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Medical Princess Novel Chapter 416

All chapters are in Medical Princess Novel

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Medical Princess Novel Chapter 416

“The First Miss of Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion?”


“She seems…quite impolite!” The man said coldly, looking away from the window. His pavilion was a little far away, but he could still see Qin Yuru rushing out with an aggressive look.

The two sisters of Qin’s Mansion were indeed at odds with each other, but he did not expect that it was to such an extent. And this First Miss Qin looked really abominable, and the Second Miss Qin’s back was to him, so he could not see her clearly. But it seemed that she was the weaker one.

After exchanging a few words with a servant girl, the First Miss Qin rushed out and tried to hit her, showing herself to be like a shrew. This woman certainly did not endear anyone to her.

“Qin Wanru, did you come to Duke Xing’s Mansion to accompany me, or to make me angry?” Qin Yuru failed to hit Qin Wanru, and she became angrier.

She did not expect anyone to see them in the pavilion. She was so sure that there would be no outsiders. She did not need to suppress her temper at all. Fortunately, she still knew that it was Duke Xing’s Mansion. When she failed to hit Qin Wanru, she did not come over, but stared at Qin Wanru fiercely.

“Big Sister, do you think the matter of Prince Cheng’s Mansion can be so easily settled?” Qin Wanru raised her shimmery eyes and looked at Qin Yuru calmly.

She was too calm, and there was no change in her expression. But her attitude made Qin Yuru panicky. How could she not be afraid of the matter regarding Prince Cheng’s mansion. That was why she had sent an urgent message to Madam of Duke Xing.

“Does that matter have anything to do with you? Qin Wanru, you don’t have to worry about it.” Qin Yuru was annoyed when she brought up the matter. She snorted unkindly and turned to go into the house. When Qin Wanru said this, she immediately felt that this matter had to be told to Madam of Duke Xing first, and she did not even bother to trouble Qin Wanru.

Nanny Huang happened to be here, so she would consult Nanny Huang.

“Let’s go out for a walk!” Seeing Qin Yuru returning to the house in a hurry, Qin Wanru knew that she was looking for Nanny Huang to discuss the matter. Qin Wanru also stood up and walked away.

Sure enough, Nanny Huang was helping Qin Yuru to find some solutions. When she saw Nanny Huang for the first time, she felt that this etiquette instructor was very arrogant. At that time, when she looked at Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru, she seemed to weigh it for a while. It seemed that although she was entrusted by Duke Yong’s Mansion, she did not help Qin Yuru wholeheartedly.

However, just after such a short time, she started helping Qin Yuru wholeheartedly. If it wasn’t because of Duke Yong’s Mansion, Qin Yuru naturally would not believe it.

As the etiquette instructor, Nanny Huang had a lot of secret relationships. Qin Wanru needed to be more careful.

Right now, she had more important things to do!

“Yes, Miss!” Yujie nodded and followed, and the two went out of the courtyard, one after the other.

Not far from the courtyard door was the Chuihua Gate. At the Chuihua Gate, there were two old supervisor maids standing and chatting. Seeing Qin Wanru coming out of the yard, the two old maids did not take her seriously. They glanced at her and continued to chat.

Qin Wanru turned back and walked inwards leisurely. After a few steps, she suddenly stopped and turned to the two old maids.

The two old maids were chatting away. One of them saw Qin Wanru coming over. She reached out and pulled the sleeve of the other old maid, hinting to her.

The other old maid turned around unwillingly.

“Which yard does the third Madam live?” Qin Wanru came over with a smile, and asked.

“Our third Madam lives in the westernmost yard, far away from here.” The old maid said impatiently and pointed to the distance.

“How are the injuries of your third Madam?” Qin Wanru asked, as if she did not see the displeasure on the old maid’s face.

“Our third Madam has been severely injured and she is not able to get up at this moment!” The old maid looked at Qin Wanru from head to toe, as she replied in a flat tone.

Although the third Madam had no power in the mansion, after all, she was her own master. The third Madam had been so badly wounded, but they all treated the First Miss of Qin’s Mansion, as a treasure. The two old maids who guarded the gate felt it was unfair for their third Madam.

She said that she had saved the third Madam, actually she was the one who ran into the third Madam, and caused the third Madam to be seriously injured.

“The third Madam is really so badly hurt?” Qin Wanru asked with surprise.

“Of course our third Madam is very seriously injured, not like..” When an old maid wanted to continue what she was saying after glancing at the yard of Qin Yuru, another old maid tugged at her sleeves.

The old maid closed her mouth, but she was extremely angry. Although she stopped talking, she looked at Qin Wanru in an unkind manner.

“Second Miss Qin, our third Madam is very badly injured. Even if Second Miss Qin were to go there now, I’m afraid that you are not able to see the third Madam.” The other old maid smiled and stepped forward to answer Qin Wanru.

“Can I see your third Miss?” Qin Wanru asked softly again. The person she asked to see was Shao Caihuan, the eldest daughter of the third Madam.

“Our third Miss is not available at this time, she is attending to our third Madam!” The old maid tried to refuse her, unwilling to take Qin Wanru there.

“Can you help find another doctor for her?” Qin Wanru frowned and reluctantly changed to another topic.

“Isn’t the First Miss alright? Why do I have to get another doctor?” The old maid who spoke quickly glanced at the courtyard on the side and said this in dissatisfaction.

The two old maids were guarding Chuihua Gate, and it was close to the courtyard where Qin Yuru lived temporarily. Others might not know how bad Qin Yuru’s injury was, but they knew it clearly. The doctor had said that the First Miss Qin had not been seriously injured. She had merely twisted her neck and it was not convenient for her to move.

“Big Sister says that she has been seriously injured. She wants to bring in other doctors to tend to her.” Qin Wanru’s attitude became kinder, and her manners were very good. Although she looked young, her temperament was extraordinary. Compared with Qin Yuru, who was emotional and had caused their third Madam to be so seriously injured that she could not get up, Qin Wanru’s manners were much better.

“Second Miss Qin, please don’t mind that I am talking so much. First Miss Qin is really fine. She just twisted her neck. If I may say something inappropriate, even if you sleep, you will sometimes twist your neck. There is really nothing seriously wrong with her.” That old maid with a good attitude, explained to Qin Wanru with a worried face.

“Could you please help our First Miss find another doctor? Our First Miss has a bad temper.” Yujie said in a low voice. She took a step forward. She smiled and took out two purses from her cuffs and stuffed them into the hands of the two old maids.

They felt the purses in their hands and could tell that there was a lot of money inside. The faces of the two old maids became kinder.

“Since Second Miss needs to find a doctor, I can also do the job, but I must warn you. Even if you look for one more doctor, he would say this too.”

“It’s not a problem. I am sorry to bother both Nannys. It’s just whether one more can be invited. If several doctors say the same thing, my Big Sister will believe it.” Qin Wanru explained with a smile.

In other words, Qin Yuru was suspicious, and she did not believe the words of one doctor.

The two old maids looked at each other, and they were very fond of Qin Wanru. Since they had received money from her, they naturally had to do things for her. Finding another doctor was similar to finding one doctor. The two old maids discussed this, then one left to guard the door, while the other went out to find the doctor.

Before that, the Madam had repeatedly told them that they could not treat the First Miss of Qin’s Mansion casually. Although they were indignant for their third Madam’s sake, they did not dare to offend the First Miss Qin. They heard that their Old Madam was really fond of this First Miss Qin.

Seeing the old maid leaving in a hurry, Qin Wanru turned around and walked in casually, but it was only a short time before she was stopped by someone. This was a beautiful servant girl.

“Greetings, Second Miss!” The servant girl walked forward to Qin Wanru and happened to block Qin Wanru’s route.

Qin Wanru stood still.

“I have been sent by Old Madam. Our Old Madam would like to see Second Miss Qin.” The servant girl said with a smile.

“Okay!” Qin Wanru thought for a moment and nodded, as she lowered her eyes.

Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion received Qin Wanru in her yard. After Qin Wanru came in to greet her, Old Madam looked at Qin Wanru from head to toe, with a cold face.

“Old Madam, this is the Second Miss of Qin’s Mansion.” Upon seeing Old Madam’s unkind expression, Nanny Yu hurried forward and reintroduced her with a smile.

Qin Wanru stood with her head lowered. Her long eyelashes covered her cold eyes. She could see that this Old Madam did not like her very much. And she was deterring her.

“Thank for the salvation of Second Miss Qin before!” Old Madam said slowly, after looking at Qin Wanru. She did not have any smile on her face. This so-called life-saving grace was also said lightly.

“It’s just a small thing. Old Madam, you don’t need to be so grateful!” Qin Wanru replied in the same tone. She raised her eyes and suppressed the emotions in her eyes.

Since the person who was saved did not care, why should she bear this life-saving grace!

“I heard that Second Miss Qin and First Miss have always been at odds, and sisters should cooperate with each other. Only peace can make a family prosperous.” Old Madam said this in a low voice. And then she looked at her again before she said this.

Nanny Yu’s face was a little embarrassed. The words of Old Madam were very unpleasant. She meant to put the blame Qin Wanru.

If Qin Wanru was just an ordinary Miss from an aristocratic family, as the Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion, she could put the blame as she pleased.

But Qin Wanru was the life-saver of Old Madam of Duke Xing. Old Madam might not have taken it seriously because she had fainted at that time, and she did not even see Qin Wanru. So she could pretend that she did not know about the situation. But Nanny Yu had contacted Qin Wanru directly. The words of Old Madam made her feel extremely embarrassed.

There was a feeling of ingratitude!

“Thanks for Old Madam’s concern!” Qin Wanru smiled and did not argue with her, as she said this.

Qin Wanru did not like the Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion, who was her actual grandmother. She did not believe that the Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion really knew nothing about it, and had even been totally deceived by Madam of Duke Xing.

“I heard that Second Miss Qin had a quarrel with First Miss Qin on the street before. The cause was the pair of blood jade bracelets I gave to First Miss Qin. Since Second Miss Qin likes it, there is also a pair here. Nanny Yu, come and take it!” Although Old Madam was smiling, her smile was a little cold. She reached out and waved at Nanny Yu, and said casually.

She could not have been more negligent toward Qin Wanru.





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Chapter 416