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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 126

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 126

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even without the warning, Qin Ruo had long given up his control over the five Frostramparts once they started to crumble. He then manipulated the Water Element using his freed hands and quickly, a thin layer of Water Element formed over the floor nearby.

Without further delay…


The Water Element within a five-meter radius from him quickly froze into whitish ice layers. The chilly, shining ice layer rose and encapsulated Qin Ruo within it.

The most urgent issue now was to resolve the attack from the five Tier 4 warriors.

Anyway, the Goblin King and large swamp of Goblins under its command already had the situation under control. Without support from the Radiant Priests, more than ten Elementalists were all oppressed by the monsters and unable to launch an attack. Even though they were only facing the Goblin King, whose power was equivalent to a Tier 3 Elite Boss, its intelligence was way beyond that of a Tier 3 Elite Boss. In terms of commanding the battlefield, its ability was certainly more exceptional than a Tier 3 Elite Boss. Thus, there was no need for Qin Ruo to worry about the Goblin King in the meantime.

On the other hand, the five Tier 4 warriors rushing toward them were way trickier! Qin Ruo had roughly determined from their fight against the Goblin King that the two Berserkers with Gold Equipment were only ordinary players, perhaps not even up to Brother Da’s level (their Gold Equipment may also be of inferior quality). Nevertheless, the five Tier 4 warriors were still not something Qin Ruo, Brother Da, and Gold Digger Babe could handle easily. Furthermore, there was a Tier 4 Bandit hiding and spying on them 10 m away. The could only attempt to drag the fight as long as possible and protect themselves well before their backup arrived.

At this exact moment!


Following another shriek, a Bowmaster was sieged by a group of Goblins amid the falling rocks was finally stunned after he gulped several bottles of potions. He then fell to his death. This left the cavern with only five warriors, thirteen Elementalists, and that one Bandit.

The fall of another comrade further upset the five Tier 4 warriors who were coming in fast. In the midst of a thunderous roar, several of them simultaneously entered Berserk and Combat Aura states. Their eyes reddened as they dashed with enormous killing intent! This was understandable because while the Overlord Boss was yet to be defeated, their side already suffered seven casualties due to Qin Ruo’s tricks. Even their Priests were all sacrificed, so it remained a big question whether they would be able to revive any of their fallen brothers later on. If they were still unwilling to solidify their determination and kill off the “nuisance” that was Qin Ruo, they would be in further turmoil in case the buff applied onto them by the Priest expired…

Thinking of this, a few of them were extremely regretful. Why did they not take out the Tier 3 Aquamancer from the beginning—if only they knew that he was such a cunning kid!

“All of you deal with the Berserker, leave the Aquamancer to me!” the one who spoke was one of the Berserkers carrying Gold Equipment. His raging sight was fixed on Qin Ruo, as though he could not wait to devour Qin Ruo alive.

Qin Ruo did not fumble despite facing the five people who were approaching them menacingly. He controlled a series of Water Element to repair the Aquabarrier covering his outer body and rapidly condensed an Aquashield as well as a Frostrampart.

Even though Qin Ruo remained calm, this did not mean that Brother Da and Gold Digger Babe were able to be as relaxed as him.

Facing the five approaching warriors, Brother Da nervously licked his dried lips. He muttered softly while he gripped his Skythunder Sword tightly, “I’ll try to take on two… That should be okay.”

Honestly, he never expected a few harassments from Qin Ruo to push the opponents into such a dire situation. He also never expected his opponents to be so determined in mercilessly taking out Qin Ruo. He still felt a little pressure even after he consumed a bottle of MP Potion. After all, the pressure of facing two Tier 4 warriors was not insignificant.

At this moment, a message from Gold Digger Babe was rapidly transmitted to them.

“I can divert two of them, so you two have to take care of the rest,” as she finished her sentence, Qin Ruo immediately Gold Digger Babe’s shadow diving towards the Berserkers. Gold Digger Babe quickly swept in between their opponents, and her quick attack was rather heavy, which was totally unlike a delicate girl.

Their opponents had lost their Bowmaster so they were unable to detect Gold Digger Babe’s presence. They were struck with surprise and two painful groans were immediately heard from them.

“Damn! It’s that Bandit b*tch!”

“Get her quickly! Don’t let her get away!”

“I want her dead!”

Watching Gold Digger Babe actively attacking their people, the Berserkers were excited and angry at the same time. It seemed like they had assumed the pretty Bandit was easy prey. They yelled excitedly and instructed the two ambushed Berserkers to go after her!

However, the two ambushed Berserkers were unable to feel any excitement whatsoever. They were shocked by the silent attack and immediately consumed some Oral Medication. As they were informed by the system that they had received a Hostile Attack from Gold Digger Babe, they were also warned that they had been poisoned!

“Two hundred damage received… Poison inflicted. Poisonous damage 50 HP/second, effective for 30 seconds. During Poison Effect, Attack is decreased by 10%; Defense is decreased by 10 %; Movement Speed is decreased by 20%.”

With their speed restricted, only the two Berserkers who chased after her knew their own suffering. It was impossible to catch up to the little girl with such speed.

Who the hell is this little girl?

Her weapon was equipped with a rare Poison Attack attribute! A one-time antidote was not something affordable to an ordinary player.

They chased after the revealed Gold Digger Babe all the way out of the mines towards the tunnel. The entire time, they just kept drinking potions. In such a circumstance, they could only play along with the plan plotted by Qin Ruo and company. If they allowed the pretty Bandit to lurk and ambush the other three, the five of them would all fall into the abyss! But the two of them had faith on the rest of the Tier 4 Class players. They could certainly handle a Tier 3 Aquamancer and a Tier 4 Zephyr Swordmaster with ease!

Mm, it shouldn’t be a problem. 


As they watched the little devil babe fly away far with the two Berserkers, Qin Ruo and Brother Da’s pressure reduced tremendously. With only three persons left, the fight had become rather easy now.


One of the high-speed Swordsmen immediately slid forward uncontrollably at the moment he stepped on the ordinary looking ice layer. He kicked forward and dropped flat heavily onto the floor while shouting “Ah!!”. Qin Ruo can’t stop laughing within himself as he saw this. –This was specifically designed for the purpose to waste some time by limiting their movement speed. It will be odd if ones do not fall while running on the ice layer. A Swordsman does not possess humongous weight like a Berserker.

“Damn it! This thing is odd!” The Swordsmen was embarrassed and angry as he stood back up painfully. Though he was quick to remind his two teammates about it, this was deemed a little excessive. Anyone will raise their alertness when they saw someone in front fall down suddenly. The other two persons already stopped right outside the ice layer. Their eyes were shifted back and forth between Qin Ruo, Brother Da, and the ice layer. Their prior determination to kill Qin Ruo at one go was forcefully halted.

“Something even odder is about to happen.”

Qin Ruo sneered a little inside. He helped himself to continue the Tier 1 Water Element Manipulation and rapidly constructed two transparent Aquaramparts beside him. He could clearly saw the three persons’ action through the Aquarampart. With a flick of his Frostburst Staff, the frontmost Frostrampart stroke out and separated the three warriors.


“Break off the ice layer on the floor!”

Suddenly their views were blocked. The two Berserkers and a Swordsman were shocked at the same time. The latter even shouted non-stop and asked the Berserker to destroy the ice layer on top of the floor. He can’t help but imagine the presence of the Frostrampart in front of him was like a ground filled with land mines.


The Berserker who was given out order previously shouted and launched his attack fiercely. He was seen bouncing high into the air with his weapon, which then dragged out a tremendous thunder from the sky and striked it heavily on the ground right before Qin Ruo!


What a magnificent blow! Even the whole cave was seemed to tremble a little by the hit! A spider-like crack began to appear on the well intact land surface. Red hot lava was shot directly out from these cracks!!

Qin Ruo had seen Slayer’s Heart used this skill multiple times. It was an AoE skill with terrific power. However, this skill had become too fancy and rather useless when it was launched by this opponent. It was too luxury to use a Tier 4 attack skill to overpower a common ice layer.

However, from the perspective of those standing by the opponent, this skill was a perfect success!

As a result of the cracking land, the ice layer was completely destroyed. It was shattered into pieces and melted away. What pleased them more was the fact that this attack also affected the Tier 3 Aquamancer. Nevertheless, the Frostrampart was slid upward and this protected Qin Ruo from being impacted directly by Thunderslash.

The face of the attacking Berserker named “Hack You So What” paled instantly as he was warned by the system regarding his Hostile attack targeted at Qin Ruo! When he lifted his face, he saw the hideous grin on the Zephyr Swordmaster, Brother Da’s chubby face as he was closing in fast in a menacing manner!

“F*cking annoying!”

The pitiful Titanwraith Berserker cursed in his mind and retreated! Apparently, Brother Da, who was initially positioned outside the attack range, stepped into the skill at the instant he laid down Thunderslash. Though the skill had successfully reduced a few hundreds of damages from the two, it had also given Brother Da a valid opportunity to gain the upper hand and assault him in return!

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Chapter 126