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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 129

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 129

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It is no wonder that so many parties from the large-scale Clan are swarming around Overlords like flies!”

“Tsk! Having such a great stuff spawning near these sorts of Bosses… who would not want it when they see it… even I feel like fighting for it now!”

Dinosaurcerer and Qin Ruo rested their hands on a piece of soft silver metal that was as soft as a liquid as they sensed the strange magic energy that radiated faintly. They instantly felt excited. They immediately felt excited. After Qin Ruo explained why, Dinosaurcerer was instantly overwhelmed by excitement as he felt overjoyed over the unexpected reward—if it were not because Brother Da and Little Kitten were accompanying the newcomer, Xiaoxiao to this spot to grind her level up, they would not have bumped into the Goblin King. They would not have been so lucky to acquire three pieces of extremely expensive and highly demanded Mithril.

Mithril was a great item after all.

Many Gold Equipment would require Mithril to be forged—fusing with another Grade 4 Steel Ore and a few types of Grade 5 Ores that were more commonly found to forge similar Gold-tier Equipment and Weapons.

Although there was a certain chance of failure in the Smithing process, this type of Gold Equipment forged on demand could swiftly equip a defined player and enhance the player’s strength. Furthermore, the attributes that were acquired from the equipment would not be worse than the attributes of the equipment that were acquired from monsters.

Other than that, as long as you possess sufficient strength, you could even fuse some Mana Cores with similar grade and attributes during the Smithing process in order to increase or enhance the attributes of the equipment (Random Rate is very high). You could also socket the equipment forged afterward. Gemstones that could increase the success rate of Smithing, and also high-grade Gemstones that could increase certain attributes.

The Gold Equipment that was acquired at the end of the Smithing process would normally be an intermediate-tier or high-tier Gold Equipment, sometimes it could even be of the best quality. That was the reason why Miners had an endless source of luck and never got tired of their work. If any one of the Miners obtained such a high-grade Ore someday, his or her efforts over a few months would be all be worth it.

“Brother Da, do we have any Advanced Blacksmiths in our company?” Qin Ruo suddenly frowned and asked Brother Da, who was next to him.

From his own knowledge, Smithing was a Profession that could bring tremendous wealth, but was a very expensive one at the same time. Even a very extraordinary large-scale clan could not afford to hire too many Advanced Blacksmiths. Qin Ruo asked Brother Da because Brother Da knew the employees in the company better than Dinosaurcerer did. He had also contributed quite a lot in picking members for the formation and the lineup of the six parties.

Brother Da shrugged and said, “It is true that we have more than twenty Miners in our company. But none of them have forged an equipment before. Do you really expected that they could forge a few pieces of Gold equipment for us? Hehe… That’s not possible.”

After hearing Brother Da’s comment, Dinosaurcerer sighed. “Without an Advanced Blacksmith, it is no use if we kept the Mithrils … never mind. We can still sell one piece of Mithril for more than 8,000 gold coins. It is actually not bad to earn over 20,000 gold coins.”

“Sell them?”

Qin Ruo shook his head and said, “That is not worth it! One piece of Mithril can be used three times in three different Smithing process. If we could just gather three more pieces of Grade 4 Ore and some Grade 5 raw materials, we will have nine attempts to forge a Gold Equipment—nine chances to be exact. That is much faster than farming equipment from a Boss!”

“That’s right, nine chances… no matter what, we should be able to get at least four or five successful attempts. We can make a full set of Gold Equipment for one person. If we are lucky enough, we might even make a weapon successfully.” Brother Da nodded in agreement. “With a champion on our side, we should be able to boost our morale during our operations in the future.”

Dinosaurcerer was also convinced that it was more reasonable not to sell the Mithril Ores. But then again, they had two problems now. The first problem would be finding an Advanced Blacksmith, and the second would be purchasing raw materials. Other than obtaining the steel Mining Ores required for Smithing, they would also need some high-grade Mana Cores. In that sense they could ensure that the equipment they made would be of value.

After some thoughts, Dinosaurcerer asked, “Do you guys have any idea?”

“Let’s ask everyone and see who knows an Advanced Blacksmith, shall we? Grade 4 Mithril could greatly increase a person’s Smithing skill. If we could gather all the required raw materials, many Advanced Blacksmiths would be willing to forge the Gold equipment for us for free.” Qin Ruo had acquired some inspiration from Black Marketer when he came up with that idea.

The eyes of the comrades around widened in astonishment as they said, “That’s a great idea!”

At that time, the colleague who dug out the Mithril from the corner of the mines had also heard the conversation as he came closer to them. “Qin Ruo was right. I can help asking around and find ourselves a high level Blacksmith. But you guys have to gather all the required raw material first.”

“I will handle the raw materials!”

The moment Dinosaurcerer heard that the problem had been solved, he instantly felt fired up and tapped his chest and volunteered to gather the raw materials required—he was the number one millionaire in Citadel after all. He came from a very good home background. It would make perfect sense that he was the best candidate to gather all the required raw materials.

They had to return to the city before they could specifically discuss what kind of equipment they would forge first and which comrade of theirs would be the one chosen one to be ‘molded’ into their new champion. That person must be able to take on the responsibility of handling important matters and issues of the entire Citadel. So they must not recklessly pick just anyone.

After the group returned to the city, they went straight to the appraisal shop to identify their loots.

They had identified one piece of Tier 3 Dark Gold Equipment and three pieces of Gold equipment. There were also two pieces of Grade 5 Tungsten Steel, one dual-elemental Mana Core, water and earth; and several Violet Equipment.

After they had identified the loots, Dinosaurcerer put the equipment onto the Shared Information column and shared the information of the equipment to everyone. He then turned around and looked at Qin Ruo looking a little regretful, “Too bad it is an Earth-type. Or else you could have used it.”

Qin Ruo smiled a little, not bothered by it at all. It was obvious that the Goblin King was an earth-type monster. It had never shown any ability to control water during the battle. So it made perfect sense that it did not drop any water-type equipment. There was no reason for him to feel disappointed.

But then again, there was in fact one piece of equipment among the Gold equipment where an Aquamancer could use.

Goblin King’s Ring

Gold Tier

Improves Water Elemental Magic Casting Speed by 5%. Increase Maximum HP by 100 points. Increases Intelligence by 4 Points.

Requires 70 Intelligence

Level Requirement: 35

Limited to Elementalist

That Tier 3 Ring was the best Gold Equipment there ever was. It was slightly inferior to the Dark Gold Equipment that could increase 10% Earth Elemental Damage, increase Stun by 10%, increase 5 Magic Attack and increase 5Magic Defense.

Needless to say, being the person who contributed the most in this operation and also an Aquamancer, that ring was given to Qin Ruo. As for Brother Da, there was nothing suitable among the loot for him. And do, they owed him a prize that he could claim in the next round.

The only thing that was harder to handle was Gold Digger Babe.

Gold Digger Babe was not one of the people in the company. She already joined a Clan earlier on. According to the rules, she was not able to claim any of the equipment they obtained from defeating the Boss. But that little brat had also contributed a lot in this operation. She had put a lot of effort. Other than that, her sister was Li Lanlan. So they could not just ignore her.

But the Goblin King did not drop anything that belonged to the Bandits besides two pieces of Tungsten Steel… Plus, this was also the first time the entire party had gone on an operation together, they did not carry any extra equipment for the Bandits either.

Just as Dinosaurcerer tried to find a solution, Gold Digger Babe who remained standing next to Qin Ruo looked at the Goblin King’s Ring and suddenly asked, “Brother Qin, what about the ring that I gave you? Why are you still wearing this Blue-tier ring?”


Qin Ruo was puzzled as he asked, “What ring?”

“Huh? I have sent it to you through the mail. A Violet-tier Ring. It increases 50 HP and 2 Intelligence. That one… are you kidding me?! You did not check your vault?”

Gold Digger Babe exclaimed loudly, a little disappointed. She stared at Qin Ruo innocently as she continued, “That’s a ring that my sister specially picked for you, you know…”

The few people around them were shocked.

50HP and 2 Intelligence? The attributes were not bad at all. That ring should cost approximately 1,000 to 2,000 gold coins. That sister was really treating Qin Ruo very well.

Qin Ruo felt awkward for a moment. He only remembered that he hearing the system notification that beeped before he went offline yesterday.

Oh crap. I have almost forgotten about that. So that notification was her sending something to my vault through mail. Why didn’t I notice it this morning?

He mentally slapped himself. That was really careless of him.

But what made Qin Ruo felt awkward the most was not the ring though. It was what this weird little demonic girl said at the end. What did she mean when she said that her sister had specially picked it out for him? That was definitely her own weird *ss idea. She must have taken the opportunity when her sister was offline and used her account to send the mail. This little brat had done it again, being a busybody.


“Let’s move.”

Qin Ruo shrugged and pulled the little brat as the two of them walked towards the vault.

After checking the bank, there was indeed a socketed Violet jade ring in his bank vault. He would have missed it if he did not pay attention—Violet Ring, the attributes of the ring was exactly what Gold Digger Babe said. A Tier 3 Ring. He could wear it right away.

Having to equip the Violet Ring and the Goblin King’s Ring at the same time, Qin Ruo instantly felt that the two Accessories he obtained gave him tremendous support and help—his HP was boosted from 520 HP to 670 HP. His own Magic Attack had also increased by 6 points, and his Magic Defense had increased by 3 points.


He currently had 670 HP and his Magic Attack had suddenly increased tremendously. Even if he had to fight with a Tier 3 Elite Boss alone, he could win.

“Little brat, thank you so much!”

“If you want to thank someone, thank my sister. Tomorrow is Saturday, why don’t you two set a time and go out for a meal? Hmm?” Looking at that little demonic brat’s eyes gleaming with excitement, Qin Ruo felt a strong sense of helplessness gushing up to his chest. Why was this little brat so stubborn?

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Chapter 129