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The Empress’ Livestream Novel
Status Ongoing
Type Novel

The Empress’ Livestream Novel

Alternative Titles 女帝直播攻略

Synopsis The Empress’ Livestream Novel

The Empress’ Livestream Novel

Jiang Pengji got something called the Court Intrigue Stream System.
System: “Your goal is to become the most prestigious woman in the kingdom (the Queen)!”
Jiang Pengji: “Okay, System. No problem!”
Years later, she met the target by becoming the most prestigious woman (the Empress).
Jiang Pengji: “Well done, no?”
System: “Why the hack did you fight on horseback? I want court intrigue among the King’s women!”

#how a future general wins the ancient throne
#Her man watches in silence, the System watches with tears


Released N/A
Author Quick-fried Mushroom
Serialization -
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Chapter The Empress’ Livestream Novel


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