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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 257

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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 257

Chapter 257 You are Ming Yun Villas’ Friend Forever!

After the meal… As per usual, Pei Qian arranged for the driver to send Teacher Qiao off as he remained in his private room. He was prepared to have a chat with Lin Canrong.

This chat was a little heavier for Boss Pei to have.

Now that Ming Yun Private Kitchen had become famous, it was too late for him to do anything. Pei Qian could only try his best to instruct Lin Canrong so that the situation wouldn’t get any worse.

After the dishes on the dining table were cleared, Lin Canrong sat across Pei Qian, beaming with joy.

All this while, Lin Canrong had been extremely busy.

Ever since Ming Yun Private Kitchen became a hit, all lunch and dinner reservations were full for the next two weeks.

He had been bored to death initially; now, he was working to death.

He had to preorder ingredients daily according to the reservations and make the necessary cutlery and settings changes based on each group of customers. He also had to make sure that the waiters knew what they were doing while dealing with last-minute scenarios.

Fortunately, Ming Yun Private Kitchen had many chefs and wait staff with the latter all well-trained. Hence, he had still managed to make things work.

Although he was so busy, Lin Canrong was extremely happy. He felt that he could finally showcase his true worth.

Boss Pei had handed him such a good restaurant; he naturally couldn’t let Boss Pei down and had to continue helping the restaurant thrive. He even wanted this restaurant to become the best in Jingzhou City!

Although there were many customers-as there weren’t that many seats in the private kitchen to begin with, all the guests were still manageable.

Speaking of this, Lin Canrong was even more impressed with Boss Pei’s foresight.

Previously when Ming Yun Private Kitchen had been quiet and deserted with few customers, Boss Pei had requested for him to focus on running the restaurant and not caring too much about publicity.

Indeed, within two weeks, the restaurant had become a hit!

Fortunately, Lin Canrong had been very obedient. He had put his heart and soul into the kitchen and on the wait staff, ensuring an extremely high standard dining experience. That was how Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s reputation had maintained at such a high level.

This time, Boss Pei must have more words of wisdom for him.

Pei Qian drank his tea as he said indifferently. “I don’t have much to say, actually. I just want to instruct some matters.

“Regarding ingredients, we definitely cannot use any inferiors. We can’t think that just because customers might not realize it, we cut down on the quality of the ingredients. Every customer must be treated as a food critic.

“The seating arrangement needs to be stringently adhered to; let’s maintain the status quo. “Don’t come up with any policies banning the bringing of alcohol or having a minimum spending for private rooms, extra costs for disinfection, etc.

“I had mentioned all these at the start; I just want to reiterate these points again.

“You also know that all the company’s projects, including Ming Yun Private Kitchen, will be under a reputation-based reward system.”

Pei Qian felt that he had to emphasize all these again.

If Lin Canrong suddenly started having ideas and wanted to add more seats or enacting policies banning the bringing of alcohol, implementing a minimum charge for private rooms, etc.; wouldn’t that result in more profits?

The next settlement was only slightly more than a month away. Ming Yun Private Kitchen was already a burden to Boss Pei; this burden couldn’t get heavier!

If Pei Qian couldn’t make a loss, he would really puke blood.

Lin Canrong hurriedly nodded. “Understood, Boss Pei. You are afraid that I might be too mindful of costs, and that might affect Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s reputation. Rest assured that I will remember everything you have said. Customers’ opinions of us will always be the priority!”

Pei Qian nodded his head. “Alright.”

Although Lin Canrong didn’t know the true meaning behind Pei Qian’s words—since Ming Yun Private Kitchen had deteriorated to this stage, Pei Qian didn’t have any good ideas to remedy the situation. He would be very thankful if things didn’t worsen.

“That’s all. I won’t hold you back. I’ll head to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and hang about.”

Pei Qian left Ming Yun Private Kitchen and headed outside the villa.

The sky was a little dark. Pei Qian turned and looked at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. For some reason, he felt rather terrible internally.

Really terrible!

Pei Qian sighed quietly as he was prepared to leave Ming Yun Villas and head to a nearby Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to sit and drink some coffee.

Now, only the peace and serenity of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe could soothe his wounded soul.

He had just walked two steps when someone shouted, “Boss Pei?”

Pei Qian paused as he turned. It was actually Manager Cui. This was Ming Yun Villas’ sales manager. When Pei Qian had purchased this villa, Manager Cui had personally brought him over to see the villa.


Manager Cui was rather happy to see Pei Qian. “What a coincidence, Boss Pei! We actually managed to meet! I was still thinking when I could pay you a visit to thank you in person!” Pei Qian was confused. “Thank me?”

Manager Cui laughed. “Yes, Boss Pei. Of course, I have to thank you! Take a look. These are Ming Yun Villas’ new publicity slogans.”

Manager Cui tapped his phone a few times as he opened a PDF picture with the new publicity material for Ming Yun Villas.

Pei Qian was stumped as he took the cell phone and had a look. When he had bought this villa, Pei Qian had seen Ming Yun Villas’ publicity material before. These so-called publicity materials were basically pictures of villa districts, the scenery, as well as some slogans.

For example, ‘picturesque and a natural wonderland’, ‘a villa hidden in the mountains and rivers’; ‘a mountain villa, a new trend’; “happily staying in a cash cow, appreciation of value just a matter of time’, etc. All in all, Pei Qian had found these materials to be rather fake and were just artificially praising the villa district; he had not paid much attention.

This new publicity material on Manager Cui’s cell phone was completely different!

‘Ming Yun Villas, pioneering Jingzhou’s new commercial district’; ‘far from the hustle and bustle and yet near to a flourishing region’; ‘a nameless restaurant is just in your backyard’; ‘enjoy domestic delicacies and meet Jingzhou’s celebrities’…

Furthermore, the pictures were also completely different!

Besides the normal pictures of villas and the scenery, many pictures regarding Ming Yun Private Kitchen and the nearby commercial district were included as well!

One was ‘Jingzhou’s new commercial district’.

The picture had all the shops near Ming Yun Villas, such as the internet cafe, bar, board games cafe, coffee shops, etc. It seemed very happening.

Another was ‘a 5/5 mysterious restaurant making waves on the internet; the nameless restaurant is here!’

This picture had Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s Quanmin Reviews profile page as well as some pictures inside of Ming Yun Private Kitchen.

One other picture was ‘being neighbors with Jingzhou’s celebrities’.

This one zoomed in on all the luxury vehicles parked near to Ming Yun Private Kitchen, as well as a few group shots of successful persons.

Pei Qian felt that he was growing a little dizzy.

What was going on?!

As the sky had darkened, Manager Cui completely missed Boss Pei’s rather pale face as the former said excitedly, “Boss Pei, these flyers had been sent out; within a week or two, we should be able to see the effects!

“This time, our boss has decided to go all out. We have purchased publicity slots in newspapers, on TV, the exterior of buildings, magazines, public transports, as well as advertisement signboards in Jingzhou City!”

Pei Qian felt even more light-headed.

What the hell? They had bought advertisement slots everywhere? Wait a minute, I thought that you guys couldn’t sell any villas in this area?

I had done my due diligence before making my purchase previously. Didn’t they say that there wasn’t any investment value in the villas here and that they were not competitively priced?

Why the sudden widespread publicity?

Also, you guys can do all the publicity you want; don’t drag my restaurant into it!

Pei Qian was a little flustered. “You guys are spending so much.”

Manager Cui laughed. “Boss Pei is joking. Whether we would make a loss or not, wouldn’t you know already? To be honest, when you had said you wanted to buy this villa that time, I had not thought much of it. I had just assumed you were going to use this as a vacation home.

“After that, I found out that you’re really a genius!”

Manager Cui raised his thumb energetically.

“Your nameless restaurant had become an instant hit; it is now the most popular high-end restaurant in Jingzhou! I heard that the restaurant is booked two weeks in advance; it is becoming hard to get a dining time slot!

“So many Jingzhou big honchos want to have a meal here; all of them have to make a reservation beforehand!

“However, many bosses feel that it is rather troublesome having to entertain clients so far out here. They feel that their guests have to travel all the way here just for a meal and that that is a little taxing.

“As such, some bosses have come over to look at houses. They want to buy some villas to be used to entertain guests while they could stay here themselves sometimes as well.

“Of course, that isn’t their only reason for purchasing villas. They are also targeting the potential of a rise in the value of property here!

“Recently, there has been word in investment circles in Jingzhou City that this region is going to become the new commercial district of Jingzhou City! Many have already heard the rumors. Some other shops here have all shut; now, they have all been rented or bought!

“This is a very good sign. The entire Jingzhou City is now focused on this region. Our housing prices are naturally increasing as well. Our boss has already decided to inflate the prices of all the villas we still have on hand. We cannot sell them cheaply anymore!

“Boss Pei, when the time comes, your villa’s value would rise as well easily. Rising to ten million from six million would definitely not be a problem!”

Pei Qian’s legs grew weak; he almost collapsed.

Rising to ten million? He was going to be in deep trouble!

Pei Qian almost wanted to puke blood. Who said that this was going to be Jingzhou’s new commercial district? Who?

Where were all these so-called shops? Weren’t those shops what I used to fool Boss Li?

Wait a minute, Boss Li…

Pei Qian suddenly thought of a problem. Li Shi was the boss of Fu Hui Investments; he was rather influential in Jingzhou’s investment circles.

A while ago, he had been crazily investing and opening up shops near Ming Yun Villas. Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s stellar success must have been noticed by Boss Li as well!

That meant that Boss Li must have thought that Boss Pei was the backer behind Ming Yun Private Kitchen, that this restaurant was a key piece of the puzzle that would make Ming Yun Villas a hit!

According to Boss Li’s character, he definitely wanted to seize the opportunity and continue investing here.

Pei Qian felt very uncomfortable.

He had thought that Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s success was the worst news he could get. Now, that didn’t seem to be the case.

If this area became popular, that would affect the neighboring shops and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Furthermore, this villa’s valuation would rise as well!

Was this what the saying ‘trouble never came alone’ meant…?

Pei Qian quietly returned the cell phone to Manager Cui. He was silent and in a daze. Manager Cui did not know that Boss Pei was still dealing with the shock of what he had heard. Manager Cui thought that all was within Boss Pei’s expectations, and that was why Boss Pei was so indifferent.

“Boss Pei, our boss has said that he will definitely pay you a visit to thank you personally. You have helped us so much this time; we definitely have to repay the favor. “For our publicity, we will definitely promote Ming Yun Villas and your nameless restaurant to increase the visibility of your restaurant even more.

“Besides this, your villa’s property management fees and cleanings fees will be permanently waived. Your utility bill will be halved perpetually.

“We will also give you a few parking slots for free.

“Also, we will hire a professional gardening team to take care of the garden in your villa’s backyard. Someone will maintain the place regularly.

“Naturally, all these are peanuts to you. However, this is our form of appreciation.

“All in all, you will now be the most honored landlord in Ming Yun Villas; you are Ming Yun Villas’ friend forever!”






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Chapter 257