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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 106

All chapters are in MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel

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MMORPG: The Elementalist Novel Chapter 106

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Compared to Eight Gods Clan, the number of players on Qin Ruo’s end was vastly lower. Under his guidance however, Gold Digger Babe and another Bandit were able to instantly kill two scouts from the other side, removing the ears and eyes of the enemy.

When the two groups clashed, the Elementalists on Qin Ruo’s side had already prepared their magic before their skirmish. As such, they had a minor advantage over their enemies. That was why then the battle began, both sides were evenly matched with the cooperation of three Elementalists, six warriors, and Priests! However, the five untagged Eight Gods Clan players had not made their move.

Of course, this was because the other party had kept two Swordsmen and one Bowmaster at the rear. By relying on eight Berserkers and one Radiant Priest, they were able to overwhelm Qin Ruo’s team who had five warriors, three Elementalists, and one Bowmaster…

Nevertheless, the Radiant Priests on Qin Ruo’ side were not idle—all of them were in their best condition to rapidly spam healing spells on their allies.

The enemies had their own struggles. Everyone wanted to break through the frontline and kill the Radiant Priests at the back. However, there were nine resilient players stopping them from ever reaching the back. On the other hand, the Elementalists from Eight Gods Clan were not yet ready. In order to end the fight, they had wait for a few more seconds…

Once the Elementalists joined the battle, they would be able to conclude the battle.

Qin Ruo had a hard time understanding Order of the Eight Gods Clan, so never let his guard down. He carefully hid far away from the actual battlefield, whilst paying close attention to the development of the battle. At the same time, he remotely “controlled” Gold Digger Babe and another Bandit to chase after the two enemy Bandits. Having two enemies with good assassination skills in the field would make one’s heart pump faster than a steam engine.

Fortunately, the two Bandits on the opposite side were so nervous at that moment that they did not join the fray. Two of them hid in the shadows with extreme caution as they looked around vigilantly, not daring to move a single step. After all, two of their comrade Bandits were somehow killed when they were in Stealth mode. They were killed by players who were weaker than them. This situation had never happened before… That was why they remained unmoving. It was the fear of the unknown. The unknown that was capable of killing invisible Bandits. Like a pair of eyes were watching their every move!

Indeed, they guessed it right!

They were being watched… Even though the two of them did not do anything, Qin Ruo still would not let them go. He could not let these two unpredictable red-tagged Bandits remain on the battlefield.

He quietly told Gold Digger Babe about one of the Bandit’s location. Next, he instructed the two Bandits to sandwich this poor Bandit. No matter how powerful this poor Bandit was, it was impossible for him to escape from three Bandits.


When the third Bandit died silently, the Elementalists of Eight Gods Clan were almost ready as their Defensive Barriers were about to be formed.

Qin Ruo silently retreated to the shadow of a big tree and faced the several Elementalists who stood in a row.


The chill appeared suddenly out of nowhere!

He saw the few Elementalists that were not too far away getting the shock of their lives. The marsh under their feet quickly turned into ice. Frosty mist surged upwards, sending frigid chills to even the brain!

As the Elementalists’ barrier casting was forcefully halted and they were under the Frozen debuff, the Swordsmen and the Bowmasters that were acting as guards were astonished as well.


How was it possible for them to let their supposed guards allow the Elementalist to be attacked right under their noses! It was only natural that they would all jump in shock! The Bowmaster quickly turn to the Swordsmen and said, “Find him!”

The Swordsmen activated their Combat Aura. One was the color of flames while the other was yellow like the sun, both symbolizing Fire and Earth respectively!

Like a powerful inferno, Qin Ruo’s eyes were focused on the two Swordsmen that were moving toward his direction.

Tier 4 Ignis Swordmasters…

It was fortunate that Qin Ruo had Aquamorph, therefore he needed not face the Swordsmen directly. Otherwise, he would have lost the battle miserably even if he was a Tier 4 Aquamancer. Combat Aura’s “special” effect was to reduce 20% and absorb 10% any Water-based magic damage.

In the midst of the battle, the Hunter started to panic once more when he noticed the situation pertaining to the Elementalists. Right then, he knew that reason why the previous group perished ever so easily.

Something is wrong!

Something is definitely wrong!

The opponent’s Bandit behaved as if she was being instructed. Her movements were so good that she would know the exact position of the Eight Gods’ invisible Bandits! That and the wretched Aquamancer, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. Whenever they appeared, they would smite them like thunder… at such a great timing at that to deal the most damage as he could! It appears that the Hunter had no idea it was all just one man behind the scene.

If he did not try his best any sooner, the “few” Aquamancers would come out soon enough to hound them again! If that happens, Eight Gods Clan will be done for.

“Ignore the Aquamancers! Finish the Priest off first!

“You lot as well! Get going! Get a move on and attack!”

Once the acting-commander Hunter spoke out, the expressions on the faces of every Eight Gods Clan member changed. The two Swordsmen that were chasing after Qin Ruo and the five untagged players were about to enter the main battle. Among the five unmarked players were three Berserkers and a Bandit as the main attackers. The Priest would only serve as a healer. However, if they did enter the battle, there would only be two outcomes. Either the battle would end in a flash or an intense battle would ensue.


As mentioned, once the three Berserkers and the Bandit joined the fight, the situation in the battlefield was suddenly reversed…

Brother Da was the first one to kick the bucket. Originally, he was very happy when discovering that several Elementalists were frozen, and was getting ready to jump on them. However, he did not expect that for a Berserker to charge toward him. Next, this Berserker slashed in his direction using an ex. If he had not obtained good Swordsman equipment good Swordsman equipment from Gold Digger Babe before, perhaps this axe would have cleaved him in half.

As soon as the Berserker sent Brother Da flying, a Priest at the back instantly responded in time, casting healing spells which instantly restored his HP to 100%.

The head Hunter frowned as he swung his axe to block the enemy in front of him. “Don’t worry about us, just kill the Priest!”

Two Berserkers who had joined the battle heard the words, and quickly left the battleground, sprinting toward the Priest at the back…

Hmph. Not on my watch.

Qin Ruo who hid in the darkness played his old trick again as he turned the marsh in front of them into a field of ice.

This kind of Tier 1 Aquamancer’s freezing ability had little effect on the warrior who had activated Berserk and Combat Aura. However, when used on the external environment, it could make a huge difference!

*Boom! Boom!*

With the sound of booms, the ground tremored twice as water splashed.

Witnessing the two Berserker’s miserable condition, even the “offender” Qin Ruo could not hold back the urge to reveal himself as the culprit.

You need to watch out when walking. Look at yourself… Pfft…

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Chapter 106