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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 107

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 107

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The two Berserkers fell victim to the trap set by Qin Ruo. However, the head Hunter who was also a Berserker was lucky enough to not to become the third victim. It was as though he guessed Qin Ruo’s trick as he chose to walk on the dry route. Although the distance was further, he was the first one who managed to reach the Priests!

Seeing that the lives of several Priests were in danger, Qin Ruo was not worried at all. Instead, his attention fell on the few red-tagged Hunters…


After the Berserker had been slashed down and fell into the marsh, two of them immediately realized that the nearby marsh was rapidly freezing into thick ice at a very noticeable speed.

As soon as he got into the water, both of his hands were trapped in the ice.

Although this could not trigger a proper Frozen effect on him who was in Berserk, this step was necessary to buy the attackers some time.


Such an opportunity, how could one miss it! The warrior seized the chance to cast a skill, hacking the poor Berserker’s head!

Instant kill!

At the same time, there were changes on the Priests’ side.



A sudden monstrous roar erupted. A silver figure swooped out behind from a big tree that was next to the Priests all of a sudden! Like a ferocious beast in a frenzy, the silvery figure charged towards the Titanwraith Berserker that was about to attack the Priest.

The Berserker did not expect that a person was hiding behind the tree. This took him off guard, impairing his movements. As a result, the axe that was held up remained suspended in midair as the monster attacked the Berserker. The pain filled up his entire body in an instant! His chest seemed to open a few holes by something extremely cold. The Berserker immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, and was then knocked aside like a deflated ball…

The people from Eight Gods Clan were startled. All of them gazed at the silver figure in astonishment, realizing that the player who attacked the Berserker was actually covered in silver-white hair with a wolf’s face. It had a pair of eyes the reflected the light of the stars in the night sky, a face that spoke of vicious, long claws that could split anything apart like paper, all the features that represented Hollywood’s werewolves!

The player was none other than Dinosaurcerer who had been summoning monsters and casting Beastform Fusion at the rear. He finally completed the fusion process of human and monster at the very last moment.

No wonder there were not many people in the field were worried about the safety of the Radiant Priests…

Even though the conditions to cast Beastform Fusion were harsh, once the fusion process was complete, a Tier 4 Summoner’s combat power would increase drastically. It would have the strength to defeat all players of the same tier for a short duration.

Dinosaurcerer’s fusion process this time was very unique and costly. He fused with the Tier 3 Elite Miniboss ‘Silver Gale Wolf’ that he accidentally acquired.

After summoning it from the Mana Core, not only did his strength significantly increase, but he also possessed the melee fighting ability of the Silver Gale Wolf, several simple melee attack skills, and nearly 3,000 HP.

In this mode, he could deal with a Tier 4 Berserker or even three Berserkers and not be at a disadvantage.

After getting rid of the first Berserker, Dinosaurcerer quickly scanned his silver eyes with a hint of blood-red over the battlefield. He roared at the top of his lungs then rushed toward the two Berserkers who were just crawling up. At the same time, he did not forget to cast a silver Wind Blade toward the Berserker he knocked aside earlier.

The fire of vengeance burned vigorously in his heart!

From the moment he got betrayed, Dinosaurcerer plunged into despair, covered with failure and decadent sentiments that he never experienced before. Witnessing the familiar colleagues died again and again, his anger was reached his maximum point and exploded in the wildest way!


Dinosaurcerer roared as he strongly defended the attack against one of the Berserker. Next, he used the most savage way by sticking in his sharp silver wolf’s claw into the other’s chest, bringing out the bloody flesh and blood.

As the Berserker’s roared in pain, the wolf howled with strong anger and murderous feeling. Next, his used his wolf head to bang the poor Berserker, as if this was not his head, until he beat the Berserker’s brains out!

The corners of Qin Ruo’s mouth twitched after he watched this

What the hell… You can never judge a book by its cover. That man is usually calm and cool—boring in fact! But when he explodes… The man is more beastlike than Wolverine on steroids. Still… I like it. Heh.

He turned around and caught sight of a few Elementalists who were released from the Frozen debuff.


Again, another simple spell made these Elementalists shed tears of frustration. These poor people did not even know where the Aquamancer was hiding. Hence it was useless even if they used magic scrolls! (These elementalists are completely helpless without their defensive barrier, unless he or she has equipment that can resist the effects of the water element.)

After stifling the enemy Elementalist again, Qin Ruo perceived two Swordsmen who were acting suspiciously. Qin Ruo “felt” the two of them taking the long way around the battlefield in order to reach the back of the Priests.

Perhaps they saw the bleak situation of several Berserkers just now and decided to take a safe detour, preparing to reach the battlefield and saving the day.

Such a pity that… Ignorance was dreadful!

They seemed to forget a very important thing—there were still two Bandits on Qin Ruo’s side!


As soon as the Dinosaurcerer who fused with the Silver Gale Wolf appeared, the pressure on Eight Gods Clan increased significantly!

The head of the Hunter was on the chopping board.

He did not predict that he would be in such a hopeless situation.

Since the start of the battle, the few strong Elementalists were completely subdued by a single Aquamancer. None of them were able to recover even after a long time! On the other hand, Eight Gods Clan also lost four of their Bandits, while one Berserker perished in the hands of a warrior.

Even though Qin Rou’s side was having a tough time, they had not lost a single member! In fact, many of their hidden trump cards were still hidden By hook or by crook, it looked like Qin Ruo’s side was going to win!

The only spare muscle Eight Gods had were two Swordsmen and a Bowmaster that was guarding the Elementalists.

The Bowmaster had to stay put, otherwise they would have no chance of fighting back if the opponents send a Bandit to kill the Elementalists.

At that moment, Eight Gods had to put their faith in them—the current ones in battle which were the Summoner, Aquamancer, warrior, and other Elementalists. As they were all too preoccupied with the fight, only the Swordsmen were able to get them out of the situation. If they could strike at the precise moment, the advantage obtained could be a deciding factor.

However, this hope soon vanished completely when two familiar cries reached his ears…

Several Berserkers from Eight Gods Clan shifted their gaze toward the source of the voice. They could only see that the two Swordsmen who reached the Priest’s back looking like fools as they stood rooted to the ground as if they were beaten. Two Bandits; one man and one woman, with a dagger and a short sword, pierced these two Swordsmen. Blood gushed out from their wounds like a pipe that just burst.


A warrior on Qin Ruo’s side seized the opportunity and struck the two down. Qin Ruo froze them at the right time, enabling the warrior to eliminate them!

The two marked players groaned in anguish before dropping a few pieces of equipment. They were then sent to the Underwater Prison for their punishment.

Meanwhile, Dinosaurcerer who was filled with bloodlust slew three unmarked Berserkers at lightning speed. He killed two Berserkers through counterattack, but the last one was killed with malicious intent, causing him to become a marked player!

In such a short duration, Eight Gods’s group were left with only five Berserkers, one unmarked Priest, a Bowmaster, and six trapped Elementalists.

As the Bowmaster saw the situation getting worse, he decided to turn heel and run, leaving these six burdens behind!

Without the Bowmaster as sentry, the fates of these Elementalists were pretty much decided. After Gold Digger Babe and the other Bandit killed four Bandits and two Swordsmen, they were in for a pot of gold. The two of them walked away with many good equipment, collecting the loot as they walked on with their eye glimmered with greed. Seizing the opportunity, Gold Digger Babe brought her ‘Little Bandit Brother’ (In fact, he is nearly ten years older than her) that she took under her wing just now to stab some enemy.

The battle on the other side had also come to an end.

Just with five Berserkers and a single Priest, they were no longer a threat to Qin Ruo’s group. These people were on the losing end. If they were not surrounded in all directions, they would have escaped for their lives long ago.

Dinosaurcerer entered into the field, wearing nothing but the expression of a butcher. He cast a series of Windblades and then a Silver Wolf Claw. All these skills fell on the head of the Hunter and made some holes in his body. As a consequence, the winner of this battle was confirmed…

In the end, he did not intend to let go any member of Order of the Eight Gods Clan. Not after what they had done to him. When he was done with the DPS players, he turned around, displaying an intense bloodthirsty aura that sent shivers down the Eight Gods Clan Priest’s spines.

When the battlefield was cleared of all members from the Order of the Eight Gods, Dinosaurcerer calmed down. He turned around, glancing through all his comrade when he suddenly stopped and stared at a tree not far from him.

“Are you Qin Ruo? From the HR department?”


A group of people turned and looked around, thinking that the helpful mysterious pro had made his presence known.

However they saw nothing before them—not even a sign of a ghost.

When a few people were still wondering, they saw that Dinosaurcerer remained motionless and stared at that direction as before. Only then they started to whisper to each other in astonishment.

“Qin Ruo? I recall that he is a Tier 3 Aquamancer.”

“It can’t be him.”

The employees who were members of the company’s forum known as, were not that familiar with each other, but they had a list that marked everyone’s level and class. Among them, the lowest level was “Qin Ruo”…

Such a “well-known” and “famous” person!

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