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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 137

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 137


Qin Ruo’s precaution took some time. As a consequence, the two Yetis frequently looked back and gradually had a feeling of impending doom. The magic wave was getting clearer and longer since it had been used so often over time.

Finally, when an excessive magic wave appeared, the two Yetis both turned at the same time, their fierce eyes were very alert as they stared at the direction where the magic wave came from.

Swaying their strong and big arms, a huge snowball suddenly appeared in the palms of the Yetis. They both grabbed them and faced toward the same direction. However, they did not throw the snowball immediately as they were not sure what “thing” was in the area.

Until the faint magic wave reappeared again, the two Yetis bared their teeth menacingly, and roared anxiously in a low and deep voice.

There was nothing in that area, but the magic wave was indeed there. Without any hesitation, the two Yetis grabbed the snowballs, lifted their legs and headed toward Qin Ruo.

Shreck! Shreck!

Their powerful claws sunk in the ice under their feet, making an extremely loud and harsh cracking sound. Even so, the two Yetis’ bodies swayed and felt like they were sliding outwards.

This made them deeply shocked.

They subconsciously dropped the snowballs in their hands and quickly adjusted their position. The sharp claws of the foot once again dug into the ice, then they gradually stabilize themselves from the sudden strange unsteadiness. However, the slope under their feet still made them a little tilted.

After living on the snow mountain for so many years, it was the first time that the Yetis had encountered such a situation. For a long time, they had forgotten to stay alert for any suspicious enemy.

With a quick glance, they realized that something was wrong.

The ice path behind them was more than ten centimeters higher than before. Besides, it was like a slippery slope with the highest inner part of thirty centimeters. The height decreased further away from the center. The surface of the ice path was totally smooth and flat. It was completely different from the usual concave ice path.

No matter how smart these Yetis were, they were still beasts. It was impossible for them to immediately understand that the ice path had been tampered by someone when they were not paying attention.




Two loud explosions! The inner ice wall suddenly blew up, leaving two huge pits without any warnings. The ice and snow that exploded instantly engulfed the two Yetis, which heads were bowed when checking the ice path. That had produced a shock wave that pushed the Yetis out.

On regular occasions, this would not deal much damage on these Yetis, but the problem was that these Yetis had lost their center of gravity as they felt like they were constantly slanting outward.

With the effect of the impulse force, the two Yetis reacted impulsively and were pushed by the impact of the two ice explosions to the edge of the cliff.

To play it safe, Qin Ruo certainly did not let go of this opportunity. He waited for the moment of the ice explosion, and a Frostrampart came out on time from the snow mountain’s wall behind the two Yetis. Gently touching the back of the two Yetis which were then pushed over the edge of the cliff and lost their footings.

The movement created by Qin Ruo to push the two Yetis down the cliff… was it possible to not to alarm the other Yetis in front? Of course not! The moment the two Yetis fell to their demise, they roared, causing four other Yetis to turn around and rush towards Qin Ruo. They locked their eyes on Qin Ruo who was revealed because he cast a Tier 3 Frostburst.

For the Yetis who were on the far opposite side, Qin Ruo did not dare to ignore them even for a moment. He caught their eyes and knew very well that it was not possible for him to overrun the agile Yetis. The moment the two Yetis fell from the cliff, he maintained the ice path that he had made. He just silently stood there, nervously targeting the two Yetis which had stepped onto the ice path.

At present, the distance between Qin Ruo and the ice path was the furthest possible effective long-range attack distance. In order to attack Qin Ruo, they must stand on the ice path, therefore…

Shreck! Shreck!

The two impatient Yetis jumped on the slippery ice path. As expected, not giving them a chance to create the snowball, they landed unsteadily. They had a strong tendency to fall. What surprised Qin Ruo was that the two Yetis were slipping down faster than the previous two.

The most unexpected thing was that the jumping momentum of the Yeti on the outer side was too aggressive and as a result it immediately lost its footings. Its sharp claws grabbed desperately at emptiness, and then, with a bang, it tumbled down the steep ice path. Its two claws left ten deep scratches on the ice path, then it fell to the bottom of the cliff.

The scenario that played out surprised Qin Ruo.

“This is incredible! I did not do anything at all… Really? Well, this Yeti was too impatient and too careless! How can you run so fast in such a dangerous place?”

‘Tsk tsk…’

In the moment of unscrupulous gloating, Qin Ruo was suddenly inspired and motivated. After the third Yeti fell off the cliff, another Frostrampart appeared from the ice wall, lending a “helping hand” to another Yeti. It was just a gentle touch, and that gave the Yeti some courage to “jump off the cliff”.

With grievous roars coming from the bottom of the cliff, the fourth Yeti finally followed its first three brothers’ footsteps.

The fifth and sixth Yetis also displayed a good example for one word: Impatient!

Despite the fact that were several Yetis had fallen from the cliff, they still continued to rush at him, “displaying” a very difficult stunt, and were easily “pushed” off the cliff by Qin Ruo, falling to their deaths with regretful and frightened howls.

Now, the system had finally notified about the first two Yetis that fell.

The Yeti was killed…

* *

The Yeti was killed… The remaining number of Yeti is 28.

After two seconds, the third system notification, and then the fourth… Two more seconds later… All the six Yetis that fell off the cliff were officially dead. The remaining number of Yeti was twenty-four.

Killing six Yetis with no consumption of single MP Potion at all.

However, the most crucial thing was that Qin Ruo did obtain a very important information. The impatient characteristic of the Yeti had become its most deadly weakness here.

After his MP was fully recovered, he gave up using his Frostburst, and directly created the ice path and Frostrampart. After a few rounds of killing, he managed to push the remaining Yetis to their deaths.

Once the system notification popped up, saying that he had completed the second round of the quest, Qin Ruo dashed right down the Snowpeak. These thirty Yetis were also a part of the quest, they would certainly drop some items that were better than the pack of Snow Wolves. He simply could not let this pass.

When he was halfway through, Qin Ruo caught sight of a few Violet and Blue Equipment along with two Mana Cores scattered on the snowy road halfway up the mountain…

“Oh my god, one would fall to his death from here!” Qin Ruo looked up at zigzag snowy road above the snow mountain speechlessly, then he silently sighed to himself. He quickly collected the equipment scattered on the ground. Although the number of the loots were far lesser than the drops of the fifty Snow Wolves, the Tier 4 and Tier 3 Violet Equipment were completely two different levels…

Just like the Tier 4 Mana Core and Tier 3 Mana Core, the former was worth several times more compared to the latter.

After picking up all the loot, he continued on his journey.


Qin Ruo vaguely learned some tricks after completing the quest of Snow Wolves and the Yetis.

The narrow passage of the Snow Wolf Valley, the blue small lake and the cliff outside the snowy road.

All these places had obvious terrain’s superiority that he could take advantage of. Perhaps the inhabited place of the Ice Python also held some surprises for Qin Ruo… If the fight happened on this ice road again, Qin Ruo was absolutely confident in completing the third quest without taking any damage.

However, when Qin Ruo, who was was filled with faith and hope, was halfway up Snowpeak, which was also the end of Snowpeak, a cave covered with white snow and ice was there.

At first glance, it looked like a monster with a big mouth, wide open, with an extremely fierce face, like it would swallow the only outsider on the Frostsnow Island.

Seeing that the battle location with the Ice Python was not a snowy road near the cliff, but a strange field that he had never entered, Qin Ruo stopped and activated the Aquamorph to scout inside the cave. It was a huge and complex cave with jagged rocks. The inside was also very bright and had a lot of sharp icicles, just like a monster’s lair in the movies.

After Qin Ruo was sure that there was no monster within a hundred meters radius, he suddenly felt worried.

‘It is too far away. It seems like my plan to utilize the ice road to complete the third quest… is totally ruined!’

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Chapter 137