Type Manhwa


Alternative Titles なまイキざかり, Frisky Fever

Synopsis Namaikizakari

Namaikizakari is the hotly anticipated release from long time hentai creator, Nekomata Naomi. An over fifteen-year veteran, Nekomata has excited readers with their fantastic doujin work and captivating original material!

Wakaba is in trouble! She just found out that being a virgin is super uncool and goes to her close friend Yuu to help turn her into a cool college student and nab a great boyfriend! After helping Wakaba, Yuu shows up at her college seeing that she’s shed her nerdy exterior and has bloomed into a bewitching young woman. Yuu knows that while she’s mature on the outside, Wakaba is still pretty naive and worries that she might find herself in a bad situation. Yuu catches up to her, but maybe he’s too dense to know that he is the boyfriend that Wakaba wanted to catch all along.

Packed with thirteen lucky chapters, Namaikizakari is the cure for fans of sweet, playful chubby girls who love to push their lovers around as much as they do! These frisky cuties drive the men in their lives into delirium and their only antidote is a heaping handful of soft pillowy oppais and some time under the sheets!

1. Kaika Sengen
2. Twilight Fever
3. Circle Crash
4. Yoizakari
5. All Night Live
6. Fureai Inaka Taiken
7. Matsuri no Ato
8. Otoshimono
9. Shin Seikatsu
10. Roommate
11. Chi yori mo Koi wa
12. Sashitsu-Sasaretsu
13. After Crash

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Author Nekomata Naomi
Artist Nekomata Naomi
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Warning, the series titled "Namaikizakari" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.