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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 113

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 113

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Frankly speaking, it was difficult for regular folk to deal with a Tier 3 Aquamancer such as Qin Ruo!

Melee class players did not dare to attack him. No one could have the confidence to strike him without the fear of being killed instantly. They would not even have the confidence to kill a Tier 3 rookie! Even though many Eight Gods Clan’s members were furious, none dared to take action against him save for an Elementalist that probably had too much free time in his hands.

Devil Iceheart.

Despite a menacing name, he was merely an ordinary Tier 4 Aquamancer from Eight Gods Clan. Only a coward would make such a “wise” choice—picking the seemingly weakest and easiest target among the twenty “thieves”. Bullying rookies was what many bored players were best at.

What surprised Devil Iceheart even more was the player’s information he received from the system. It indicated that this Tier 3 Aquamancer was Qin Ruo, the target that Godslayer instructed them to take down.

This made him even more determined.

Hah, this brat is so unlucky.

Giving the enemy trouble, especially Qin Ruo gave him a chance to give the leaders of the Clan a “good” impression. He might even walk away with one or two equipment with good attributes!


After making a quick decision, Devil Iceheart decided to be the first to shake up this little “rookie” who successfully killed Godslayer while he was off-guard.

His plan was simple. To take advantage of the chaotic situation of the fight and sneak up onto the unsuspected and unguarded tier 3 Elementalist and kill him with a single Tier 2 Frost Bullet. (To be fair, calling Qin Ruo unguarded was not the truth at all. However, it was hard to really tell whether or not a person had cast a shield on themselves, especially if it was a Water spell.)

However what he never expected was…

A skill of which he had the utmost confidence with was immediately found out by that “noob”! Of which, he had made it seems easy to dispel the attack! The manner of he stopping the bullet, from noticing the enemy’s presence, casting a shield in the air, all in the same as he revealed his true self to the world. He kept his calm. Not frowning, not flinching. It was the manner of which a true professional player would react in times of danger. That had him, the person who attacked Qin Ruo, a Tier 4 Aquamancer felt ridiculed!

He could not help but exclaim in confusion.

Once his voice escaped his lips he was filled with regret!

The Tier 3 Aquamancer that stood in front of him had eyes that scanned around like an ultra-precision radar. In a split of a second, his eyes locked on to his target, gleaming as he did. At the moment, Qin Ruo’s sight was locked, Devil Iceheart felt as if he had done something extremely wrong.

“Why is it happening?” he muttered to himself

Devil Iceheart shuddered slightly. Unconsciously, he tried to subtly avert his gaze, avoiding Qin Ruo’s. Although he knew it was futile to hope that Qin Ruo would let him go unscathed, the action was done and he could not felt any more shameful.

Damn, it’s so embarrassing.

It was only a moment of thought, yet he noted that Qin Ruo’s moving away from him. In the next second, Devil Iceheart immediately drew a breath of relief. His heart was almost beating out of his chest!

Qin Ruo really did not attack him again! Due to the quick scan earlier, his subconsciously activated his counterattack skill—the Water-element web was immediately retrieved with a higher speed.

It was not that Qin Ruo was wary of him. It was because Devil Iceheart kept his guard up with a double layer of defense from both Frostbarrier and Dark Frostshield. In this situation, it was hard for Qin Ruo who possessed mere Tier 3 combat power to cause any damage to him, whether physical or magic damage.

So instead of wasting time engaging him, it was more practical to loot more equipment, taking advantage of the chaotic battle.

However, just as he turned his head around to move to the next place to continue looting equipment…


The Gargantuan Demoncroc’s roar could be heard in a distance. It was filled with explosive fury, its terrifying soundwave reverberating in Devil’s Swamp like a surging tide!


Qin Ruo alongside hundreds of players were hit by this strong sound wave and tossed away by the powerful shockwave, causing everyone that was affected to lose their footing.

“Damn it! Another Tier 5 AoE spell!” Qin Ruo cursed in his heart the moment he was tossed into the air.


Landing heavily on the soft marsh, Qin Ruo did not feel good because his body was now wet. Although he was not badly hurt, he was annoyed. If not for that attack, that Violet Equipment would have been his! Damn, what a shame!


Beyond the battlefield, countless onlooking players were dumbfounded at the sight of hundreds of people being sent flying into the air then thrown onto the ground before their eyes!

F*ck! It was no wonder that up until now, there were only thirty players that were acknowledged as Supreme Champions by billions of players… A group of people could be easily wiped out in the presence of such a horrifying AoE attack!

Gargantuan Demoncroc’s second Tier 5 AoE attack had instantly killed a group of Eight Gods Clan members, which gave Qin Ruo and the others another chance. At the same time, some players who were not involved in the battle, that had only the intention to loot dropped equipment, saw that there were other players joining in the fray. How could they miss out on this chance to get rich? Ignoring the angry remarks from Eight Gods Troop Clan members, they charged into every possible entry of the battle like wild horses on the loose…

This made the situation worse.

The new bunch of looters that entered the battleground did not care much other the Eight Gods Clan. Even if they were detected, they could not care less. On the other hand, the Eight Gods Clan finally resort to jumping on the bandwagon. To tackle the sudden appearance of looters, the Eight Gods decided to kill them first and worry later.

As a result, the Eight Gods Clan that could have reorganized and retaliated with force, was thrown into a completely jumbled group of players, not knowing what they were doing. Not knowing what to do was one thing, but attacking without knowing who, was extremely dangerous.

The most excruciating thing to Eight Gods Clan was when once a member died, the scattered equipment on the ground would disappear immediately—taken away by countless people who rushed to loot them.

The looters were like scavengers—vultures to be exact! They would even rush in between players hurling spells towards each other, just to loot something! It might be crap, it might be god-like, they would not care. They would just reach out their claws out just to loot something.


As the whole situation became messier, Qin Ruo swiftly announced it to the party’s channel, becoming the first to leave the battlefield. It was fine to risk death for money, but seeking death blindly… was not his style.


*Boom! Boom!*

On the other side of the battlefield, the attack landing on the Gargantuan Demoncrac was significantly weakened.

It seized this opportunity by moving its stout limbs fast—quaking the ground which made players shudder, as it charged violently into the crowd like a fast train…

Order of the Eight Gods Clan was naturally the first to be so unfortunate. Dozens of Eight Gods Clan’s warriors who were blocking its path were being rammed into and tossed into the air before falling onto the ground like sludge—their fates unknown. As long as the players were Elementalist, bow users, or basically Classes that has lower HP in general, were all instantly killed by the huge, truck-sized whip.

At the same time, a few figures that Qin Ruo was familiar with swiftly emerged from the chaos!

“Haha! So exciting! The f*cking crocodile is going into a frenzy again!!”

Brother Da sat down and laughed crudely once he walked over to Qin Ruo’s side.

By now there was no anxiety on his face like when he encountered Eight Gods Clan, as he was beaming with pleasure. It seemed that he gained a lot taking advantage of the chaotic situation.

Those who got away at the same time included Gold Digger Babe, Little Kitten, two pretty Priests, and another Bandit—all of which were in a good mood.

The rest of them were not so lucky though.

Some of them lost their lives while being too absorbed in looting equipment; whereas some had gone too far ahead and were trapped inside, unable to leave. In any case, they would not suffer any losses in the end as long as there was a Priest there!

“Man, your strategy was flawless! Killing them without having to confront them face to face—tsk!”

The situation was gradually getting out of control as the Gargantuan Demoncroc was reaping players’ lives like a human meat mixer, with the majority of them being Eight Gods Clan’s members. Brother Da cried with joy as he observed the situation in the battlefield, where equipments were dropping like crazy. He had a sudden urge to rush back into the battleground to try his luck again.

Gold Digger Babe and Little Kitten were similarly excited. For a while, they found it hard to contain themselves. With eyes wide open, they watched the battlefield as it became increasingly chaotic.

With more and more players died, Eight Gods’ Priests were so busy that they could not keep up with their resurrection and healing. Seeing all these, Gold Digger Babe and Little Kitten’s mood was elevated to the point of satisfaction; the same feeling of drinking a bowl of ice cold sour plum herbal drink on a hot summer day.

“Brother Qin, what should we do now?” Gold Digger Babe asked cheerfully.

Qin Ruo smiled as his gaze drifted over to the cliff…

“Which of you has learned Gathering?”

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Chapter 113