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Medical Princess Novel Chapter 417

All chapters are in Medical Princess Novel

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Medical Princess Novel Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Pissing off Two Physicians
Qin Wanru could not decide if she wanted to cry or to laugh. Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion must consider herself as one who was above everyone else!

Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion treated her in the same way she would dismiss a beggar. Her words even showed that she attempted to blame Qin Wanru for quarrelling with Qin Yuru in public. The way she intended to conceal Qin Yuru’s faults made her really seem like an old grandma who indulged her dear biological granddaughter.

But did she really care about her biological granddaughter?

Qin Wanru sneered at Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion inwardly, but did not let her emotion show on her face. She took a step toward Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion and said reverently, “I appreciate your kindness, but I am afraid you must have misunderstood. I don’t like the blood jade bracelets, no matter how beautiful Big Sister’s bracelet is. Great Elder Princess once gave me one and I sent it to my sister.”

Since Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion intended to be supercilious, Qin Wanru then imitated her grandmother’s power.

Hearing Qin Wanru’s answer, Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion immediately looked livid and disliked Qin Wanru even more. She snorted, “Since Great Elder Princess has sent you one, and then it would be better for me not to send you another blood jade bracelet. Your big sister was seriously injured, as she tried to save people this time. She is a good girl. When you are back, please inform your grandmother to come here, because I have something to tell her.”

Old Madam gave her instructions to Qin Wanru in an arrogant manner. It seemed that she did not want to say more to Qin Wanru.

“My grandmother is in poor health, so I am afraid she is unable to come here.” Qin Wanru replied in a respectful way.

Getting impatient, Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion frowned and thought Qin Wanru was much more rebarbative. “Then let your mother come.”

“She is in her sixth month of pregnancy, so it is inconvenient for her to come.” Qin Wanru impassively turned down Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion’s order.

“Then your father.” said Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion, impatiently.

“Yes, Old Madam.” Qin Wanru answered tamely.

“You go back and tell your father to come here!” Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion waved her hands, seeming as if she did not want to talk to Qin Wanru anymore.

After Qin Wanru bowed reverently to her and she finally left. Seeing Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion treating her lady so rudely, Yujie was very irritated. When she walked outside and tried to say something, she quickly stopped as Qin Wanru threw her a warning glance.

When she returned to the courtyard, two physicians invited by the maid who guarded the door, had come and were checking Qin Yuru’s pulse.

Qin Wanru stood beside Qin Yuru, impassively.

When the physician finished his check, the other physician came toward her.

“Physician, how is my neck?” Qin Yuru asked the physician who just checked her pulse, about the result, hurriedly.

“Don’t worry. It is fine. You just need to get some rest and get someone to give you the right massage for the neck.” The physician who finished his examination, comforted Qin Yuru.

The other physician also finished his examination. He stood up and said, “It is fine! Don’t worry, First Miss!”

“Since Big Sister was hit by a carriage, is it possible that there might be some internal injuries, besides the injury to her neck?” Qin Wanru stepped forward and asked.

“Internal injuries?” The two physicians looked at each other and then they both shook their heads.

“First Miss is fine and there are no other injuries, except for her twisted neck.” A physician smiled and answered.

“That condition is not serious, so First Miss will be able to recover after a few days’ rest.” The other physician agreed with a smile.

They both looked relaxed, which seemed to indicate that Qin Yuru’s injury was not very serious.

“However, another madam sustained a very serious injury. Are you really sure that my big sister is fine?” Qin Wanru frowned and put forward her question, which Qin Yuru also wanted to ask. As Qin Wanru asked, she also nodded.

“Yes. It is said that the madam who collided with me was seriously injured. Am I really okay?”

The reason why Qin Yuru was worried about her condition was because she had been totally scared by the scene when Third Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion was lifted down from the carriage, and had been covered with blood.

“First Miss, you are fine.” One of physicians comforted her.

“I am really fine?” Qin Yuru was still in doubt.

“Yes, you are. If you don’t believe the result, you can invite other physicians to come here and check if you are really okay!” The physician looked annoyed as Qin Yuru repeatedly doubted his medical skill. He started to think that the lady was toying with him. How could the lady still not understand when he had told her the results so clearly!

“First Miss, since both physicians say you are fine, that is great!” Realizing that Qin Yuru was still persistent, Nanny Huang immediately stepped forward and answered with a smile, before Qin Yuru could say anything.

“Am I?” Qin Yuru said to herself. She still felt uncomfortable and thought that she had slight aches all over her body.

“Yujie, bring these two physicians out, so they can give us a prescription.” Qin Wanru smiled gently and said to Yujie.

“Physicians, please follow me. My miss has prepared rewards for you and I will give it to you later.” Yujie understood and said to them with a smile.

Both the physicians were satisfied. They nodded in agreement and walked outside, following Yujie.

“It was you who invited them?” When two physicians walked outside, Qin Yuru immediately looked stunned. She had thought that it was Madam of Duke Xing who had invited these physicians, because when they came, they just said that they had been asked to come by the servants of Duke Xing’s Mansion.

“Did you think it was Duke Xing’s Mansion who invited them for you?” Qin Wanru answered lightly. She sat on a chair and poured a cup of tea for herself.

“Qin Wanru, are you trying to fool me again?” Qin Yuru sneered. She doubted the two physicians’ words before, and now she thought their words were totally unreliable.

Those who were invited by Qin Wanru must surely listen to her words!

“What do you want? We are in Duke Xing’s Mansion.” Qin Wanru asked coldly.

“I don’t want those physicians you found. They must be some quacks! Send them away!” Qin Yuru blurted out in a rage. Her attention was on Qin Wanru, but she did not realize that she had involuntarily raised her voice. Not only did Qin Wanru hear this clearly, but the two physicians outside also heard her clearly.

Qin Yuru’s words enraged the two physicians. They were physicians, and had always enjoyed a good reputation in the capital city. However, they had never expected that someone would doubt their medical skills. They looked displeased.

The two physicians turned around and snorted at the main room. The next moment, they lifted their medical kits and left directly, without leaving any prescription.

“Physicians! Please give a prescription for our miss, first!” Yujie quickly followed and spoke loudly to the two physicians who were at the entrance of the courtyard, and were about to walk out of Chuihua Gate.

“There is nothing wrong with your miss, so there is no need for her to take any medicine!” A physician said angrily.

“But she still thinks she is not well.” Yujie hurriedly answered.

“Your miss only suffers from a stiff neck! She just twisted her neck and she does not need any medicine.” The other physician was much calmer, but it seemed that he was also irritated by Qin Yuru’s impulsive words.

Then he left with the other physician.

The two old maids who guarded the gate gave a hollow laugh, but did not dare to stop them from leaving.

Both the physicians they invited had a very good reputation in the capital city. Nobody dared to offend those famous physicians, as nobody knew when they would have to ask them for help.

In the capital city, everyone could not afford to offend a physician.

“Miss, the two physicians just left without giving any prescription!” Seeing two physicians leaving without even a backward look, Yujie came back resignedly, and told Qin Wanru about the result.

“Qin Wanru, I don’t need you to help me. I have asked you to invite a physician but you did not. Instead, you turned to these two physicians covertly. What are you trying to do exactly?”

Qin Yuru gave Qin Wanru a suspicious look. She did not believe that Qin Wanru would be so kind. When she sent Mei Xue to ask Qin Wanru for help, she just intended to test her, but she had not really wanted Qin Wanru to find a physician.

Even if Qin Wanru was willing to help her find a physician, she was reluctant to be treated by that physician!

“Miss, I will go after two physicians and let them leave only after they give you a prescription!” Realizing that things had gone wrong, Nanny Huang interrupted Qin Yuru and said.

Physicians would meet various kinds of people in the capital city. Nanny Huang regretted that she had not made the connection before. Thus, she talked to Qin Yuru and intended to go after the two physicians.

She had to use money to button their lips!

“Nanny Huang, I have paid the deposit!” Qin Wanru said, as she glanced at Nanny Huang, who looked anxious.

“What? We have to pay them? They must be impudent quacks who intended to swindle money from us! Nanny Huang, you don’t have to go after them! Even if they give a prescription, I will not dare to take the medicine!”

Qin Yuru misunderstood Nanny Huang’s intention and screamed furiously.

“Miss, these two physicians enjoy a very good reputation in the capital city and they are both proficient in medicine. They know many people, so they are not hustlers!” Nanny Huang said hurriedly. Since Qin Wanru was still here, she was unable to speak bluntly, but hoped Qin Yuru would be able to understand her meaning!

“It is hard to tell! Nobody knows how much money somebody has given them and tell them to make up stories.” Glancing at Qin Wanru, Qin Yuru snorted and said this scornfully. Her remarks appeared to be directed at Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru did not seem to understand that Qin Yuru was scoffing at her. She gave a strange half laugh and leaned back. She stared at Nanny Huang and said, “Nanny Huang, you can go after them and ask if they really charged us too much.”

Nanny Huang did not know how to reply. If she insisted on going after the two physicians, it would mean that she also agreed that the two physicians had taken Qin Wanru’s money and were telling lies.

Although Qin Yuru could say this, she could not.

“Second Miss, you must be kidding. I only care about my miss’s health condition.” Nanny Huang offered an awkward smile and had to stop.

“Big Sister must know her condition very well. By the way, Nanny Huang, you seem very concerned about my Big Sister recently?” Qin Wanru stared at Nanny Huang, and asked her this casually, with a half smile.

“I am responsible for First Miss’ cultivation of mind so I can’t let First Miss make any mistakes.” Nanny Huang knew that it was impossible to chase after the two physicians, so she answered gravely.

“It is good to know your thoughts. Then please take responsibility for my Big Sister’s cultivation of mind. I want to have a rest now.” Standing up, Qin Wanru said casually.

Her words astounded Nanny Huang, which made her countenance change greatly.

“What do you mean?” Qin Yuru asked harshly.

“Nothing, I just feel tired. It really has been a hard day. Prince Cheng’s Mansion, Duke Xing’s Mansion, and what else? Don’t you feel tired?” Reaching out and rubbing her forehead lightly, Qin Wanru asked resignedly.

Her words stunned Qin Yuru and also made her face change. She had asked Mei Xue to find Madam of Duke Xing, but Madam of Duke Xing had not come yet. Was there something wrong?

“First Miss! First Miss! It is not good!” Mei Xue broke into the main room with a panicky look. The instant she came in, she shouted at them.



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Chapter 417