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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 118

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 118

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Coming right out of the Devil’s Swamp, the agile and rapid movements of the Titanwraith Berserker, Dark Annihilator were whirring in Qin Ruo’s mind. Qin Ruo saw with his own eyes what the Titanwraith Berserker was capable of doing, and it deeply astounded Qin Ruo. His excitement could not subside for a long time. It felt completely different from watching battle footage on the forum of the official website. Watching a battle up close and having the feeling of actually being near to the battle, left a completely unprecedented as well as a strong astonishing effect! Furthermore, Qin Ruo had no doubts whatsoever that Dark Annihilator was capable of taking on the Gargantuan Demoncroc solo—if he maintained his form in a battle with that high intensity and brought enough potions with him, he would probably be able to pull it off!

He was a champion! He was truly a champion!

No wonder a savage and powerful Clan like the Order of the Eight Gods listened to them obediently and retreated from the Devil’s Swamp even though their numbers were a few times higher than that of Carefree Clan’s. No wonder Dark Annihilator did not even look Eight Gods in the eye in front of the Order of the Eight Gods Clan… No wonder the red-tagged players of the Carefree Clan were daring enough to unscrupulously show their faces in front of others just like that…

The Carefree Clan had an enormous battle machine like Netherspirit’s Claw League behind their back. Since they had a powerful being with the battle power to match a Tier 3 Overlord, would they really need to behave friendly and always stay smiling at a disorderly mobster?

After he was deeply aware of that, Qin Ruo felt unsettled for a moment. Having such prestige and a ferocious presence like Dark Annihilator, having that sort of strength… Any player with ambition would want that sort of power. The same mood was even evoked in Qin Ruo when he first felt the charm of this game.

To breeze through the gaming world with a sword, and conquer the universe!

Although he was just an Elementalist and did not have the capability “to sing the song of madness and anger, to kill a person with every ten steps” like Dark Annihilator, he only wanted to thoroughly explore the features of the Aquamancer Class. When he could reach a certain level… he would still be able to become very powerful!

Even though it remained uncertain that he would certainly reach the same level as those Field Commanders from the Seven Great Leagues, it would still be possible for him to work his way up to rank among powerful players like Slayer’s Heart. After all, players the likes of Dark Annihilator had experienced the game for about half a year or so. They had accumulated all sorts of experiences in terms of equipment, Skills and many more… Hence, it would be perfectly normal for those players to be above Qin Ruo. However, Qin Ruo had also found his own confidence from a few Bosses… and also Crackpot as well as other members of the Order of the Eight Gods Clan. Qin Ruo strongly believed that… when he made it to Tier 4, familiarized himself with all Tier 4 Elementalism, mastered Advanced Aquamorph, and also possessed a deeper understanding of wielding the power of Elementalism, he would definitely be able to expand his horizons into the world!

Just like those champions such as Scarlet Bauhinia and Violetshock Wildthunder who were experts in Elementalism…

In short…

This trip into the Devil’s Swamp was worth it all!


The battle at the Devil’s Swamp was coming to an end, but the situation in Blacktown was becoming extremely unsettled!

Many players inside and outside the town were discussing the battle of the Order of the Eight Gods and a group of anonymous players called the Citadel in the Devil’s Swamp. The players from the media had naturally entered into the depths of the Devil’s Swamp. With so many mouths talking at the same time, the hideous acts of the Order of the Eight Gods would soon travel to every corner of the town! In a short period of time, almost all players in Blacktown would know that the Order of the Eight Gods had used a disgraceful method to acquire information on the Gargantuan Demoncroc from an anonymous normal Party. They even interrupted the battle forcefully, trying to snatch the Boss for themselves.

In actuality, such snatching deeds were nothing new in the world of games. After all, this was a virtual game world that spoke with strength. However…

The methods of the Order of the Eight Gods were too treacherous to be ignored. They were known for their acts of being unfaithful, their betrayal, and also their schemes… They had used almost every treacherous means to get to their goals. By the end of it, after mobilizing over a thousand members of their Clan and a group of red-tagged Hunters, they were still disturbed by over 200 players from Citadel. They were held back for several hours…

Finally, the renowned Black Jail Clan and the Carefree Clan Party of Netherspirit’s Claw also revealed themselves in the Devil’s Swamp, causing the Order of the Eight Gods to fail on the verge of success.

Furthermore, the Clan Leader of the Order of the Eight Gods, Eight God was also looked down upon by the Field Commander of the Carefree Clan. Because of that, the Order of the Eight Gods ended up taking their men and retreating from the Devil’s Swamp. The moment the news was spread out, players who learned about the details of the incident felt greatly satisfied!

A group of Citadel comrades felt even more overwhelmed with excitement. Some people disregarded their losses as they invited everyone to the restaurant to celebrate!

Although the Gargantuan Demoncroc was not slain by the end of it, and many of their colleagues even sacrificed their levels and equipment, they remained clear about the mighty strength of the Gargantuan Demoncroc, as well as the true colors of the Order of the Eight Gods.

Most importantly, they had also killed a large number of red-tagged players and members of the Order of the Eight Gods during that time. It was a means of retaliation. Everyone involved in that incident was indispensable in the efforts of delaying time until the arrival of the Carefree Clan Party and casting the people of the Order of the Eight Gods away from the Devil’s Swamp.

So, all in all, the Citadel employees were able to vent their grievances in the end—everyone was able to see the damaged situation of the Order of the Eight Gods; hundreds of members killed in action and equipment snatched away by others. Over a hundred of their Hunters were also erased out of the picture. The one thing that could help everyone vent their anger towards the Order of the Eight Gods the most would be to see almost a hundred Radiant Priests from the Order still wandering the outskirts of the Devil’s Swamp. Just to see them waiting for the Carefree Clan party to leave before they could get back in there to resurrect their own people who remained wandering in the Resurrection Gallery!

Since those people were pushed around like that, whatever anger the others had towards them would have probably cooled down!


Though the members of the Citadel were feeling pleased at the moment, that did not mean that the people of the Order of the Eight Gods would keep their calm.

A bunch of members of the Order of the Eight Gods had been summoned by their Clan Leader to perform a siege upon a Boss. After they had stayed for almost five hours, not only were they not able to get a single sh*t, they were also kicked out of the vicinity by the Carefree Clan. With that, all of their men who sacrificed themselves and all of the equipment they lost were not compensated at all by the end of it.

Even the person who was in charge of launching the operation this time—the Clan Leader, Eight Gods, was looking at the people of the Citadel with murderous eyes. It looked like he was gazing upon the people who killed his old man. His behavior suggested that the people of the Citadel were not the victims of the incident. Instead, they were the victims! In this time, Eight Gods constantly instructed the Clan members under his leadership to provoke the members of the Citadel. He wanted to antagonize the Citadel to the point that they could once again spark the flames of war.

However, Brother Da and the others were not idiots. The numbers on his side were small to begin with. Their strengths were weak and their equipment was inferior. The ratio of their overall power to the overall power of the Order of the Eight Gods was too great. So, why would they continue to “play” with them above board? Once they all had completed their goal, their group immediately left Blacktown and went their separate ways. Only a few of their teammates who remained resentful towards the Order of the Eight Gods purposely stayed back in the safe zone so that they could use unpleasant words to provoke those from the Order of the Eight Gods Clan. Not only did the people of the Order of the Eight Gods failed in getting what they wanted, they even had to be pissed off by other people. Forget about PvP… they even had the intention to kill people!

At the same time, the Order of the Eight Gods had not forgotten about the Tier 3 Aquamancer, Qin Ruo, who gave them quite a big blow on the other battlefield. Godslayer and some other members of the Order of the Eight Gods who possessed certain levels of strength had found Qin Ruo via voice messages.

In the beginning, they used polite words and told Qin Ruo to return the equipment he took from Godslayer. If he did so, they were willing to clear off any grievances between them. They also gave him their word, saying that the Order of the Eight Gods Clan would not continue to find fault with Qin Ruo and his friends anymore in the future…

However, when Qin Ruo told them that he was also a member of the Citadel, the members of the Order of Eight Gods instantly turned. They began to threaten Qin Ruo with intimidating words.

“Don’t you get cocky, you little cunt! You’re just a Tier 3 Aquamacer! I’ll do whatever I like to make you dead! You better return those things to me now! Or else I’ll kill you every single time I see you!

“I’ll make sure that you’ll never reach Level 40!”

Since these threats did not sound too intimidating, of course, Qin Ruo did not bother himself with them too much. Not to mention, he would never believe that those individuals would really stop giving him trouble after he really handed the equipment back to them. He only responded in a cold tone to shut them up.

“Entrance of Blacktown. Come and kill me if you’ve got the balls to do it.”

Everyone knew what would happen without having to take a guess. Even though the members of the Order of the Eight Gods Clan were stupid, they were not stupid enough to kill players near the safe zone. While there was a certain rate that the player who died would drop a piece of his or her equipment, that player would not have his or her level dropped. Besides, the player could also be resurrected by a Priest. On the contrary, the one who killed would become a red-tagged player. Dropping a level was a definite thing when a red-tagged player got killed. The player would also drop more equipment upon his death and be imprisoned for an hour.


After he received the warning from the members the Order of the Eight Gods, Qin Ruo conducted a quick check on the equipment in his backpack.

Other than the few pieces of equipment Brother Da gave him a while ago, there were actually twenty-one pieces of equipment still in his backpack. The attributes of most of the equipment were not bad at all. The value of each piece of equipment should be more than a thousand gold coins. Plus, there were also two pieces of Gold Equipment and one Violet Equipment. It seemed that he had earned quite a number of fortunes this time.

Qin Ruo did not forget about the equipment that little brat, Xinqin fought and won for him. Furthermore, that little brat had also helped a lot in the incident to resurrect Brother Da. Qin Ruo immediately picked out one Violet Equipment out of the three Violet Equipment he acquired from Godslayer and sent it to the little brat. As for the remaining two pieces of Gold Equipment, it seemed better for him to keep them because they appeared quite catchy. He could ask Slayer’s Heart to help him hang them up in Netherspirit’s Claw and exchange them for other equipment or gold coins later.

After taking a look at the time… ‘ Oh my god, it’s already 4 a.m …’ He would be finished the next day if he did not sleep now!

After he told Brother Da about the situation in a hurry, he went offline to sleep.

The minute he went offline, he thought he heard a clear sound that he rarely heard. It was the sound of an incoming system notification.

What was going on?

With the scene in front of his eyes switched, Qin Ruo had left the game. He looked through the window of his bedroom as he peered at the night view outside. But suddenly, a strong feeling of sleepiness overwhelmed his thoughts. ‘ Fine, it’s time to sleep. It won’t be too late to wait till tomorrow to find out what’s going on.’

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Chapter 118