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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 122

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 122

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Frostburst Staff 

Gold Tier 

24~25 Magic Attack 

Effects: Casting speed increased by 5%! Chill effect increased by 3%! Maximum MP + 10! 

Requires 24 Strength

Requires 26 Agility

Requires 68 Intelligence

Limited to Aquamancers


With Burning Rose assisting everyone, the party was able to smoothly annihilate all of the Gorefiend Spiders on the second floor of Aricus Underground Ruins. Qin Ruo did not even need to do anything.

And so, after Qin Ruo switched to the Frostburst Staff, he took a moment of his time. He walked out of the cave and made his way to a spot with only two Gorefiend Spiders. He had the intention to try out the power of his newly obtained weapon. Because the distance was not too far, Qin Ruo still obtained the Experience Points from the party.

As for Qin Ruo’s decision to leave the cave and try out his new weapon, Slayer’s Heart as well as the others were not really worried about him. They only asked iLittle Arrow to keep an eye on Qin Ruo from time to time in order to prevent some Bandits from approaching him—a Tier 3 Aquamancer holding on to a Gold Staff was still a little too odd for people to ignore. In case a Bandit unexpectedly ran into Qin Ruo, it would be very unfortunate if he was killed and his equipment was dropped.



The Water Element was rapidly sucked out from the puddles at the side and condensed into a wall right before the Gorefiend Spiders. It felt almost the same as the times he used his Elementalism Spells in the past. But right when the water condensed, Qin Ruo grasped onto a clear sensation, which felt like a blessing to his soul.

The increase in his casting speed by 10% did indeed have a slight effect. Although it was difficult to see a clear difference in terms of controlling Tier 1 Elementalism, Qin Ruo could still feel that his ability to control Elementalism Spells had become easier under the enhancement of the Frotburst Staff.


The moment the Gorefiend Spider bumped into the Aquarampart in front of it, the Water Element swiftly changed at a speed visible to the naked eye. It instantly froze the Gorefiend Spider on the ground.

Before the system could even respond, Qin Ruo already knew that he only had two seconds to spare. While the Gorefiend Spider was firmly held to the same spot, one Aquapike… two Aquapikes shot right out of the water puddle at a rapid speed…

After he was done manipulating two Tier 1 Elementalism Spells, the remaining time was just enough for Qin Ruo to cast a third Elementalism Spell. Qin Ruo had a quick thought. As expected, the improvement on his casting speed showed itself when he tried to cast more Elementalism Spells. He then wondered, when he became able to equip the Wintry Ice Demon’s Elemental Robe and Frostsoul Necklace, how smooth and fast would he perform with his casting speed increased to 21%?


The Gorefiend Spider barely made a few cracks on the frozen ice, which held it down to the ground. Along with a bang, it was suddenly blown over ten meters away by the Frostrampart that suddenly exploded. It forcefully supported its body with its thin and long limbs, relentlessly crying in pain.


One after another, Qin Ruo used Elementalism, leaving almost no time gap in between.

The two Aquapikes were turned into Tier 3 Frostpikes at the same time as they were launched out, accompanied by bitingly cold air! The Gorefiend Spider’s big, fat butt was not solid though. Its bottom was pierced clean through with a “puff”. The wound which overflowed with intense cold air was rapidly covered over by a layer of thin, white ice.

A single damage was approximately 450 points, give or take. Although the amount was still a long away from the highest damage that Burning Rose could inflict, if both of them used Tier 3 Magic Attacks, Qin Ruo would perform roughly the same. Furthermore, compared to his previous attacks, which did not even reach 400 points, it was likely sufficient that his Magic Attack had increased by approximately 10 points.

Upon ending the battle, Qin Ruo took a look at the time. He had spent less than fifteen seconds in total for the battle. It appeared that the Gorefiend Spider had become utterly harmless to him at this point… After giving the other Gorefiend Spider, which on the other side, a quick glance, Qin Ruo did not show any intention in getting over there to lure it. Instead, he backed off to a corner and began to enter his meditative state as he waited for the Gorefiend Spider to respawn at the same spot where he first killed it. At the same time, he was also swiftly recovering the MP he had consumed in the battle earlier.

The situation continued on just like that. While the party continued to farm behind him, Qin Ruo remained on this side to farm one Gorefiend Spider at a time. He did so in order to continue familiarizing himself with the “sense of accomplishment” that the Frostburst Staff and new equipment had given him. This went on for more than two hours.


Unable to receive Experience Points! Please return to the Aquamancer Guild to obtain the Tier 4 Advancement Quest!

The system notification saying that he could not receive anymore Experience Points lasted for over ten minutes. Qin Ruo finally went back to the cave with a heavy heart. He then greeted everyone once he returned. After listening to another series of practical hints and salutary warnings from his party members, Qin Ruo activated his Return Scroll to get back to Savis Town.

He could finally begin his Advancement Quest. However, at this juncture, Qin Ruo felt a little hesitant. He kept thinking that he should sort out some trivial things, which had been left unattended. It seemed a lot better if he could accept the Advancement Quest with a completely brand-new outlook.

In the end, after he wandered outside the Aquamancer Guild for a few rounds, Qin Ruo set foot in a bank nearby. He then looked at the stuff in his own bank warehouse like a typical miser. He noticed that there were three extra bottles of Movement Speed Potion with Quality of 6 Points, 7 Points and 9 Points respectively—those were the Potions that were automatically transferred to his vault by Black Market Trader after he had succeeded in crafting them.

Potions that were crafted using the Violetjade Fruit would basically carry decent Attributes. A Movement Speed Potion with the quality of 6 Points could improve Movement Speed by 30% for 360 seconds. A Movement Speed Potion with the quality of 7 Points could improve Movement Speed by 35% for 360 seconds. Meanwhile, a Movement Speed Potion with the best quality of 9 Points could improve Movement Speed by up to 45% for 360 seconds.

After giving it some thought, Qin Ruo put that bottle of Movement Speed Potion with the quality of 6 Points, a bottle of Vitality Potion with the quality of 7 Points and a bottle of Advanced Stamina Potion with the quality of 9 Points into his backpack as a measure of precaution—since these things had yet to be tagged with a price, it would be wise to bring them along in his Advancement Quest just to be safe. If he ever got into a very perilous situation, they might just prove to be useful.

Next, Qin Ruo took out more than twenty pieces of equipment that he obtained before dawn the previous day. After that, he was ready to go to the merchant to exchange the equipment for money. Once he obtained some gold coins in hand, he could get over to the marketplace again to search for some Tier 3 Water-type Magic Scrolls for his own protection—from the day he started playing the game until today, Qin Ruo had never felt so nervous and excited!

The old merchant’s gaze seemed to be weirder and more curious as Qin Ruo nervously traded the more than twenty pieces of equipment for approximately 24,000 gold coins and a total of twenty Tier 3 Magic Scrolls. After he was done with everything, Qin Ruo realized that there was only one thing left…

Accept the quest!

Just as Qin Ruo valiantly set foot into the Aquamancer Guild with high morale, an unexpected system notification came ringing by his ears.

Unknown Player ‘Xiaoxiao’ is requesting for a call. Do you accept or decline?


Upon hearing that familiar name, Qin Ruo was stunned for a moment. He smacked his own head for a bit and said, “You can’t be kidding me… That woman… Would she really be willing to sacrifice her own beauty sleep just to come in and play the game?”

Qin Ruo did not dare be negligent. He quickly accepted the request…

As expected, Xiaoxiao’s sweet voice, which carried a little lewd kind of feeling echoed from the other side of the communication system.

“Little man… the night is still young. Come keep me company and chat with me!”

When he heard her “summoning” in a way that could really render one speechless, Qin Ruo stopped walking and stayed rooted to the spot. He dropped his jaw in shock. He looked like he just saw Xiaoxiao lying on the bed in lewd sleepwear, looking at him with watery eyes as she was summoning him to…

Qin Ruo shook his head violently, working very hard to calm his flustered feelings. He smiled bitterly and responded with a voice message, “You… You really joined the game?”

“Hmph! I’m a woman of my word. And of course, a promise cannot be taken back once it’s made.”

After he heard what she said, Qin Ruo rubbed his head. He immediately thought about the promise he made during the day. He could feel his head suddenly swelling a lot. Even though he was very happy that Xiaoxiao had also joined the game, he was currently onto something very important… If he really had to accompany her, his progress would definitely be delayed for an entire day. Perhaps Slayer’s Heart and the ladies in the party would end up waiting for him anxiously.

This was really troublesome…

“Xiaoxiao, where are you now? I’ll contact Little Kitten as well as Brother Da so that they can get over to your spot and accompany you for now. They’ll tell you how to grind, alright? I’ll be there for you shortly. Because I’m about to begin my Advancement Quest. There are a few people waiting for me now.”

Xiaoxiao did not wish to comply.

“I don’t care! You have to come over here!”

Man… Xiaoxiao’s usually very reasonable. Qin Ruo did not know whether to cry or laugh after he heard what she said. Just as he was ready to convince her, he suddenly heard Xiaoxiao respond with a sneer from her side…


“I’ll stop fooling around with you. Did you really think that I need you to accompany me? Stop thinking too highly of yourself… Let’s talk about serious business. Ruo Ruo, if you haven’t officially started your Tier 4 Advancement Quest, then come over quickly! I’m at the Goblin Mountains, which is about ten clicks away from the west side of Bailey Town. Brother Da and Little Kitten are all here. The coordinates are…”

After Xiaoxiao told Qin Ruo the coordinates in a serious manner, she said, “This place has spawned the ‘Goblin King’, a Tier 2 Overlord! You better be quick! Quickly, get here before more people come!”

“Tier 2 Overlord?!” Qin Ruo was stunned for a moment. His spirits were rising!

Although the tier of the boss was a little lower, as long as it was an Overlord, there would be a chance that it would drop equipment of the best tier. Such a chance was not easy to come by! Tsk! Forget about a Tier 4 Advancement Quest, players would even put a Tier 5 Advancement Quest aside first over such a golden chance!

“Alright! You guys, wait for me! I’m coming right now!”

Qin Ruo replied Xiaoxiao in a rush as he immediately turned around and started to sprint toward the warp portal. While he rushed there, he did not forget to inform Xiaoxiao to allow him to have immediate contact with Brother Da, so that they could contact Dinosaurcerer as well as their other teammates from the Citadel.

“Already notified them!”

“Don’t let too many of them come! Two parties are more than enough!”

Qin Ruo did not want the operation to be noticed by others. If the incident at the Devil’s Swamp was to repeat itself, the Citadel might not be able to recover within a month.


Xiaoxiao appeared to have familiarized herself with the pace of this world. She responded to Qin Ruo pretty quickly over the communication channel…

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Chapter 122