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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 117

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 117

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Just as the Titanwraith Berserker who led the Carefree Clan made the first move, the Gargantuan Demoncroc, which was surrounded by hundreds of Tier 4 Devilcrocs, let out a thunderous roar. After it had remained quiet for half a day, it was charged up with formidable battle power. It now possessed the strength to engage the human Battle Party right before its eyes.

After hundreds of Tier 4 Devilcrocs received the command from their Boss, they crawled into the swampy water. The sound of splashing water was endless. The crowd of monsters seemed to possess combat power far greater than before. A combat party purely formed by an army of high-tier Devilcrocs had pointed the tip of their spears towards that one Titanwraith Berserker…

Upon seeing that, Qin Ruo was at a loss for words. It was truly too unbelievable that a Tier 3 Overlord would actually command a huge bunch of Devilcrocs to surround and attack one player.

However, the battle power that the Titanwraith Berserker revealed before everyone’s eyes caused Qin Ruo’s body to freeze in shock. He remained speechless for half a day!

The Titanwraith Berserker moved forward with powerful stomping steps, and all of a sudden, he began to sprint at tremendous speed! Along with a fading remnant of his shadow, he actually charged across the swampy surfaces of land in front of him as easily as he would walk on firm earth. While he charged forward, his body swayed left and right continuously. He was capable of determining the precise locations where dozens of Earth Spikes would shoot out from each side. He evaded all of them! Right behind him, rocks were falling non-stop, and the Earth Spikes kept piercing out of the ground in an attempt to penetrate the Berserker. But nothing succeeded. Every single attack that came at him missed, causing people to doubt how he predicted the routes of all those attacks and how he was capable of performing those non-human stunts as well as movements to evade all of those attacks!

A simple glance at this aspect of his performance showed that the strength of the Titanwraith Berserker had basically skyrocketed to an unprecedented level. At least among all of the players that Qin Ruo knew, none could match the strength of that Titanwraith Berserker. Even Slayer’s Heart who was once the Field Commander of Bauhinia Clan did not possess such a non-human ability to judge and determine!

That Titanwraith Berserker was far from done in astounding Qin Ruo. His speed did not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. He charged in an abnormally quick and easy manner into the range of less than thirty meters away from the Gargantuan Demoncroc. Even when he engaged the Tier 4 Devilcrocs, which were gushing at him like an ocean wave to stop him, the Titanwraith Berserker did not slow down, not even a bit! With a swift and sudden moment, the Titanwraith Berserker who was wildly pressing forward bent his knees slightly. His body then trembled violently out of reflex!

And he leaped high up into the air!

He swung out his gigantic, two-meter-long Broadsword and struck it down upon a Tier 4 Devilcroc which instinctually lifted up its head.


Sprays of blood violently spurted right out of the crocodile’s head, as though it was hit by a great force. The Titanwraith Berserker borrowed strength from the air as he twisted his waist into a seemingly seductive pose and once again leaped over several meters. The Devilcrocs below him turned around and tried to surround as well as attack him. But the moment they turned their heads around, they were suddenly struck in the head with waves of AoE Magic Attacks—the AoE Magic Attacks mixed and overlapped each other as they bombarded the horde of Devilcrocs. The roars of death echoed madly throughout the surroundings… More than twenty Devilcrocs were instantly killed…

In the meantime, the Titanwraith Berserker who landed amid the horde of Tier 4 Devilcrocs in a sexy pose was no longer in luck anymore. The attacks of the Gargantuan Demoncroc were not that easy to dodge. Its gravitational range covered a diameter of 10 m, and the moment it enveloped the Titanwraith Berserker’s body, he began to fall towards the ground at an incredibly rapid speed!

However, as he was falling, the Titanwraith Berserker swiftly reached into his backpack and took out a bottle of potion. He gulped it down straight away. Soon after, a heavy golden light, which covered his body instantly dispersed into his surroundings and vanished without a trace…

Right when he gulped down that bottle of potion, Qin Ruo caught sight of it—that was an “All Cure Potion” that was produced by the Alchemist Guild. The potion could instantly nullify all debuffs or negative status effects that were cast upon the potion’s user. It was extremely effective. However, as a one-time-use potion, it was deemed to be an extremely costly potion. One bottle of such a potion was worth 500 gold coins.

What a luxurious way to spend!

While Qin Ruo sighed emotionally, the Titawraith Berserker who nullified himself of the Gravity Status had once again charged almost ten meters toward the Gargantuan Demoncroc. He swung his sword frantically as none of the Tier 4 Devilcrocs within the vicinity were able to stop him from pushing forward.

Although the Titanwraith Berserker could no longer evade all attacks from the Devilcrocs as he remained in the middle of the horde, he was still able to minimize the number of attacks that landed on him. The thing that rendered Qin Ruo speechless the most was the fact that despite being hit, the Titanwraith Berserker’s body remained completely unaffected. He continued to swing his gigantic broadsword naturally and smoothly, performing ordinary attacks such as “slash”, “slice”, “sweep”, “pierce”, and “pull”.

The assaults of the Tier 4 Devilcrocs seemed to be completely ineffective against him. But whenever the Devilcrocs were hit by the Titanwraith Berserker’s attacks, they looked like they were just hit by a train. Sprays of blood mixed with shredded flesh from the monsters splattered heavily into the marsh by the side…

The Titanwraith Berserker was like a battle machine with high intelligence. He merely blew away all the Tier 4 Devilcrocs that blocked his way as he continued to approach the Gargantuan Demoncroc!

In the distance, the players from Black Jail had already picked up the first Devil’s Snare. They witnessed the Titanwraith Berserker who charged into the horde of Devilcrocs, all fired up with boundless enthusiasm as he slaughtered the crocodiles up. Most of them revealed shocked expressions on their faces as a result. Their movements also slowed down a little.

“This brat… When did he become so terrifying?!”

The person who muttered this was the Shadoweaver who called that Titanwraith Berserker “Big Black”. The Titanwraith Berserker appeared as imposing as a god from the heavens while the Elementalist peered at him in the middle of the battlefield. The Elementalist also looked at the Gargantuan Demoncroc which had begun to take several steps back from time to time. Nonetheless, it continued to let out deep and ominous roars. That was when he spoke those words with mixed feelings.

After he was done talking, he turned his eyes over to a brother right next to him.

That person was a Level 48 Vájra Berserker by the name of “Great Steelwall”. He had the same full set of Dark Gold Equipment on him. His strength crowned him as the third most powerful warrior in the Black Jail Clan. He was renowned for his Defense and his ability to cause devastating, instant explosive damage. At the same time, he was also one of the main ten Field Commanders of Black Jail! The Elementalist glanced at Great Steelwall, who continued to hold on tightly to his weapon. His eyes shone with great battle spirit.

“Brother Steel, what do you think about his strength—”

Before he could even finish his question, the Gargantuan Demoncroc suddenly raised its head and began to summon the Deathly Meteor, which Qin Ruo was extremely familiar with and dreadful of!


Qin Ruo’s face was instantly full of fright. The first thing that came to his mind was that horrifying impact once the Deathly Meteor fell to the ground. The shockwave from the impact was powerful enough to forcefully reveal all invisible units within the vicinity of a hundred meters squared.

‘F*ck this sh*t!’ Qin Ruo panicked and cursed quietly to himself. He grabbed onto the Return Scroll in his backpack tightly as soon as he was able to. He planned to activate the Return Scroll right before the Tier 5 AoE Magic Attack landed upon the area. His main purpose was to prevent himself from getting discovered by the few Bandits from Carefree Clan. They were currently about ten meters away from where he stood.

However, just as the blinding light rose, a thunderous roar suddenly burst forth from the Titanwraith Berserker’s mouth. After that, with his own eyes, Qin Ruo witnessed the Berserker leaping high up into the air while grabbing onto his gigantic broadsword with both hands. The man leaped over to the front of the Gargantuan Demoncroc where it lifted its neck up.

From the perspective of players observing the battle from afar, it seemed like the Titanwraith Berserker had entirely approached the gigantic whirlpool that suddenly appeared in the middle of the sky. There was apparently no distance between him and the whirlpool. His broadsword was pointed straight at it as it blazed with white light. Then…

The broadsword was ferociously swung down all of a sudden!!

It landed solidly on the gigantic white neck of the Gargantuan Demoncroc. It looked like it was disemboweled by the Titanwraith Berserker. Fresh blood spurted out in all directions.

Under that devastating strike, the Tier 5 AoE Magic Attack immediately stopped!


The Gargantuan Demoncroc was not able to endure much pain anymore. It cried out in anguish as it continuously swung its large mouth around the place. Its blood incessantly splattered all over the surroundings as well. The Titanwraith Berserker who landed back on the ground did not stop there. He quickly reached out again and another impressive line was cut across the underbelly of the Gargantuan Demoncroc.

It was a double hit!

Slayer’s Heart had once used that move in the past…

Heavy strike! Charge! Dragon’s Ascension! Roar!!!

It all happened so suddenly! A field of Earth Spikes shot out from the ground like sharp blades, instantly stopping the Titanwraith Berserker’s next skill from being activated. It also barely prevented the Gargantuan Demoncroc from enduring the full impact of a full four-combo attack (the further the combo went on, the higher the damage would be).

At the end of the day, the attacks of the Tier 3 Overlord were unlike those of ordinary monsters. Even the leader of the Carefree Clan Party could not have possibly ignored that. However, their Party was extremely fit for their jobs! The Tier 4 Devilcrocs in the area where the Titanwraith Berserker passed by earlier on were completely wiped out. The moment their leader was hurt, a few Healing spells were cast on him. The amount of HP he lost was restored in an instant.

The Titanwraith Berserker approached the Boss once again. At the same time, a row of men marched out from the Carefree Clan Party as they entered their attacking range. Beams of single magic attacks were neatly launched right at the Gargantuan Demoncroc!

Corrosive Ball, Violet Lightning, Firegod’s Fury, Fire Blast, Darkfrost Spike, Dimensional Blade…

Traces of cuts and wounds instantly appeared on the Gargantuan Demoncroc’s enormous body as fresh blood began to pour out everywhere.

A group of Elementalists immediately made a tactical retreat the moment they were done bombarding their attacks on the Boss. A second group of Elementalists who was done casting magic spells was switched to the front line to replace those who retreated. The moment the attention of the Gargantuan Demoncroc was attracted over to this side, the Titanwraith Berserker used all his might to delay the Boss. He worked together with another four Beastblood Berserkers, who rushed into the front line from the rear as they blocked the Gargantuan Demoncroc! As they took turns to attack the Boss, the HP of the Gargantuan Demoncroc began to decrease rapidly…

In comparison to the Beastblood Berserkers from the Order of the Eight Gods, these four Beastblood Berserkers from the Carefree Clan were significantly stronger in all aspects. The way they held their shields, and the angles in which they engaged their enemies reeked of deep understanding about the art of battle. They were always trying to keep their attack strengths to a minimal… Simultaneously, they were trying their best to not take even a single step back! The four of them used their actions and capabilities to perfectly illustrate the meaning of a “perfect human-meat shield”.

As for the Titanwraith Berserker, there was truly no doubt that he was the one who got the most spotlight in the battle. Even Qin Ruo, who always believed in battling with wisdom and loved the refined style of Elementalists, could not help but feel a chill deep in his heart. He was utterly excited during that moment—he was a champion, a true champion!

At that time, Great Steelwall who was observing the battle from afar, only let out a sigh of relief. He then responded to Shadoweaver’s question earlier.

“Very powerful… He’s truly worthy to be called the ‘Dark Annihilator’, the number one Field Commander of Carefree Clan.”

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Chapter 117