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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 138

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 138


“Ruo Ruo?”

“How is your situation over there?”

“Silence means death… Did you actually die?”

“Well, in fact, it is okay if you died. Don’t be sad. Anyway, there are a lot of people who failed their Tier 4 quest too. I heard that even the League Master of ‘King’s Return’ from Demon Faction died in the Advancement Quest before. It is not a big deal! How about we all reserve our time for you tomorrow, to grind the whole day? Hmm?”

“Rose, stop harassing the poor dude, maybe he is in battle.”

“How is that possible? There are all higher Tier 4 monsters … Alas, poor little Ruo Ruo, he doesn’t even have a Tier 4 defensive barrier. How is it possible to pass? It is better for him to die as fast as possible and come out to accompany us.”


The Burning Rose’s lofty speech rang in Qin Ruo’s ears. Although he tried to ignore it, he felt his blood boiling.

‘Ah, what a good sister, I have not given up yet, but she… she seems to be looking forward to my death just to get out immediately! What the f*ck?’ Qin Ruo thought to himself.

‘Although Burning Rose is very bored and wants to find a person to talk with, it is not the right time for me, since I am doing the Advancement Quest… How the heck will I have the spare time to chat with her? Besides, even if she wanted to talk… can she just pick another time and not at this crucial moment? Oh, my dear sister!

‘More than ten Ice Pythons are hibernating at this silent icicle. I will try my best to ensure that no sound is made. I won’t even have to say anything, even when I just open my mouth and vibrate my vocal folds, the sound that I made will probably sound like a thunder roar for these Ice Pythons! Well, I haven’t lived enough! I can’t mess it up!’

Choking back the refutation of Burning Rose’s speech, Qin Ruo calmed down again. He carefully looked around the hillside, which was the nest of the Ice Python, checking to see if he had missed anything or not.

The Ice Python’s nest was neither big nor small. Its length and width were close to eighty meters. The surface was so flat and smooth like a mirror. Surrounding Qin Ruo were ice pillars that were roughly a man’s height. They were packed extremely close to each other and extended to the slightly dark passage entrance on the opposite end… On the top of the nest were icicle with tips as sharp as blades, hanging down in different length. Yet, such an unusual beautiful scenery made Qin Ruo, who was under them, feel that his head filled with the many ice prickles or like thousands of steel knives were placed on his neck. They might come down any time!

What made Qin Ruo feel the impending sense of danger were the fifteen ice pillars that were one meter in diameter and connected the top and bottom of the nest. On every ice pillar was a more than ten-meter-long white giant python. Those were the Level 41 Ice Pythons.

Although they were only one level higher than the Yetis, in Qin Ruo’s eyes, these Ice Pythons with smooth bodies and hibernating on the ice pillars were much of a bigger threat than the Yetis.

HP wise, they had over 4,000 HP, and the Magic Defense was 70~75 points. In addition to their own resistance to water damage, Qin Ruo’s most powerful single attack magic Frostlance could hardly deal any significant damage to them.

The real problem was the speed of the Ice Python. It was said that some Boss’s speed were not as fast as the Ice Python. In this environment, it was difficult for Qin Ruo to imagine anyone who could stand strong when facing the attack of the Ice Python.

This was also the reason why Qin Ruo had decided to use the Aquamorph. Fifteen Level 41 Ice Pythons in the nest were absolutely advantageous to the Ice Pythons. Yet it was impossible to lure them out to the snow path located hundred and fifty meters away. Therefore, Qin Ruo could only take this risk.

Quietly passing between the Ice Pythons and the ice pillars, Qin Ruo turned around and looked at the small passage that could only allow two Ice Pythons through. He stared at the 15 ice pillar with the Ice Pythons coiling around them. He thought he was ready but alas, he did not have the courage to disturb these horrible sleeping monsters.

Using the Elemental Perception: Water to check the details of the passage, Qin Ruo quickly discovered that it was a small cave that was connected to two passages, one that went up and one that went down.

Qin Ruo instantly realized that these two passages should be linked to the Snow Giant and the Wintry Vajra’s den respectively…


After he carefully examined the upper passage, he chose the passage that went down. The passage to the upper floor led to the Tier 4 Miniboss Wintry Vajra. As he was not keen to seek death, he decided to annihilate the easy monsters first, then he would… observe the Wintry Vajra…

In the worst case scenario, he would give up on this quest and try the other islands for treasure hunting. Perhaps the other six islands might have some good loots, and he must not let this opportunity go.

The passage to the lower floor was not spacious, only about three meters wide and high.

An idea flashed across Qin Ruo’s mind. He immediately thought of the size of the Snow Giant…

“Hehe, nice terrain! If I can block the Snow Giants outside, I can slowly kill them despite the low damage deal.”

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, there was faint tremor on the ground, as if something heavy was moving slowly, but it was not headed towards Qin Ruo’s direction.

Qin Ruo was anxious as he sped up a little. Two five-meter-high Snow Giants and their dens gradually came into his vision.

It was a very simple den.

It was much larger than the Ice Pythons’ nest; more than 120 meters. At the center of the den was a huge icy platform that looked like an altar. When he looked closer, the upper end of the smooth and flat surface was engraved with a delicate hexagram pattern, and he could clearly see the magic lines.

“Damn it! Is that a warp portal?”

With a beat of his heart, he felt his heart sink.

“Oh no. It can’t be a coincidence!”

He was very puzzled. With such a huge physique, how was it possible for the Snow Giant to pass through the only entrance that was too small for it? Was it not a little too absurd to think that the Snow Giant stayed since it was born? The most dangerous thing was that the road to the Wintry Vajra was much more spacious than this road, but the Wintry Vajra was smaller than the Snow Giant.

Piecing everything together, Qin Ruo inhaled sharply.

“If the warp portal here is real… this means that the Wintry Vajra would be involved in the Snow Giant’s battle! When I am dealing with the Wintry Vajra, there is a great chance that the Snow Giant will be summoned by the Wintry Vajra! The last two difficult quests are actually done together!”

Qin Ruo rolled his eyes and almost passed out as two Snow Giants were already very difficult to deal with, but now there was also a Tier 4 Miniboss that was almost too strong for him… Even if he ran into the passage, he could not get rid of Wintry Vajra! Qin Ruo cursed loudly.

“F*ck this. F*ck the developers! Do they want the players to die so badly?!”


“Hey, still keeping radio silence? Are you done playing dead?”

While Burning Rose laughed and gloated, Qin Ruo speechlessly sat on the floor of the passage and started to snivel, telling the tales of his tragic experience on Frostsnow Island to Slayer’s Heart and the few girls.

The team channel suddenly became completely quiet. Even Burning Rose, who was very talkative, was silent. The five people, who were training in Aricus Underground Ruins, were shocked.

As a veteran player of H&G, Slayer’s Heart and the others had more experience than Qin Ruo. Besides, they were also more aware of their abilities when they were in Tier 3 and their Tier 4 Advancement Quest’s difficulty. They sighed when they imagined Qin Ruo killing fifty Snow Wolfs and thirty Yetis. They could fully understand his hardship. Especially when the monsters rolled off the cliff, Slayer’s Heart unconsciously tensed up and almost killed one of the Gorefiend Spider a little too early.

After they obliterated the Gorefiend Spiders, Slayer’s Heart did not immediately reply, nor did he run out to collect the loot. He just sat back in the cave with enthusiasm, his eyes on the four girls, without knowing what he was thinking about.

The four girls silently looked at Slayer’s Heart. They could see the excitement in his eyes, but with more confusion.

“Little Ruo has great potential.”

Violet Orchid tried to break the ice.

Slayer’s Heart looked at her, closed his eyed and replied calmly, “I know.”

“Then why are we still hesitating? If Ruo Ruo joins us, then we are a complete team! We need to prepare for when he reaches Tier 4!”

Different from her usual relaxed character, Burning Rose was very serious.

“Indeed, I think that this is a very good opportunity, too. For us and for him.”

Little Arrow and Little Apple, who did not give opinions often, also interjected, “Let’s do it. Staying here every day gives me nightmares when I sleep.”

Slayer’s Heart was conflicted. He waved his hand, undecided.

“I will consider it. I think we shall discuss this and give some advice to Qin Ruo, and help him get through this hardship first.”

As soon as Slayer’s Heart was done talking, a few girls were suddenly worried.

Consider it? Qin Ruo had already shown his amazing skills and abilities despite not advancing to Tier 4 yet. Once he reached Tier 4, he might even be a star. He would be a beacon and the other Clans and Leagues would swarm to him like moths.

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Chapter 138