Male Massage
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Type Manhwa

Male Massage

Synopsis Male Massage

Male Massage

The story takes place in a high school, where hot girls with short uniform dresses, the bodies of the girls are revealed with tight breasted uniforms and miniskirts extremely sexy. Juno was furious with Yumi, Yumi was the captain of the high school basketball fans’ team, Yumi was always dissatisfied and messed with Juno, she disliked his practice attitude. Today, Yumi goes to massage to relax, and the one who massage her is Juno, he has a chance to get revenge on her. With the stimulating movements on her breasts and touching her pussy, Yumi couldn’t stand it and shouted out in joy.

Released 2019
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Warning, the series titled "Male Massage" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.