph to enter the Water Element state, Qin Ruo caught an athletic human figure made up of ice block, running from the middle of the teleportation portal in the Snow Giant’s den toward his direction.

It was coming!

His heart contracted sharply. Without saying anything, he turned around and ran, ignoring the two Snow Giants that were screaming behind him. He rushed toward the Ice Python’s nest as fast as he could.

Even then, his Elemental Perception: Water showed that the fast-moving figure was using non-human speed to surpass the Snow Giants as it shouted at them to step aside before rushing into the passage.

This time, there were butterflies in Qin Ruo’s stomach. He did not expect the parent of the Snow Giant to run faster than rabbits.



Two consecutive elemental spells emerged.


In the loud explosion, the road was maliciously paved with ice fragments that could slow the Wintry Vajra. At the same time, in the middle of Qin Ruo’s back, a Frostrampart stuck out, blocking the view of Wintry Vajra to avoid the immediate attack from it.

He could feel the Wintry Vajra’s threatening and fierce momentum. Therefore, he did not dare pause. He gritted his teeth and took a bottle of violet attribute buff potion from his backpack. Without caring about its value and quality, he instantly gulped it down. At the same time, the Frostramparts continuously appeared from the ice wall behind him. On one hand, he could avoid being caught by the Wintry Vajra using AoE magic or single attack magic. On the other hand, these Frostramparts could create some obstacles for the Boss.

After drinking the Agility Potion crafted with the Grade 3 Herb Violetjade Fruit, Qin Ruo immediately felt himself becoming lighter. His speed rocketed as if he was equipped a Speed Gear. Before, it took about twenty seconds to run to the entrance. Now, he could reach it in ten seconds, leaving the Wintry Vajra far behind.

Qin Ruo was really happy but at the same time he felt sad.

Though he had finally succeeded in escaping and attracting the Wintry Vajra to the Ice Pythons’ nest with a complex terrain full with icicles, he was not sure whether he drank the 9-point Quality Agility Potion. If so, it was a big loss. Drinking it could cost thousands of gold coins!



The Wintry Vajra’s roar made Qin Ruo forget the value of Agility Potion and quickly dash into the Ice Formation.

Despite the rush, he did not forget to create some obstacles for the Wintry Vajra…

Wherever he went, thin and sharp icicles fell like rain drop from above him. He could hear the clear cracking sound from behind, these icicles broke into pieces in the complex Ice Pythons’ nest.

As soon as the Wintry Vajra ran into the Ice Pythons’ nest, there were at least thirty broken icicles in front of them. The sharp ice fragments and ice shards, all spread over the smooth mirrored ground like cold stars that twinkled in the sky.

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Chapter 140