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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities Novel Chapter 701

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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities Novel Chapter 701

Everyone else was easy to deal with, but they had not even seen Chu Lui.

“What do you intend to do? Sue them?”

Chu Lui cut his apple into small pieces, which made it easy on her throat and easy for consumption. His voice continued, “If you’d like… we can make sure they go out of business.

“Come eat.” His voice was lighthearted as if discussing the weather. However, he was not… he was talking about the survival of a mall.

If they sued, a large number of people would need to take responsibility for this. They would lose their jobs, and that would be the end for them.

Xia Ruoxin picked up a piece of apple with a toothpick.

Eating was less uncomfortable for her now. Even though her throat still hurt, it was not as unbearable as it was before.

As she swallowed the apple, the coolness of it moisturized her throat. She opened her mouth but still could not speak. Sometimes, she wondered if her throat had been hurt permanently. However, the doctors and nurses reassured her every day, and she could not tell anything from Chu Lui’s expression.

The man always concealed his thoughts rather well. If he wanted to hide something, she would never find out what was on his mind.

Every day, she would think of how indifferent she was if she were to become mute after she lost the proper function of her arm.

However, things improved over the next few days. She could make some sounds. It was only then that she started to believe that her throat would heal over time.

Chu Lui’s phone suddenly rang. This happened several times a day. Chu Lui stood up and went over to the balcony to take the call. Because of the distance and the closed door, Xia Ruoxin could not really make out what he was saying. She only caught him turning the compensation down and saying that he wanted to sue them.


Xia Ruoxin thought to herself as she touched her neck. Given the man’s character, he would not have settled so easily. That was why no one dared to mess with him in the business circle.

He was vengeful, and he had the means of executing his revenge.

Chu Lui walked over and sat down after a while. By then, Xia Ruoxin was almost done eating the apples in the small bowl.

He picked up another bowl and began peeling it.

Xia Ruoxin rolled her eyes to herself. Since the doctor said that she could eat and suggested apples, the man had been peeling apples nonstop. Was he trying to turn her into an apple? Could he change things up sometime? Maybe pears would be a good change?

However, she ate whatever he peeled. It was an honor to be able to eat the fruits peeled by the Great CEO Chu.

After taking a few more pieces, she placed the bowl on the table.

She then took out her notepad and started writing on it.

“What do you intend to do with that mall?”

“What else can I do?” Chu Lui pouted. “What’s the point in keeping a mall with such lousy safety features? It’s good that they shut down. It just so happens that I’m interested in that piece of land. I can use it to build an amusement park for my daughter.”

Xia Ruoxin picked the notepad over and began writing again.

“Chu Lui, leave a little leeway for others.”

Chu Lui narrowed his eyes, darkly.

Xia Ruoxin wrote another three words and showed it to the man.

“Mi Dongfeng.”

The three words were taboo to Chu Lui. The man did him in and sabotaged Chu family’s chances of having descendants.

He represented Chu Lui’s greatest failure.

Xia Ruoxin took over the knife and peeled her own apple as Chu Lui kept silent. He put his hand on his knee and rapped on it softly. In an instant, the air in the room seemed to freeze over because of his cold aura.

As Chu Lui remained silent, Xia Ruoxin pulled her blanket open and slept. It seemed that the man was less annoying than he was before. She would take a nap as the man thought things over. Xia Ruoxin did not care what the man wanted to do. She had said her piece, and it was up to the man to decide if he wanted to listen to her. She had never hoped to change his views.

It was tough to change a stubborn man’s views. Otherwise, they would not be called stubborn.

She only briefly mentioned the matter, but it was reported by the news later. After all, people died; and many were hurt. The company’s management apologized sincerely and guaranteed that they would cover all the medical bills and compensation of the victims. However, they did not mention being sued.

Neither did Chu Lui take any more calls from them because he no longer went to the balcony to take calls. Either way, Xia Ruoxin did not ask.

“This is for you.”

Chu Lui gave Xia Ruoxin a card.

She took it out.

It was an ATM card. Why did he give her this? She did not want his money.

“This is the compensation money from the mall. There’s Rainy’s share, too. She was not scared for nothing.” Even though the man had a straight face when saying this, Xia Ruoxin could tell that he was twitching underneath.

It must have been quite hard for him to hold everything in.

She put the card away. Just as the man said, this was for their bills. There was no reason for her to not take it.

She was discharged after a few days. Her throat had recovered, and there would not be much problem as long as she did not eat too excitable foods like chili and returned for her review.

She took a card out of her bag and went to the bank to check the balance. She had assumed there would be about ten thousand dollars since she was not badly hurt. However, she was stunned when she saw the number of zeros in it.

She wanted to use her phone to make a call but remembered that she no longer had a phone. It had been trampled on by the people in the mall.






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Chapter 701