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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 125

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 125

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

From the moment Qin Ruo joined the battle, he had swiftly weaved out a giant web, which measured at a radius of thirty meters. It was invisible to the naked eye and was made using the Water Element—the prior form of Frostweb.

This magic depleted two points of his MP every second. But in exchange, the spell would detect the position of the Bandits who were hidden in his surroundings. This was because he knew that once he began his destructive operation, their opponents would not stand aside and allow them to disrupt their fight so freely. They could assault them with a valid reason then, so the giant web would certainly come in handy when that moment arrived.

He was absolutely right!

As the Goblin King breached through the warriors’ encirclement and dived into the few dozen Elementalists, two invisible Bandits observing the situation from nearby followed their party’s order. They started to lurk on the left and right flanks…

Qin Ruo did not pay attention to them. He continued to concentrate on controlling the five Frostramparts. Each Frostrampart “fought” independently as it slid rapidly onto the battlefield. This blocked several summoned beasts that were trying to trap the Goblin King. It subsequently opened up an unhindered pathway for the Goblin King to directly reach the location of the Elementalists and Priests.

The Goblin King’s movements did not fail Qin Ruo’s hard work. It tacitly bumped away a few Elementalist who were casting Barrier and jumped toward the three Radiant Priests at the back. Midway, its AoE Spikeweed emerged once again!


“What are you waiting for! Hurry, take out the Tier 3 Aquamancer! If any of you die, your lost equipment will be compensated with the Goblin King’s drops!!” A few warriors dashing from behind began to yell after they noticed that the Priests were in danger! If they were not still needed for blocking and delaying the Goblin King, they would have killed the Tier 3 Elementalist themselves earlier on.

Their opponents were also actually pretty smart. That order was not yelled in the direction of the Bandits, but it was directed to the Elementalists instead. If Qin Ruo had not long detected the presence of Bandits, he would have really placed his attention on the Elementalists.

“Come on!”

Brother Da, who was guarding Qin Ruo’s left side, was the first to receive information on the Bandits. He activated his Combat Aura immediately after he got the info! Griping the Skythunder Sword in his hand tightly, he was well prepared to launch an attack at any time to protect his comrades.

No matter what, he was still a Level 40 Zephyr Swordmaster. Although his power was not considered to be among other elite players, he was still an H&G diehard who had been dwelling in the game for about half a year. During that time, he learned a thing or two regarding PvP. Solo PvP against an elite player from the same tier may be a bit difficult, but taking on a Bandit with low Defense and low HP? It went without saying!


After a loud slashing of water, a few people witnessed the Aquabarrier covering Qin Ruo being ripped by a cut. The next moment, a Bandit’s shadow quickly deactivated Stealth and appeared next to Qin Ruo.


Almost simultaneous to when the Bandit slashed open the Aquabarrier and entered Hostile status, Brother Da’s attack arrived as well!

Purple lightning fell from the sky and hit the Skythunder Sword, which Brother Da raised high!


Sparks emitted from the Skythunder Sword as the purplish lightning continued to let out a deafening thunderous roar! Meanwhile, the hand holding the Skythunder Sword showed neither delay nor hesitation as it hacked the Tier 4 Bandit’s body rapidly and mercilessly.


The Tier 4 Bandit who launched a Hostile Attack on Qin Ruo groaned in pain. He was slashed horizontally and he backed a few meters away, struggling not to fall down. A horrifying bloody wound was seen behind the low-defense Armor he was wearing. Brother Da did not have the intention to stop there. With the advantage in his hand, he caught up to his opponent and landed a fierce normal attack on the Bandit. This interrupted the Bandit’s action of trying to access his backpack!

“F*ck! Kill me if you dare!”

The heavily-injured Bandit appeared to be confident that Brother Da would not kill him maliciously since his Hostile target was Qin Ruo, not Brother Da. If Brother Da dared to land the final blow, everyone there would not let him walk away easily.

However, as he muttered this, Qin Ruo sneered and made his move. He rapidly unfolded a Magic Scroll, which had been hidden under his sleeves all this while.

“Frost Arrow!”

As he yelled, the Magic Scroll quickly transformed into five Frost Arrows carrying a tremendous chilly aura. Without any delay, the five arrows launched themselves fiercely toward the injured Bandit, who was now crushed to the floor.

The three Radiant Priests were too busy protecting themselves, thus they were not able to assist the Bandit who was low on HP. Hence, it would be wasteful not to kill the Bandit at such great timing!

78 damage was inflicted on Umbrageous Bird.

Umbrageous Bird has been killed by a player with Counterstance!

This was just as Qin Ruo had planned after his discussion with Brother Da. If there was an ambush from a Bandit, Brother Da was responsible for only damaging the opponent. Qin Ruo would handle the rest.

Even though they had not cooperated much in the game, they had known each other for so long. Therefore, they were able to work tacitly and obliterate the Bandit as planned. This attack completely startled the other Bandit who attempted to ambush next. The Bandit was especially terrified, and he stayed rooted to the spot when he saw Brother Da picking up a piece of equipment from his teammate’s corpse.

Qin Ruo was relieved by the fact that the Bandit did dare not come near them anymore. At least, he did not need to waste another Tier 3 Magic Scroll.

However, the use of the Magic Scroll was very worth it. Their aim had been achieved. Not only that, they successfully caused their opponents to lose the ability to control the situation. At the same time, they had also indirectly killed a Bandit and two Radiant Priests. The Radiant Priests were killed successively by the Goblin King when Qin Ruo was busy attacking the heavily-injured Bandit.

What brought more joy to Qin Ruo and company was the respawning of a new batch of Goblins as a result of his dragging tactic. Although this was not enough to threaten the Tier 4 players, the Goblins had successfully blocked the marching path of the Summoned Beasts and warriors under the Goblin King’s command. Seizing this opportunity, the Goblin King landed several heavy blows to the Elementalist group and a Priest.

Parts of this were definitely thanks to Qin Ruo’s cunning move. Without the constant harassment from the Frostrampart that Qin Ruo cast, the Goblin King’s counterattack could never have been executed so smoothly. Most probably, a little over ten magic bombardments would have been sufficient to render it immobile.

Yet, Qin Ruo clearly understood the fact that as long as their opponents still had a Radiant Priest staying alive, they would have a chance to recover and regroup. Thus, the last Radiant Priest had to be killed!

The five Frostramparts swiftly switched positions, which easily trapped and isolated the remaining Radiant Priest. Qin Ruo cast an Aquaball and dropped it directly onto the Priest.


The Goblin King once again displayed its tacitness with Hao Ren as its spell came just at the right time. Just in the split second that the Radiant Priest was put into the Frozen State, a blazing giant stone fell from the sky like a meteor shower and smashed the last Radiant Priest into a pile of meat pulp.


“Kill the Aquamancer! F*cking kill him for me!”

Once the three Priests were killed, a warrior, two Summoners and a Bowmaster finally focused their rage on Qin Ruo. They had finally realized the terrible consequences of neglecting their opponent’s disruptive actions.

The moment the four Tier 4 Class players jumped over, the Goblin King suddenly barged in insensibly. Accompanied by a sudden massive rise of magic waves, a giant whirlpool of several dozen meters wide abruptly appeared on top of the Goblin King’s head.

A wide AoE Skill!

The AoE Skill covered almost all the remaining twenty-one players (excluding the Bandit). Giant rocks rained intensively from the whirlpool and poured down on the players. Twenty-one of them had no room to avoid the attack, so they could only escape to the edges of the cavern.

“This is bad!”

“Take cover!”

‘Hmph! All of you want to escape?’

Qin Ruo sneered while the Frostburst Staff danced around his hand and turned the five Frostramparts into deadly, mobile blockades. The ramparts followed the Elementalists and the two Summoners closely. They were in sync with those small-sized Goblins to hinder the players from escaping the magic effect zone. The concerted giant rocks crushed down and continuously shook the Elementalists’ outer barriers, which were beginning to show signs of collapsing at any moment.

Maybe, the Elementalists could rely on their barriers’ resistance to weaken the incoming attacks and hold on a while more by consuming potions. However, the two Summoners were not so lucky. They had neither the strong equipment and strength of a warrior, nor the barrier of an Elementalist. Two rounds of giant rock bombardment already cost them half their HP…

Unfortunately, the third round of the attack stunned them, thus the two Summoners were quickly killed since they were unable to consume potions in time. The Summoned Beasts also vanished instantly following the Summoners’ deaths.

Another two men down! They had lost three Priests, a Bandit, and two Summoners in such a short span.

The remaining ten or so Elementalists were also stuck in a very dangerous situation. Although the Frostramparts had completely crumbled after withstanding a few rounds of attack, their own barriers were also on the verge of collapsing after taking so many hits. Moreover, they were pinned down by the surrounding Goblins and were unable to escape the scene. Shockingly, the Goblins were not affected by the rocky rain attack. Even after they were smashed on the head by the rocks, the Goblins instantly bounced back up like nothing had happened and continued to jump toward the Elementalists. Some Elementalists tried to kill them, only to be frustrated by the fact that one dead Goblin would immediately be replenished by a lot more spawns. This deeply depressed them to the point they wished they were better dead.

Concurrently, things on Qin Ruo’s side had also become terribly dangerous…

Realizing the severity of Qin Ruo’s actions as well as the threat and damage brought upon by this Tier 3 Aquamancers, a few Berserkers and Swordsmen simultaneously dived toward Qin Ruo once they were out of the AoE Magic’s zone!

“Hey! Look out!”

“Brother Qin, be careful!”

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Chapter 125