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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 115

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 115

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Members of Black Jail…”

“What are they doing here? Are they also having thoughts about the Gargantuan Demoncroc?” Qin Ruo pondered the question, which many of the players on the scene were also wondering about.

Were the members of Black Jail really at Devil’s Swamp for the Devil’s Snares, especially when they appeared at a time like this? That did not seem to be the true case! How would they know whether the Devil’s Snares were yet to be tainted by anyone’s fingerprints or not at that point? So, their main purpose of going all the way there was to find the Gargantuan Demoncroc!

Their appearance had immediately spurred the Order of the Eight Gods Clan to be vigilant.

The situation was now developing in the most unfavorable direction. It had escalated to a point where it was beyond their control. It would be a lie if someone said that there was no tension in the air the moment the party from Black Jail revealed itself.

Although not more than thirty members of Black Jail showed up, every single one of them was a highly-skilled player. Their individual strengths were far beyond the strength of the Enforcer Party from the Order of the Eight Gods. If the players from the Order really wanted to poke their noses into the incident, the road behind them would definitely become more difficult.

But the people of the Order of the Eight Gods were also clear about one thing!

While Black Jail had a great reputation, they had so far, never provided assistance in any truculent and unreasonable matter such as Kill Stealing. Knowing that there were already players dealing with the monsters, the players from Black Jail would definitely not just blend into the battle with the others…

What troubled them was just a moment ago, their Clan Leader had ordered hundreds of their brothers to retreat with the intention of leaving those players who came to disrupt the battlefield for dead. After that, they could just revive their fallen brothers and readjust their party before laying siege to the Boss!

In other words, even if the players of Black Jail decided to stick their noses into the battle of stopping the Gargantuan Demoncroc, the people of the Order of Eight Gods had no say in it at all. After all, the Gargantuan Demoncroc was not their pet.

“Clan Leader! Should we let our brothers—”

A member of the Order of the Eight Gods instantly felt anxious after he found out that Black Jail Clan had entered Devil’s Swamp. He wanted to quickly prepare for his brothers-in-arms, who had just retreated, to regroup and charge into battle. They could then prove that they had not given up on the Gargantuan Demoncroc with their actions.

Who knew that before he could finish his words, he was immediately interrupted by another member of the Order of the Eight Gods who raised his hand.

“If they want to join the battle, just let them be… There are about thirty of them only. There’s nothing to worry about.”

The second those words came out of the person’s mouth, everyone was suddenly reminded of their current situation.

Well, what he said was true as well. The Boss that lay before them was an Overlord after all. How could a mere thirty players be capable of handling that Boss? Furthermore, the Order of the Eight Gods had already sacrificed almost twenty of their men earlier on…

Less than ten seconds later, the situation of the players on the battlefield took a turn for the worse.

Without firepower suppression from the Order of the Eight Gods, the Gargantuan Demoncroc was like a rampant tiger that went uncontrollably wild. It barged about outrageously, crashing into everything in the vast area of the swamp. It was a complete single-sided carnage.

Hundreds of players, who had charged into the battlefield with the notion of taking advantage of the others, died just like that. At the same time, there were quite a number of players who died by the mouth of the newly-respawned Tier 4 Devilcrocs…

The people of the Order of the Eight Gods had only retreated for less than a minute, but the number of equipment being dropped in the vicinity of the vast swamp continued to increase instead of decrease. It was just that, the equipment dropped behind were mostly garbage.

At that time, Qin Ruo had led his party members away as they made their way far into the depths of the jungle marshes. They were observing the battlefield from a distance when the situation underwent a sudden change. Their emotions went up and down relentlessly…

The strength of the Gargantuan Demoncroc was far beyond everyone’s expectation!

Even the large-scale Clan, Order of the Eight Gods, had lost hundreds of good players to the monster. If more than two hundred of their comrades in their base were to run towards the battlefield where the action was, it would very difficult to imagine any other outcome than complete annihilation by the end of the battle.

It was really ridiculously funny that throughout their operation for the past half a month, they did not even get to test out half of the Gargantuan Demoncroc’s strength. But it had been several times that they discussed what they could get after taking out the Gargantuan Demoncroc. Their behavior truly reflected an old saying—people who did not know anything could be afraid of nothing!

Aside from Qin Ruo, Brother Da, and the other ladies; the great and lofty aspirations that followed them into the battlefield were long gone. Other than the equipment filling up the ground in their surroundings, their hearts and eyes could see nothing else.


Those from the Order of the Eight Gods began to cause a commotion one after another as they left the area. Upon hearing fierce scolding, which had been suppressed for a moment, hundreds of players seemed unwilling to accept their current situation. They retreated from the outskirts like a tidal wave as they moved farther into the depths of the marshes in Devil’s Swamp. They only left about a hundred Radiant Priests behind to continue resurrecting some of the corpses of players from the Order of the Eight Gods by the outskirts of the swamp.

Seeing this, Qin Ruo was slightly stunned. He did not know what had really happened to the Order of the Eight Gods. Why would they suddenly give the command for everyone to retreat at a time like this?

“Why are they going away?” Gold Digger Babe whispered in a soft voice, appearing to be confused.

Feeling suspicious, Gold Digger Babe looked in the direction where the people from the Order of the Eight Gods were evacuating.

While Qin Ruo and the others quietly speculated in the dark about what the Order of the Eight Gods Clan had up its sleeves, many players who were observing the battle from the side had also turned around and entered the jungle marshes.

Instantly, Qin Ruo and those others around him were even more confused than before.

Qin Ruo seized an opening as hid himself in a shadow by the side of a large tree while everyone around did not pay attention to him. After he activated his Aquamorph, he used Elemental Perception: Water to swiftly scan the area!

The sensitive Elemental Perception: Water ability rapidly radiated out in all directions into their surroundings…


“Xinqin, your Brother Qin has vanished!”

“Where did he go?”

The two pretty Priests had noticed Qin Ruo’s disappearance. They kept asking Gold Digger Babe about his whereabouts. Gold Digger Babe received a voice message from Qin Ruo, reminding her that he was preparing to scout ahead to observe the situation on the other side. She then immediately came up with a reason to brush off her two classmates. When they finally calmed down, Qin Ruo had also extended the range of his perception to the maximum without a hitch!

Through the Water Element, which was found everywhere, Qin Ruo saw a strange scene at the spot previously packed with the most number of people from the Order of the Eight Gods Clan. The number of DPS Classes that were left behind in the Order of the Eight Gods was so poor to the point that it looked pathetic. Furthermore, it seemed as if all of them had just been resurrected by the Radiant Priests within the area. As for the other players who were there to observe the battle, they had already left the place. The trend of the situation seemed to be expanding further into the surroundings as many more players began to do the same. It looked like the moment the players received news about something, they immediately turned around and left Devil’s Swamp… Their movements were surprisingly consistent.

Qin Ruo’s heart was instantly filled with confusion. What the hell was going on?

At that point, his senses caught a few players running rapidly towards him from afar. He was able to quickly recognize them. Those players were the warriors from the party he had led earlier on. Looking at their anxious faces, it was obvious that something had truly happened on the other side!

“Why are you guys still here?!”

“Where’s Qin Ruo? Contact him, we must leave quickly!”

They rushed over and threw a few words without rhyme or reason. If most of the people around were not pretty ladies, and one of them was their Financial Department Assistant, those men would have made body contact with the ladies and pulled them as they ran. But they did not.

“What happened?” Little Kitten frowned and stood up.

She might have been a rare Tier 3 rookie in the party, but none of her colleagues from the same base dared look down upon her. They immediately told her about the incident that suddenly arose on the other side.

“It’s the Seven Great Leagues…”

“I have no idea how the ‘Carefree Clan’ of Netherspirit’s Claw got the information. They’ve just sent a party over here. There seems to be about a hundred of them. The leader of the party’s a Field Commander. His identity’s unknown though… But he shouted at all of us over there just now and said that he would give us five minutes. They won’t lay a finger on the Gargantuan Demoncroc within those five minutes… but after that, if we still can’t take out the Gargantuan Demoncroc, they’ll start purging the area!”


Qin Ruo furrowed his eyebrows. He knew what that meant—a large-scale Clan, especially a League Clan, would never allow players to watch and wait at the side while they lay siege on the Boss. Those who remained in the vicinity of the Boss should either get lost or allow their men to be “purged”… In other words, be killed…

Five minutes….

Needless to say, even if all of the players from the Order of the Eight Gods in the vicinity could gather their strength and take on the Boss, they might not be able to take out the Gargantuan Demoncroc! The Field Commander of the Carefree Clan sounded nice with his words though. He gave the others time and a chance. Nonetheless, the meaning behind his words was clear: he wanted to force all of the players in the area to leave.

“Will the players of the Order of the Eight Gods follow his orders obediently?”

Brother Da opened his mouth wide as he appeared surprised.

The individuals around him immediately laughed. “You didn’t see them. When those people from the Order of the Eight Gods heard his words, they were all flabbergasted like they were in denial. The only thing missing was courting war with Carefree Clan. The Order of the Eight Gods did go up to their Field Commander to negotiate at first… Hehe, but what do you think happened after that? The Field Commander didn’t even respond to them at all, hahaha! You didn’t see the guy’s face just now! It was so funny!”

After he heard that, Brother Da immediately rolled his eyes and criticized, “F*ck! Those ball-less b*tches! They’re only brave enough to act tough in front of us, huh! Hmph! That’s pretty good! Finally, someone can put them in their place a little. Letting the people of Carefree Clan go would be better than letting those thrash from the Order of the Eight Gods go and get what they want!”

“Okay, that should count as our revenge on them for today! Let’s move! The Hunters of the Carefree Clan have arrived. If we don’t get out of here quickly, there won’t be any place or anyone we can complain to if we get ourselves killed. Huh? Where’s Qin Ruo? Quick, contact him! Get him and his two friends back to the city now…”

“He’s gone.”

When Brother Da was done talking, he sent a voice message over to Qin Ruo on the other side. He whispered for Qin Ruo to watch out and take care of himself. After that, he and the others swiftly left Devil’s Swamp as well.

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Chapter 115