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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 110

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 110

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Ruo was convinced at last!

He could see the pleading look in his colleagues’ eyes. That made him give in to be part of their cause.

However, he had conditions—everyone had to obey the instructions of his “two friends”, including the route along the way and the countermeasures when they met the enemy. Their every move had to be decided by him.

“Those” who knew the truth gave him a scornful look. Regardless, Little Kitten, Gold Digger Babe, and the others who were clearly aware of Aquamorph’s importance, shot “those” people a look of disdain in return.

On the other hand, only Brother Da was not able to contain himself. After hearing Qin Ruo’s so-called conditions, he smacked his forehead then shook his head. For a brief while, he raised his head from time to time narrowing his eyes at Qin Ruo…

As for Dinosaurcerer who had discovered the existence of Qin Ruo’s Aquamorph when he merged with the Tier 3 Silver Wolf, his mouth twitched slightly, keeping mum about Qin Ruo’s secret.

After that, Qin Ruo demonstrated his amazing commanding capability by using his outstanding Elemental Perception: Water. There were many detours along the way, but they were able to stay away from more than ten teams from Order of the Eight Gods thus avoiding trouble. At the same time, the team also avoided some of the areas populated with Devilcroc and easily entered the deepest part of Devil’s Swamp.

The last five resurrected Tier 4 players in the team originally were not entirely convinced by Qin Ruo and “his friends”. However, they felt more and more surprised along the way!

Qin Ruo could even point out the swamp’s traps to them one by one. This completely changed everyone’s opinion about him as “Citadel’s No. 1 rookie”.

Especially Dinosaurcerer, who was such an arrogant person listened to almost all his instructions. The rest were gradually convinced and complied as well…

When they almost reached their destination, quite a number of player’s teams began to enter Qin Ruo’s perception range.


Qin Ruo stopped as he turned to Dinosaurcerer, the only marked player in the team and said, “There are many people in front, I think it is better for you to just back off.”

Dinosaurcerer had initially suggested retreating in the beginning. However, when he saw that everyone else was reluctant to do so, he changed his mind, insisting that he should stay in the team and slay the Order of the Eight Gods Clan’s red-tagged players.

“Don’t have to persuade me, you guys go ahead I will be right here waiting for all of you.”

Dinosaurcerer shook his head firmly since he really could not escape alone while his brothers were in the midst of combat.

At this time, Qin Ruo discovered through his Elemental Perception: Water that the battle in the front had erupted. He instantly stopped trying to dissuade Dinosaurcerer. Sighing, he said, “Be careful then.” Following that, he led the team to enter to the deepest part of the battlefield from the left side.


Many of Citadel employees were ecstatic when they knew that there were reinforcements coming. All of them volunteered to come and help. However, Qin Ruo rejected their offer.

The reason was fairly simple.

Order of the Eight Gods Clan had launched an assault, but they still retained hundreds of Tier 4 players on their side, monitoring every move of the players from the outside. Thus, gathering up a group of players at this moment would not give them a better advantage and might instead hamper their mission. Instead of grouping up and luring the Order of the Eight Gods Clan scouts, it was better to let those employees be the targets of their attention while Qin Ruo’s team remain hidden. When the right moment arrives, they would launch a surprise attack and ruin the Order of the Eight Gods Clan’s plan.

Once everyone agreed, they relayed the message to their teammates, instructing them to turn around and get ready to ambush the Eight Gods members.

Under Qin Ruo’s lead, this group of people silently approached the end of Devil’s Swamp. They leaned against the flat mountain wall that seemed to be pared off by a sharp knife. Now, they were hiding in the dark, behind one of the opponent’s teams. They were just waiting patiently for the order from Qin Ruo’s “friends”.


An intense battle unfolded at the spawn point of the Gargantuan Demoncroc!

Hundreds of gigantic Devilcrocs were following the command of the Gargantuan Demoncroc. They divided into two groups and launched a fierce assault toward the player team that reached their attack range.

The ground shook!

Rocks came rolling down!!!

A variety of elemental spells bombarded the crowd of monsters and players…

Even if a Tier 4 Elementalist amplifies Barrier, it would not be able to deflect those Tier 4 Water and Earth magic attacks.

After the first AoE attack by the Devilcrocs, more than twenty Elementalist died instantly!

The situation with more than twenty Beastblood Berserkers of both directions was not looking good either.

The marsh beneath their feet seemed to be alive, as if there were lurking snakes. The soft ground was constantly twisting, winding, and dragging their bodies down. As such, their plan to get closer to the crocodiles was an utter failure.

Not only was their speed diminished, but some of these Beastblood Berserkers also had brownish-yellow glow around their bodies. Those familiar with it knew that this was the Gargantuan Demoncroc’s Tier 5 spell—AoE Gravity.

The effect of this spell increases the weight of all targets within range by 50%.

This caused the warriors from Eight Gods Clan to be in misery, as the surprise “gift” was akin to carrying a heavy rock in the swamp. As such, they could not move at all—not even a single step!

The only thing they could do was to slightly raise their giant shields, relying on their robust bodies and the defense of the shields to block the countless meteorites that fell from the sky.

Stone Graveyard!

Under normal circumstances, the Tier 4 Devilcrocs would not cast this spell.

However, with the Gargantuan Demoncroc’s order, this spell was deadly!

The meteorites that flew out from more than ten rapidly rotating vortices possessed an extremely powerful momentum continuously raining down on the players in a large area.

These Elementalists died in an instant!

Some of the Beastblood Berserkers who had high Defense and HP were immediately weakened. Without the buff from the Priests at the rear, they would definitely die charging into the fight. Why did each wave have more than ten attacks in it? Although the force of one wave was not very high, the multiple falling rocks did devastating damage.

The onlooking players at the side were amazed and baffled by the displayed strength of these beasts…

It was only a Tier 3 Overlord yet it was powerful enough to take down more than two hundred players in half a minute. It was as though the groups did not stand a chance at all at defeating it.

“This is the Overlord. Good grief! It’s too strong…”

“Yeah, just its command ability is far stronger than those Tier 4 Elite Bosses!”

“No wonder it could drop Dark Gold Equipment. In that case, weaker groups would be completely destroyed…”

Amidst the crowd’s discussion, the members from Order of the Eight Gods were red-faced.

“Damn it This Tier 3 Overlord’s difficulty is almost comparable with a Tier 5 Boss!”

Eight Gods felt a chill creep up his spine but felt relieved at the same time. Fortunately he brought enough Priests along, otherwise many of his Clan members would die and lose a level for nothing…

Without any hesitation, he quickly instructed them to send two more teams!


Soon, there were more than two hundred people who rushed onto the battlefield, eliminating more than ten Devilcrocs in an instant. Watching this, the players who were hoping for Order of the Eight Gods Clan’s defeat swore aloud.

“F*ck! How embarrassing!”

“I finally understand why people who create a Party would then create a Clan and a League after that. F*ck! Once the member’s population gets larger, no matter how powerful the Boss is, it is no longer a threat for them.”

“You are right, more than two hundred people still can’t finish off a Boss? What a garbage Clan it is? Why are they so noob?”

The Order of the Eight Gods Clan’s member could only glare at these people angrily, but they did not dare to really provoke them. Since there were more than two hundred troublemakers who have already caused them headaches for a few hours, why would they make more enemies? If they do so, they were surely out of their minds!

Qin Ruo had been observing the battlefield from the shadows. When he saw that the Gargantuan Demoncroc had the upper hand, he looked grim.

As soon as the third and fourth groups of Eight Gods Clan joined the fray, the colleagues around him began whispering to him, asking whether they should strike now.

However, Qin Ruo seemed to have discovered something very interesting. His eyes lit up in surprise. Then, he exaggeratedly swung his hand back.

“Hold on!”

As soon as he ended his words, he realized his tone of voice was a little too forceful and loud. He flushed in embarrassment. After that, he turned his head and added, “Nope, Gargantuan Demoncroc has not attacked yet, this is not the right time…”

“Big brother Qin, what did you find?” Gold Digger Babe who had a pair of sharp eyes did catch the excitement in Qin Ruo’s eyes. She then quietly sent a voice message and asked.

Qin Ruo smiled, but he did not respond to the voice message. Instead, he spoke it out directly, saying that he found Devil’s Snare and some Herbs from a seam between the cliff and the swamp behind the Gargantuan Demoncroc.

“Devil’s Snare?”

The group of people beside Qin Ruo widened their eyes in shock.

Then someone whispered doubtfully, “You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s so far away, how could you spot it?”


“Erm…” Qin Ruo immediately realized that he described it too detailed just now since he was so excited! Even if he gave the credit to his two “friends”, it was also hard to come up with an excuse.

At this moment, Qin Ruo put his index finger on his lips and tried to change the topic.

“Shhh… Be quiet, someone is coming!”

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Chapter 110