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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 127

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 127

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hostile attack by “Hack You So What”, received 437 Damage. Activated Counter Stance against Hack You So What, 180 seconds duration.

The system notification startled Qin Ruo.

437 Damage. He only had a total of 520 HP! That was close!

F*ck your grandma’s titties! His calculation was wrong! Qin Ruo first thought that a normal Level 40 Berserker, even after activating Berserk mode, should deal between 180 Damage and 250 Damage Physical Attack of the AoE attack Thunderslash. The estimated pure damage value should fare between 450 Damage to 625 Damage.

With his current Aquabarrier having Physical Defense between 60 points to 78 points, Qin Ruo was easily capable of blocking that wave of attack. However, who would have thought that that person’s attack would actually be so serious. Even under that circumstance, Hack You So What had almost killed Qin Ruo. That was truly a core-shaking experience!

If the opponent did not use an AoE Skill just now, if Qin Ruo did not switch an entire set of Level 39 Violet Equipment before coming here and activating his Aquabarrier to defend himself, the first wave of splash attack of the Thunderslash would have killed him.

‘Good grief! I have forgotten to count the additional effect on the Berserker!

‘Even though the few Radiant Priests are already dead, the few Statuses cast on the Berserker a while ago are still active. Those high-tier additional effects could increase 100 Damage, sh*t!’

Qin Ruo felt fear in his heart. He quickly moved backward in retreat. At the same time, he also hastily gulped down a bottle of HP Potion (M) in order to recover the amount of HP he lost…

‘God damn it!

‘It would be much more difficult for Brother Da to handle the opponents when the buffs on the opponents have yet to fade away. Why hasn’t Dinosaurcerer arrived yet? He should be sending some backup immediately!’

Qin Ruo cursed quietly in his heart as he did not dare to delay as he turned the two Aquaramparts into two Frostramparts. He then smashed the Frostramparts down to the ground and tried to play hide-and-seek with them using his old method—stalling as much time as he could.

The opponent had already seen through Qin Ruo’s attempt. Without even the slightest flashiness in his movement, he made his move and crushed all the Frostramparts in front of them into tiny bits.

“He is trying to stall for time. Quickly, take him out! I can still handle this little brat!” said Hack You So What, the person who triggered the hostile PvP battle with Brother Da.


Qin Ruo sneered and seized the opportunity when the two warriors were focused on breaking the Frostramparts. He reached his hand into his backpack rapidly with a shudder.

“Frost Lance!”

A Frost Lance that was completely composed of crystal substance instantly appeared out of thin air. The lethal weapon was more than two meters long and radiated chilly, frosty air. It was locked onto Hack You So What. Seizing the moment when Brother Da swung his attack at his opponent, the Frost Lance was shot like an arrow.

Qin Ruo did not discuss that attack with Brother Da. He however relied on his extraordinary battle intuition and quickly made the decision to kill off one of the two enemies to reduce the threat. Because even with his Elementalist abilities, it was not possible for him to take on two Tier 4 warriors at the same time.

Brother Da did not let Qin Ruo down either. The moment the Frost Lance pierced Hack You So What’s body, Brother Da’s body suddenly became as light as the feather. He quickly kept himself close to Hack You So What, who stumbled backward. Without any warning, the Skythunder Sword swung toward the enemy. With a swooping sound and a faint rumble of thunder, an uninterrupted combo attack was struck out!

Five-style Tempest!

First slash!


Hack You So What’s body tilted slightly to the side. A black burn mark appeared on his shoulder. His skin and flesh were cut open and roasted.

Before Hack You So What could even respond to what just happened, Brother Da turned his wrist and the Wind Element instantly flowed the opposite way around. The Skythunder Sword was suddenly swung back towards its initial direction. With a dazzling flash of light, a second burn mark appeared on Hack You So What’s waist. It looked as if Hack You So What was lashed by a lightning whip—second lash.

The speed increased gradually. The moment Brother Da was done with the second lash, he turned around anticlockwise. The Skythunder Sword whirled out a violet flash…

Third lash!

Fourth lash!

Fifth lash!

After seeing three consecutive violet flash of the sword with the sound of thunder gradually getting louder with every strike, all five strikes from the sword had struck Hack You So What solidly. On the last lash, both of his legs softened. He stared straight ahead with his soulless eyes and collapsed to the ground, dead.


As Brother Da slaughtered Hack You So What with his Five-style Tempest, Qin Ruo began to encounter the two Tier 4 warriors. One of them was a Terra Swordmaster while the other one was a Titanwraith Berserker.

This time, Qin Ruo did not dare to risk using his own body as leverage. Heaven knows if they would lash out atQin Ruo again as the other one did a while ago. He could only control the water element as he tried to create obstacles to disturb the two of them.

A loud explosion sounded.

The big chunks of ice on one of the Berserker exploded right away. The splattered ice dust and ice shards instantly blinded the other two, and also shrouded Qin Ruo at the same time.

After some disruption to their visions caused by Qin Ruo’s cover-up, he was convinced that the two warriors would not dare to make any more reckless moves. So, he pulled himself out of the range and changed his position as quickly as he was able to. At the same time, he pumped a certain volume of water element from the wet-dripping rock above his head while keeping an eye on Brother Da’s situation at all times.

That Berserker died a quick death.

Brother Da moved toward Qin Ruo’s side the moment he was done with the battle on his end. His arrival instantly relieved Qin Ruo. Five Frost Arrows formed out of the air and were shot at the Terra Swordmaster who had already charged from the ice explosion.

That Terra Swordmaster’s equipment were slightly inferior to the Berserker’s. Other than that, he was Level 40, making him an easier target to deal with. However, what shocked Qin Ruo was that the moment Brother Da clashed into that player, the player who Qin Ruo thought was easier to deal with, that enemy struck Brother Da with a solid hit, sending him flying backward.

At the same time, the four Elementalists seemed to have cleared out the Goblins surrounding them and had escaped from the attack range of the Goblin King after going through a tough time.

“Retreat quickly, Brother Da!”

Dinosaurcerer had yet to arrive. The opponent side had four additional new forces joining them, Qin Ruo no longer hesitated as he instantly informed Brother Da to pull themselves from the battle and retreat.

“You wanted to run?”

The Berserker accelerated in a timely manner and blocked himself before the entrance to the passage. Placing the silver greataxe before his body, the Berserker blocked Qin Ruo and Brother Da’s escape route. He gritted his teeth and stared at the two of them in rage. “Do you think you can get away after you have killed so many of my comrades?’

“You think you can block us?” Qin Ruo lifted one of his arms as the frosty air instantly rose into the entire mine.

The people lowered their heads and they looked at the ground. A dense gigantic ice web appeared beneath everyone’s feet. The expanding icy presence caused the few Elementalists who were casting their spells to hesitate.

The Berserker was the first to come into contact with the cold air. His body stiffened for a moment. Brother Da grasped that opportunity and charged toward the Berserker. With a swing of his sword, he slashed the Berserker so hard that the Berserker stumbled backward into the passage.

Qin Ruo stayed close to Brother Da and followed him into the passage as he charged forward. But the thing that Qin Ruo found unfortunate was that the Freeze effect of the Frostweb was not effectively strong this time. The Berserker who had activated Berserk only entered the Frozen state for less than a second, which he swiftly recovered from. With a raging roar, he wildly swung his greataxe before him. The Berserker had blasted Brother Da with his brute strength. Without any second thoughts, Qin Ruo quickly stopped moving forward—a Tier 4 Berserker’s serial raging slashes were powerful enough to tear him into pieces.

“What the f*ck!”

Brother Da rapidly gulped down a bottle of HP Potion and charged forward again.

Still unable to intervene, the Berserker did not plan to attack Brother Da and Qin Ruo. He remained at the same spot and continued to swing his greataxe like a madman, spamming his skills, leaving shadows of blood in front of him. His main goal was to block the passage to stall for time.


Brother Da had once again charged back in.

Under that circumstance, even if Qin Ruo could cast his water elemental skills and use some Magic Scrolls, he would not have made it in time anyway. Four Elementalists were already sprinting towards them from behind. Qin Ruo could even feel an intense chill down his spine. He knew that he had already been locked on by several Tier 3 and Tier 4 spells.

Just as Qin Ruo and Brother Da seemed like they were about to die, a voice suddenly echoed from the side. Someone was warning the enemies. “Our people have arrived. Do you all still want to be red-tagged?!”


The few Elementalists had instantly stopped casting their spells as fear struck their hearts. Xiaoxiao and Little Kitten were the ones who glared at them as they spoke furiously, “So what if your people have arrived? You people have killed so many of us! Do you plan to wipe your *ss and leave just like that? It’s not that simple!”

“Do you really think that my brothers were killed by your people over nothing?!”

“F*ck! Ignore those b*tches! They are just trying to stall for time! Kill the two bastards first!”

The few Elementalists were instantly ready to make their moves after getting an earful from the Berserker and getting a grasp on the situation. However, just as they were about to launch their attacks, footsteps echoed from the direction of the passage behind the Berserker…

“Who dares to touch my comrades?”

Dinosaurcerer had brought along ten other Citadel players, who were of DPS Classes as they appeared inside the passage. A group of people walked past the Berserker, who had stopped flipping his greataxe. They brushed their shoulders against the Berserker as they walked past him and entered the mines, ignoring his shocked and infuriated eyes.

Qin Ruo and Brother Da speechlessly looked at the people who walked in.

‘Didn’t we tell him only to bring two small groups of men? He wouldn’t have brought two huge parties along, would he?’

The entire mine was fully packed with players! The remaining sixteen players who were trying to compete against Qin Ruo and the others looked ghastly as they did not dare to make a single move. They only muttered angrily to themselves, “It is just one Tier 2 Overlord, why would they send so many Tier 4 players? F*ck this… You feel great for having more people on your side, huh?”

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Chapter 127