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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 136

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 136


Looking down from about a hundred meters above ground was like looking at the ground from the edge of a balcony on the tenth floor of a tall building. That suffocating feeling made people think about how small a person was, that feeling of danger that one could potentially fall to death.

However, Qin Ruo had to endure that unprecedented feeling of dizziness and panic. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and held it. He remained quiet as he lied on the surface of a Frostrampart was horizontally poking out of the snowy mountain’s peak. He did not dare to move, not even a little, nor did he dare to breathe too heavily.

The one end of the shiny and smooth Frostrampart was embedded deep in the ice wall on the snowy mountain. The other end of the Frostrampart that was out in the open looked like a small artificial platform. It was fortunate that the Frostrampart was thick enough to hold Qin Ruo’s weight as he was actually heavy enough to break the Frostrampart.

But then again, Qin Ruo still doubted his safety being on a Frostrampart—the Frostrampart was too smooth and slippery. He was overwhelmed by the illusion that he did not have a grip on the Frostrampart, feeling like he would slide off the Frostrampart. Even though he knew better than anyone that he had already activated his Aquamorph and that his body was firmly secured on the Frostrampart, he was unable to calm himself down… He just could not feel secure in this situation.

If it was not because of the two giant Yetis that were still on the snowy pathway pacing near him, Qin Ruo would have been forced to create an ice stairs to climb back onto the cliff and get himself out of this godforsaken cliff and these overhanging rocks, no matter how much MP he was going to spend.

Fortunately for him, the Yetis had seen Qin Ruo smashed and knocked off the snowy pathway by the Snowball and falling off the cliff with their own eyes. They did not expect the adventurer, who attempted to trespass the snowy mountain, to still be alive. They did not even think about the possibility that Qin Ruo could still react quickly to that sort of situation and save himself.

The two Yetis stood at the same spot. After confirming that the Elemental Magic that had faded away would stay gone, they turned around, shook their heads and butts before returning to their former guarding spots.

Qin Ruo was only able to let out a breath of relief when the Yetis have returned to their initial spots. After that, he only risked falling off the cliff and started crawling up the cold and frozen cliff walls, and back onto the snowy pathway.

Sitting down on the inner side of the snowy path, Qin Ruo felt a chill on his back. Now he was able to recall the perilous situation he was in a while ago. He started breathing heavily and swallowing his saliva. He was even more thrilled and terrified than he was before this.

‘Screw this… I was so close to becoming the first player in this game to fall to his death…’


After going through an ordeal trying to calm himself down, Qin Ruo once again felt dispirited and troubled.

It was frustrating to think that all three of his well-thought-out plan had failed. Even his first encounter with the Yetis had gotten himself thrown off the cliff as wolf fodder. That was just embarrassing!

But at the same time, Qin Ruo had acquired a deeper understanding of the Yetis. Unlike the monsters he usually encountered, the Yetis seemed to have higher intelligence. Their intelligence was almost like that of a Miniboss. They seemed to have a deeper understanding of Elementalists as well. A normal monster was definitely incapable of such an advance control in its attack—from a normal attack to a Frostburst, and from Frostburst to blocking Qin Ruo’s escape route with ice shards.

On top of that, the physique of the Yeti unreasonably powerful. The exploded Frostrampart that he had planned thoroughly, the impact of that explosion actually did not stop the two Yetis. The amount of damage caused by that impact was completely negligible.

Looking at the imposing behavior by the Yetis, Qin Ruo was a little speechless about this segment of his entire quest—many of his plans were useless in such an environment. Furthermore, he was facing Tier 4 Water-elemental monsters, so some of his battle strategies required him to spend a huge amount of MP and might not even be effective.

Leaning against the ice wall, he felt hopeless, he let his vision drift into the distance, slowly mesmerized by the scenery of the touristy body of water. Soon, he moved looked away and around the few islands in the distance. He then thought to himself, had he not chosen to come to the Frostsnow Island… if he had chosen the other islands, what would he encounter then? Would it also be as insane as this one?


Qin Ruo’s mind drifted away and he gradually forgot about the Yetis’s quest. His frustration was also fading away as his mood alleviated. He was more cheerful now. In the end, Qin Ruo came up with a strange thought.

“I wonder if I can go to take a look at the other islands…”

The moment he had that thought, Qin Ruo felt his heart suddenly beating really fast. His mind suddenly became active and he started to think further.

Would the other islands have monsters of different types? Would the other islands be the same as this one where the drop rate was extremely high? Would there be better resources that he could use?

Finally, out of bravery, he finally made up his mind. Why not leave the snowy mountain and head over to the other islands to take a look?

Qin Ruo’s eyes instantly widened at the thought of it. He was all fired up. But he quickly scratched that thought and pondered. He could defeat the first fifty Snow Wolf because his skills Aquamorph and Elemental Perception: Water were aligned with the environment, giving the skills a significant boost.

If Qin Ruo had encountered that many wolves in another environment, would he had been able to accomplish the same result that easily? Before he could even activate the twelfth Frostrampart of his Twelve Frostrampart Formation, he would have already ended inside the wolf’s stomach. Not to mention that even if he really went over to the other islands to take a look, he should first make sure that he could no longer continue with the quest or he would only end up wasting his time.

After that thought, Qin Ruo was surer about what he should do. He turned around and returned his focus to the quest. He recalled every single movement that the Yetis made back in the previous battle. A flash of inspiration crossed Qin Ruo’s mind. Just as he was blasted out of the snowy path and rolled over to the cliff, he had used his water skills and Aquamorph. That time, the Yetis were no longer responsive towards his presence.

It was important to note that he was only less than thirty meters away from the Yeti on the small platform. From that distance, even if the monsters did not use their eyes, they would still sense the presence of an intruder as long as the intruder was stupid enough to make noise.

They would, naturally… if the Yetis were as sensitive as the monstrous Centipedes back at the Stygianlock Centipede Cavern…

That would explain everything!

“Could it really be like that?”

After giving it some thoughts, Qin Ruo got excited. He stood up straight like a pole and took a quick glance at his MP which was fully recovered. Then, he quickly activated his Aquamorph and entered the state of Elemental Perception: Water!


Approaching a Yeti without any precautions and defensive actions was definitely very risky. But after taking a moment to explore that risk, Qin Ruo had himself strangely excited and motivated.

Peeking out, he saw that the two Yetis were completely unaware of his presence. They seemed blind despite their wide-opened eyes. They seemed very bored, restlessly scratching their bodies here and there with their thick and strong limbs.

After calming down a little, Qin Ruo tiptoed towards the Yetis, holding in his breath as he moved closer.

Taking a risk…

Definitely a move filled with risk…

The distance between the two Yetis and him was getting smaller. Qin Ruo could clearly hear his own heartbeat. He could also even feel the warm air exhaled by the Yetis.

While he was on his way to the Yetis, not even the slightest trace appeared on the surface of the snowy pathway, nor was there even a single sound.

After cautiously moving forward to avoid alarming the Yetis for a while, Qin Ruo braved himself and started to increase his speed. He got himself through the rows of Yetis in the middle. In less than one minute, he had already left all thirty Yetis behind him and moved forward.

After running far into the distance, Qin Ruo only used another two minutes to restore his MP. After that, Qin Ruo got back into his Elemental Perception: Water state as he accessed the Yetis behind him.

When he got into a different position, landscape, and viewing angle, after getting himself behind of the Yetis, he was looking at the Yetis from a higher ground now. He not only no longer felt threatened, his range of vision had also become much wider than before. Qin Ruo had calculated the distance between the corner of the ice wall and the two Yetis that were nearest to him. That distance had exceeded the furthest attack range by up to forty meters. In other words, Qin Ruo did not have to worry that the Yetis might launch giant snowballs at him. Of course, he did not have to worry that the snowballs would explode behind him.

There had been subtle changes in several aspects, which had given Qin Ruo some slight advantages. However, he was not arrogant enough to believe that he could turn the tide with so few advantages… He would need to plan again slowly and cautiously and make thorough calculations in order to pull off his plan. Qin Ruo calmed himself down as he kept his eyes on the ice wall, the snowy path, the Yetis, and also the area outside the cliff. His eyes continued to move around.


He remained in silence for several long minutes.

The last two Yetis suddenly sensed that there was a weak fluctuation of a magic wave from behind them. They cautiously turned around to take a quick glance only to find nothing.

After the two exchanged looks, the two Yetis let out a deep and ominous roar and turned back to their front. Not only the snowy mountain was the territory of the Yetis, it was also the nest of the Ice Pythons. But then those giant snakes would not dare to get onto the snow pathway. The Yetis might not be a match to the pythons on flatlands, but on the snow pathway, the Yetis could blast the Ice Pythons off the cliff and send them falling to their deaths with a simple snowball attack.

The two prideful Yetis did not notice that the snow pathway behind them was already slowly and quietly going through some changes.

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Chapter 136