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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 134

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 134


Scarlet Bauhinia’s Keen Sense
Moonrise City

One of the magnificent cities under the jurisdiction of the Angel Faction.

It was also one of the important gateways on the juncture between the Sacred Continent and the Devil’s Continent.

In that magnificent city were high-tier players, exchanging equipment and information with each other every day. There were also many decently armed players forming teams and parties to march to the juncture border between the continents, the Mythical Battlefield.

Players who marched to the Mythical Battlefield would most probably aim for Battle Points. When they had achieved enough kills, they would be able to accumulate certain points for the organization (Squad or Clan) they belonged to. That could also allow members without an organization to acquire the qualification of forming a squad. It could also allow parties with less than 500 members to acquire the Clan Quest by the main city as they could then find their own Clans after they have completed the quest.

However, most of them were members of the elite parties of some large-scale Clans and elite players. Furthermore, these members of those Clans and Clan parties had also risen above the common ones as their performances are more outstanding than the others, even among many large-scale Clans. They had the battle power that was almost as powerful as the battle power of a League party, they might even match the League party’s battle power!

Their main goal was to acquire Honor Points!

Upon entering the Mythical Battlefield, the members of a Tier 4 Clan could collect Honor Points by killing high-tier Bosses, special monsters, or accomplishing some special quests. Of course, they could also collect Honor Points by killing players with Honor Points and strip them of their Glory.

The Honor Points carried great value in the game.

They might trigger some special hidden quests on the Mythical Battlefield by the NPCs in cities. Other than that, Honor Points could be used to nullify the Infamy Points—killing one player would reduce a certain amount of Honor Points to prevent the player who killed the other player from getting listed as a wanted player. But, the most important thing was still the player’s contribution to their Clans.

For a Clan, the higher the amount of Honor points the members of the Clan accumulated, the greater the prestige of the Clan. The Clan could also get themselves listed at the top of the Leaderboard of the Mythical Continent. Moreover, when the accumulated amount of Honor Points have reached over a million points, the players would be eligible for the application of founding a League.


The strongest and most prestigious organization in the entire H&G. A League was the force that millions of players look up to.

In H&G, every ambitious Clan Leader hoped that the Clan they built would eventually become a reputable League Clan someday.

That was also the reason why many large-scale Clans were constantly sending their own parties to the Mythical Battlefield to earn Honor Points. They were the ones who have the best chance to collect Honor Points from the Mythical Battlefield. Of course, that would also be the most delicious prey for the parties under the Demon Faction from the Devil’s Continent.

The people of the Demon Faction were definitely not going to sit back and watch the Angel Faction form a fourth League, just as how the Angel Faction would not want to see the formation of the fifth League in the Demon Faction.

Currently, the Angel Faction and the Demon Faction were still able to maintain the balance on the Mythical Battlefield. It was not possible for one side to suppress the other side yet. But the appearance of an eighth League would possibly break that balance on the battlefield.

In the regard of strength, the fifteen League Clans of the Angel Faction (one league and five Clans) were slightly stronger. But the Demon Faction already had four huge Leagues. Their overall strength was beyond the overall strength of the Angel Faction by a whole notch. However, it did not matter if an “eighth League” was formed in the Angel Faction or the Demon Faction, there would be a huge probability that the additional new League would cause the balance on the Mythical Battlefield to break, repeating the tragedy that happened back when the seventh League was formed on the Mythical Battlefield.

Once the border was reported to be in a crucial state, all members of the League Clans must fully commit themselves to the cause on the Mythical Battlefield. They must go all out against the opposing faction until the perilous situation had passed. If the members of the Leagues were not there when they were urgently needed, their Honor Points would be stripped from them. They would also face the danger of having their membership in the League Clans canceled. When accidents kept happening at the border, all Leagues would be dissolved right away.

That was a situation that all League Clans wanted to avoid.

The commander of Bauhinia League, Scarlet Bauhinia, spent many days on the Mythical Battlefield every week. Other than gathering information from all large-scale Clans across the Mythical Continent, and slaughtering some elite Clan parties in the Demon Faction, he would also be grinding his level and farming for precious items. From there, he would also discover players with potential and strength on the Mythical Battlefield and recruit them and prepare them to be members of the League.

Even though the Bauhinia Clan claimed to have 50,000 champions, how did so many professional and skillful players serve the Bauhinia Clan?

The strength of many members of the League was almost equal to the strength of normal players. They were most probably slightly stronger than normal Tier 4 players. But recruiting them to build an elite party would create something far better than that. Therefore, the constant changing of fresh blood for the League and recruiting more elites and champions had become the most important mission of Scarlet Bauhinia. Because he had a hunch that the Mythical Battlefield seemed to have been quiet for quite a long period of time now. Both sides were currently building their strength and recruiting manpower. It was difficult to predict when the battle would suddenly erupt.

The Bauhinia League was one of the three flags of the Angel Faction. If they did not set a good example on the battlefield, many other Leagues would gladly see them disappear even though the Bauhinia had four Tier 5 champions that were supremely powerful.


At that moment, Scarlet Bauhinia was just sitting on the most luxurious suite on the top floor of Moonrise City with several Field Commanders of the Bauhinia League and a few new members that they had just recruited. To be recruited by Scarlet Bauhinia himself proved that their strengths were pretty impressive.

Usually, Scarlet Bauhinia would use some means to personally pull the new members closer to him. He would then convince them to commit willingly to the League and serve the Clan.

But today…

Since he received a voice message from an old friend whom he had not met for a long time, Scarlet Bauhinia decided to pass the matter to the other Field Commanders to handle.

Sitting in the seat of honor, leaning on the back of his chair, he held a jade porcelain glass filled with brown spicy wine as he twiddled the stem of the glass gently. His eyes did not give away his thoughts. He did not participate in the heated conversation at the wine table.

The name Slayer’s Heart repeatedly appeared on his mind.

The first Field Commander of Bauhinia Clan, was also the best assistant who helped Scarlet Bauhinia in building the Clan for the first time. At the same time, Slayer’s Heart was also his closest comrade—a comrade he knew in the game. Scarlet Bauhinia had never forgotten that.

Although the ten Field Commanders of Bauhinia Clan were currently much more powerful than the current Slayer’s Heart in the current situation—the first Field Commander, these new Field Commanders were several times, or even ten times stronger than Slayer’s Heart. But when it came to feelings, no one could make Scarlet Bauhinia more worried about him.

Scarlet Bauhinia kept sighing again and again in his heart. His face was calm. He only took a gentle sip from his wine glass. With the stimulation of the spicy wine, he then thought about the questions in the voice message that Slayer’s Heart suddenly sent to him.

Although Slayer’s Heart sounded a little like he was talking nonsense, one of the topics he brought up had greatly shocked Scarlet Bauhinia—Selective Advancement Quest.

About that, he had been gathering information about it since half a month ago. He had asked several supremely powerful Tier 5 champions who were close to him and about ten Field Commanders in the league. He even asked some members of smaller Clans who created some strange Skills and battle techniques of their own. After asking all of them about their Advancement Quest, he got an extremely shocking information from them.

The Advancement Quest would be adjusted and assigned to the player based on their performance in the game and their battle abilities. Some of the players only received very normal Advancement Quests while some of them received extremely difficult Advancement Quests. Some players with extraordinary potentials seemed to have experienced the similar “Selective Advancement Quest” as he did.

So while Scarlet Bauhinia was adding new members to the Clan, he also took note of their Tier 4 Advancement Quests to determine the true potential of the players he was recruiting. As long as the players had experienced a Selective Advancement Quest, even if they were weak, he would sometimes consider recruiting them anyway.

Slayer’s Heart had asked an unexpected question today and caught the attention of Scarlet Bauhinia. Even though Slayer’s Heart was being extra cautious when he asked as he did not reveal the person who was doing the Selective Advancement Quest, nor did he expose any information about that person and the specific situation to Scarlet Bauhinia. That piqued Scarlet Bauhinia’s curiosity.

He wanted to send a voice message to Violet Orchid to ask whether Slayer’s Heart had discovered some very good seed. But the moment he thought about how Violet Orchid was treating him, which was similar to Slayer’s Heart’s attitude, Scarlet Bauhinia swiftly cast that notion away and started asking a few questions about the few members that Slayer’s Heart usually hung out with closely.

“Brother Slayer. He seemed gotten close to a little Tier 3 Aquamancer. They have been hanging about the Aricus Underground Ruins. I have forgotten his name though.”

“Tier 3 Aquamancer? Hang around him and guiding him at the Aricus Underground Ruins?”

“That’s right.”

“What is his strength like?”

“Not bad. Rumor has it that a Radiant Priest from Netherspirit’s Claw was defeated by him twice. The news seemed to be a hot topic on the forums, overshadowing the other topics at the moment.”

“Oh! Do you happen to know how they know each other then?”

“Uhm, I’m not so sure about that.”

“I see. Alright. Don’t worry. It’s nothing. Resume your work.”

“Yes, boss!”

After hanging up, Scarlet Bauhinia asked a few more people he knew to get more specific information about that Tier 3 Aquamancer who was with Slayer’s Heart. However, as he soon learned more about that Aquamancer, the doubts he had seemed to thicken even more. He rubbed his lips, a little surprised by what he learned. Slayer’s Heart’s little brother, Qin Ruo, seemed to only possess a very ordinary set of equipment and skills. The water net skill that he created on his own also looked very normal.

Was it possible that the Selective Advancement Quest that Slayer’s Heart asked about was for another person?

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Chapter 134