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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 128

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 128

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

 The battle in the mines was unable to continue with Dinosaurcerer and a large group of people’s interference. When Qin Ruo and Brother Da looked at Dinosaurcerer and asked him, they only found out that he had purposely informed a few more parties to come here in separate groups in order to take down the Tier 2 Overlord to eliminate all possibilities should an unexpected situation arise. A group of them had straight away gathered at the entrance of the cave. They did not attract any unwanted attention.

However, having a total of six groups of people gushing into the mines had changed the entire momentum. The situation in the mines was swiftly under Dinosaurcerer’s control. They had even cleared out the Tier 2 Goblins within the cavern and they drove the remaining sixteen of their competitors into a corner to draw their circles with their fingers on the ground.

But then again, they were willing to cooperate because of what Qin Ruo said. After Qin Ruo and his gang had taken out the boss, the twelve Priests helped them resurrect their fallen comrades. Furthermore, Qin Ruo and his people also returned the equipment they dropped upon their deaths. Or else, even if the number of people on Qin Ruo’s side increased by twofold, the opponents might still be unwilling to let it go.

However, all thanks to the strength that Qin Ruo and Brother Da displayed earlier on and also the great number of players that Dinosaurcerer brought along—even a Tier 3 Aquamancer like Qin Ruo could take out many of their members easily. So they were convinced that they had a fair knowledge of the strength of that number of Tier 4 players combined!

Instead of offending such a powerful enemy and losing some levels and equipment, they should just forget their grievances against each other and pretend that the incident with the Goblin King never happened. Everyone should just go and do what they do.

After the situation was under control, the only thing left to be done was to take out the Goblin King.

“Warriors, attack!”

Dinosaurcerer cast aside his dispirited mood from yesterday and gave the order enthusiastically.

Twelve warriors immediately made their move. With the support of twelve Radiant Priest, they armed themselves with their own weapons as they charged at the Goblin King from all directions. Even though the cooperation between them seemed rather messy during that process, everyone had been together for a very long time. Their trust for each other ran deep. So even though there were little imperfections in the way they worked together, they were able to make it up and get their *sses to their designated positions as they took their turns to keep the Goblin King trapped.


With one command, thirty-six Elementalists cast their Barriers. Divided into four different batches, they first went into the attack range and cast their Tier 4 spells and began launching their assaults at the Boss.

The sounds of attacks lingered on as twelve players pinned down the Goblin King. The small Goblins that spawned in the surroundings from time to time, the Bandits, the Summoners, and the Bowmasters who were making their moves freely took out those monsters easily. Those Goblins did not affect the battle at all.

As the six parties of players worked hand in hand in taking the Boss down, in less than half a minute, the Goblin King’s HP bar had dropped to the bottom at the speed of 2,000 HP per second.

At the end of it, with a miserable growl, the golden body of the Goblin King collapsed to the ground.

Looking at how soon the Goblin King died under the suppressive offense of the parties, Qin Ruo sighed emotionally. He started to admire Dinosaurcerer.

Although Dinosaurcerer ended up failing in the previous two raids, his brainpower and his ability to command were impressive. In just a day, he had managed to gather the employees from Citadel and also succeeded in building the momentum and morale of an official party among his own people. Ordinary people were definitely not able to achieve this.

The thing that reassured and satisfied Qin Ruo the most was that, after the battle, even though the ground were filled with glittering pieces of loot, even though there was a piece of equipment that was gleaming with dark gold complexion, the twelve warriors did not pick them up at all. Everyone else stayed in their own spots and waited for the seniors in the company with good reputations to pick everything up.

The loot would all be brought back to the small town for appraisal first before allowing the elected seniors to distribute the loot among players, according to who needed them the most, or perhaps among the players who contributed the most during the operation.

Qin Ruo no longer concerned himself with all those details. He believed that Dinosaurcerer would come up with a complete and good system in sorting that out. Knowing that everyone was working in the same company, none of them would personally take possession of the spoils from the battle.

After the Priests had resurrected the fallen players of the other party, Qin Ruo informed Brother Da and Dinosaurcerer that he was leaving. He was already delayed for over twenty minutes here. Qin Ruo remembered that he still had to go to the Aquamancer Guild to receive his Tier Advancement Quest.

After Dinosaurcerer heard what he said, he draped his arm over Qin Ruo’s shoulder and asked, “What’s the hurry? A few more minutes here won’t matter much in progressing your tier, right? Come, give me some of your advice. What’s your thought on the formation of our parties?”

“What formation?”

Qin Ruo was stunned for a moment. Then Dinosaurcerer explained, “Two warriors and a Bowmaster. One Bandit and two Priests, four Elementalists!”

Being reminded of it, Qin Ruo finally recalled that the formations of all six parties that were involved in the operation were the same. The ratios of Classes on each formation of all parties were completely the same. Qin Ruo muttered to himself very softly then nodded and said, “Not bad! You have got it all covered. Is that the formation for normal leveling up or the formation for farming precious items?”

“Hehe!” Dinosaurcerer smiled mysteriously. “Both leveling and farming previous items!”


After seeing Qin Ruo dumbfounded, Dinosaurcerer quickly explained, “Don’t be so surprised. I have given it some thought. With our current strength, it would be extremely hard to fail even if we were just taking on a normal Tier 4 Boss. That is why I had purposely chosen some of the finest and most experienced members to form these six parties as our farming parties for our team. On ordinary days, everyone will follow this formation as they level up. The moment when we have a specific target, we will move out together! If it is necessary, then we can also consider bringing more parties with us…”

After hearing what Dinosaurcerer said, Qin Ruo suddenly remembered one thing. He interrupted Dinosaurcerer and said, “Wait a minute! Are you saying that… the members of these six parties have been fixed?”

“That’s right.”

Dinosaurcerer nodded then asked, “Is anything wrong about it?”

Qin Ruo furrowed his eyebrows and stared at Dinosaurcerer. Then he said, “If I am not mistaken, there are only twenty-four Radiant Priests in our company… Now that you have put twelve of them into these six parties, what about the other parties? There won’t be enough Radiant Priests to go around for the other parties. So how are they going to level up in the future?’

“Oh, about that, we have actually thought of it. During ordinary leveling times, we will try to make sure that there are always Radiant Priests in each party. We will only gather them when we have a raid.”

“That’s good.”

The moment Qin Ruo was done talking, he was ready to leave. However Brother Da suddenly interrupted and said, “Wait a minute, little Ruo. Don’t leave just yet! You have contributed the most in this operation. Based on the system we discussed, you get first pick if you find anything that is useful to you.”

Dinosaurcerer nodded in agreement.

Although Dinosaurcerer did not see the battle Qin Ruo, Brother Da, and Gold Digger Babe was part of in person, he could roughly guess the situation by looking at the battlefield and the dead bodies of the players. He knew that without Qin Ruo and Brother Da stalling for time, the Goblin King would have been snatched away by those bunch of people.

Quickly glancing at the Gold-tier Frostburst Staff Qin Ruo’s hand, Dinosaurcerer said, “I think you should wait a little longer. The Goblin King is a Water and Earth type Boss. There might be something that you might need among those equipment dropped by the Boss. If there are Tier 3 Equipment, perhaps it can also help you on your normal quests.” Qin Ruo was slightly moved.

Just as everyone had gathered all loot from the surroundings and was ready to head back, Qin Ruo suddenly recalled something.


In the ordinary course of events, since that the spawn points of the Tier 3 Skeleton King, the Gargantuan Demoncroc, and also the Tier 4 Stygianlock Centiking had Herbs nearby, there should be some sort of Herbs growing nearby this Tier 2 Overlord Goblin King, too.

“Everyone, look around and see if you can find any Herbs.” He was not sure if the players from the other party had already picked up the Herbs. Then again, knowing that the Herbs nearby an Overlord would also be at least Grade 5. That sort of Herbs cost more than a thousand gold coins. So there was no reason for them to miss and leave one behind.

Hearing that, more than sixty players immediately started to search for any Herbs in the mines. However, they could not find any at all.

Just as everyone thought that Qin Ruo was lying about the “military intelligence”, a surprised voice came from a corner not far from them.


“Any Advanced Miners around here? Come over here quickly!”

A group of people went over and surrounded that spot.

“What’s the matter? What did you find?”

“Looking at the complexion on this thing, it looks like a Mithril! There are several of them! Quickly! Who are Advanced Miners here? My level is not enough, I do not want to ruin them…”


Qin Ruo and the others felt a sense of unspeakable joy.

Mithril? That was actually some good stuff. A Grade 4 Steel Ore that could be used to forge the equipment and weapons of many Classes. Their value in the marketplace would definitely be very high! These things could be sold as an extremely hot item! (The price of a Grade 4 Steel Ore is much higher than the price of a Grade 4 Herb. Because the end products that were created from Herbs were all consumables whereas an Ore could forge weapons and equipment that were long lasting. Of course the price for one would be different).

One piece of 10-point Quality Mithril costs 8,000 gold coins. Even though that was the case, it would be almost impossible to buy them for the supply shortage of goods. Because throughout the entire region of the Goblin Mountain, only a very small number of Mithril spawned each day. The number of players who want to forge high-tier equipment was too many. The value of three pieces of Mithrils was as much as the cost of killing a Tier 4 Elite Boss.

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Chapter 128