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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 139

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 139


‘Why is it taking so long?’

Qin Ruo waited nervously. He thought that he could get some good suggestions from Slayer’s Heart and the others as soon as he gave an account of his problem. Even if they could not think of an idea, at least, he could share some of his problems with them. However, he did not expect them to stay quiet for so long.

He immediately became more depressed.

He could only assume that Slayer’s Heart and the others could not think of a good solution or that they had encountered something. Qin Ruo sighed helplessly and simply deactivated the Aquamorph. Then, he leaned on the ice cold wall of the passage to restore his MP through meditation.

To be honest, it was very thrilling along the way.

Since the battle against the Snow Wolf at the small blue lake, he had almost accidentally frozen himself in the lake. Then, he encountered Yetis at the snow path along the way and almost died too. Then, he reached the dangerous Ice Pythons’ nest… and now, the Snow Giant and the Wintry Vajra.

The quest was becoming more and more difficult. It was obvious that the difficulty of the quest was increasing to a whole new level towards the last stage. The Snow Wolves had the weakest individual strength, and were the least of a threat to him. Therefore, it was the easiest quest to complete.

Then, the Level 40 Yeti. Its individual strength was quite threatening. In a one versus one battle, he could still fight them, but when it came to twos, he would have no chance at all. By taking the advantage of the snow path, he astonishingly ended the second quest without lifting a finger.

Level 41 Ice Python, with extremely fast speed, and has both melee and long-ranged magic attacks, Qin Ruo surely would not stand a chance to win even if he fought it one-on-one, let alone the fifteen Ice Pythons in the nest. This was too difficult for Qin Ruo to handle.

Not to mention the Snow Giant and Wintry Vajra, from the accidental discovery of the warp portal, it was obviously a duo-quest, a trap set by the system! If it was not because of the fact that he had Aquamorph and Elemental Perception: Water, he would definitely have died when he rushed in without any preparation.

For this last section of the quest, even if he sent a whole team of Tier 3 elites, it was probably not enough.

He pondered for a while…


He had an epiphany.

Qin Ruo seemed to have figured out something. His hand rested his hand on the leg that was slightly bent, his eyebrows, raised. In his brain, he quickly played back his memory of what happened just now and the encounters along the way. He did not miss a single detail, even of the Wintry Vajra, Snow Giant’s den and the Ice Python’s nest. They repeatedly played in his mind… and finally!

Qin Ruo patted his head.

‘I am really a fool! ‘

In fact, it was not impossible to kill the Wintry Vajra and the Snow Giant, the key problem was the Ice Pythons.

As long as he could finish off the Ice Pythons, and then utilized the terrain of the hillside, then it was completely possible for him to divert the Wintry Vajra, and even the two Snow Giants to the Ice Pythons’ nest. The terrain of the Ice Python’s nest had a great hindrance effect on the huge monster.

‘If their speed is limited, I will surely gain control of the situation!

‘If the battle happens on the edge of the cliff, who will be the ultimate winner of this battle?


After he figured out all the segments, Qin Ruo burst out in laughter and slapped his thighs. Then he stood up.

‘The ridiculous thing is that I always thought that it is an impossible mission, haha! What is so difficult about the Advancement Quest? I am able to find a solution.’

In all the excitement, he quickly acknowledged them in the group chat, then he turned back and went to the Ice Pythons’ nest. Whether he could successfully complete the Advancement Quest or not all depended on the fifteen Ice Pythons.

The voice message from Qin Ruo made up Slayer’s Heart’s mind. He inhaled deeply and sighed.

“His future is probably brighter than we expected, let him choose for himself!” This time, the girls did not object. They silently nodded and continued grinding. If Qin Ruo could really pass the Seven Selective Advancement Quest, the plan to let him join the team was a waste of his talents.


Although Qin Ruo wanted to take advantage of the narrow passage and the Ice Pythons’ nest when he diverted the Wintry Vajra out of the Ice Mountain and deal with them on the snow path, he was at a loss on how he should slay the Ice Pythons.

Fifteen Ice Pythons, they were just like the fifteen snakes in front of children—very tricky. Entering the Ice Python’s nest and observing them for a long time, Qin Ruo finally gave up on the idea of utilizing the terrain of the nest and thought of the attribute buff potions in his backpack.

Advanced Vitality Potion and Intelligence Potion.

Using the Advanced Vitality Potion, he could raise 350 HP points to 450 HP points in thirty minutes. When he cast an Aquabarrier, he could support for a long time without replenishing his HP and prolong the combat time by reducing the need to pause during the battle to drink the potion.

He had two Intelligence Potions and both were of good quality. One could increase 16 Intelligence, which was equal to 16 Magic Attack and 8 Magic Defense. On the other hand, another one could provide 18 Intelligence. However, the increased Attack points of the Intelligence Potion had a little effect, therefore it was not wise to use it in the battle with the Ice Pythons.

‘Then I shall use the Vitality Potion.’

He decided to burn his bridges. He set the battlefield in the narrow passage linked to the Snow Giant’s den. By exploiting the narrow space of the passage, his aim was to create a safer combat condition for himself. When necessary, he would use the Aquamorph to save himself.

After he had arranged everything, Qin Ruo carefully returned to the small cave linked to below the Ice Python’s nest. He activated the Aquabarrier, Frostshield that served as the layers that were weakening the Water Elements. Then, without hesitating, he rushed to the entrance of Ice Pythons’ nest and created an ice wall…


The Frostrampart rose from the ground, before it could block the passage entrance, it exploded into fragments and scattered on the floor, as if it was hit by a giant hammer. Rubbing sounds immediately approached Qin Ruo.


‘That was intense!’

Without hesitating, Qin Ruo ran back to the narrow passage that was going downward. At the same time, he roared at the top of his lungs to shatter some ice. Since the Ice Python’s body was so smooth, he did not mind putting a few sharp ice fragments on the ground to welcome these snake friends.

In the loud rumbling sound, Qin Ruo got a notification that the Ice Pythons were hurt by the broken ice fragments. Although the damage inflicted was very low, he did not want to give up any chance to deal even a little damage to the Ice Pythons.

Without taking it lightly, he waved his Frostburst Staff continuously.

Frostramparts immediately appeared from the ice wall of the passage. Under Qin Ruo’s control, these Frostramparts jutted left and right. It formed a walkway that could only fit one Ice Python.

In less than two seconds, Qin Ruo could hear the rapid crawling sound of the Ice Pythons. At this moment, Qin Ruo created the fifth Frostrampart.


An icy glacier poured. Qin Ruo could immediately sense that the first Frostrampart in the front had collapsed. It was fortunate that the next Frostrampart was not destroyed since the Ice Pythons only had two types of physical attack. Its tail could help in a spacious place, but not in this narrow space. The only weapon left was its teeth. So it had used its teeth to bite?

After hearing the Ice Pythons approaching again, Qin Ruo suddenly laughed. As expected, an Ice Python had begun to follow the S-shaped route he had designed.

So now…


In an instant, Qin Ruo entered the water element state. It seemed that his whole body had completely integrated with the cold environment. Then, the Elemental Perception: Water appeared and he could ‘see’ that the first Ice Python and several other Ice Pythons behind, squeezing into the S-shape Frostramparts, suddenly stopped moving.

All of them were anxious and wondered why the only heat in the cold had suddenly vanished, they felt completely in the dark. They shook their heads, looking suspiciously at the Frostramparts in the passage. Then, they turned back and returned to the nest.

All the Ice Pythons had returned to the nest, except for the Ice Python which was stuck in the Frostramparts. And because the snake used its abdominal muscles to move, it could not move backward. Therefore, it could only choose to move forward. It had decided to move out of the Frostramparts and turn back.

However, as it was moving back into the Frostramparts, Qin Ruo, who had made sure that the other fourteen Ice Pythons had returned to their nest and were wrapped around the ice pillar, hibernating, he immediately made a decision…


A Frostrampart suddenly rose in front of the Ice Python. Three Frostramparts slanted and fitted together and blocked the Ice Python’s way back to the nest.

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Chapter 139