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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 255

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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Changing from a Web-Based to a Mobile Game, In Progress!

Lin Chang replied quickly, “Boss Pei, you’re awesome! At the time, I thought you were going to take the money to play around. I didn’t expect you to create an account in the electronics area and gain six hundred thousand fans in under two months! You even did all of these things alone!

“It looks like you’re not just an expert in games; you’re also extremely talented in creating media.”

Pei Qian sniggered inside.

Initially, he only wanted to take the money and play around. He had not expected his own account to grow in popularity so quickly.

Pei Qian said nothing in response, but Lin Chang’s next message came in almost immediately.

Lin Chang said, “Apart from that, my older sister told me to thank you.”

Pei Qian, “?”

At lightning speed, Pei Qian recalled the information he had read before. Lin Chang had an older sister, Lin Yu. At the moment, she was in charge of the cell phone arm of Shenhua Corporation.

She was also a boss.

However, Pei Qian was confused. Lin Yu was in charge of Shenhua’s cell phone arm. One could say that it was the core of the core businesses. How was Pei Qian related to her?

Lin Chang said, “Boss Pei, do you remember your three earliest videos?

“Shenhua has always used solid material to create phones. However, illogical netizens and fake reviewers would try to smear anything to do with Shenhua’s cell phones.

“Although many reviewers have reviewed Shenhua’s cell phones, they have always achieved mediocre results. People who liked the cell phones from the beginning continued to like them, but those who did not continued to dislike them. People who were prejudiced against Shenhua’s cell phones naturally thought these reviewers had been paid by Shenhua to praise their phones.

“Yet, Boss Pei’s Hardcore Reviews is completely different. Your violent tests immediately revealed Shenhua’s cell phones’ sturdiness. They’re not worse off than foreign cell phones!

“Although you destroyed a Shenhua cell phone, you managed to positively influence your viewers. I came across your video on the official platform for Shenhua cell phones and noticed that the host in the video looked quite familiar. It was only then that I recalled you, Boss Pei.

“I told my older sister about it, and she became overjoyed. She expresses her deepest thanks and appreciation for your videos.

Pei Qian, “…”

So that’s what happened.

He had not expected that his casual destruction of a cell phone would have caused such complicated effects.

“Strictly speaking, the credit should go to Shenhua for creating such good cell phones. I didn’t even think that much when I was trying to destroy it.” Pei Qian replied, “You don’t have to thank me. After all, Boss Lin was the one who sponsored ‘Hardcore Reviews’.”

Pei Qian could tell that Lin Yu’s thanks would come in the form of material rewards, but he had no intention to accept the gifts.

On one hand, he really had not done anything. He would feel guilty taking any money offered to him. What’s more, as long as he could successfully incur losses this time, tens of thousands of yuan would be a petty sum to Boss Pei.

He was a man with a System after all. He was not one to always receive financial assistance from others.

Boss Pei was a prideful man.

Lin Chang said, “You’re too polite, but whether you intentionally did it or not, Boss Pei has done us a huge favor. We have to thank you. “This is what my older sister thinks: If Shenhua manufactures new products in the future, they will send one to Boss Pei immediately. “Oh, no, they will send two to you. Boss Pei, you can use one and destroy the other.

“Apart from that, she will give Boss Pei a hundred thousand yuan as thanks. I’ll transfer that amount to the account number you gave me the last time.

“After all, you have been taking very good care of Ah Wan during this period as well.”

Indeed, things were playing out just as Pei Qian had expected.

Once he heard ‘a hundred thousand yuan’, Pei Qian wavered. However, he very quickly regained his composure.

He could take the money, but there was no need to.

Pei Qian replied, “Boss Lin, you are too kind. Lin Wan has worked hard. I haven’t had to take special care of her. Everything she has achieved can be credited to her own hard work. You can give this money to Lin Wan instead. After all, she has cautiously and conscientiously shared my burdens during this period.”

Pei Qian was taking advantage of the situation and trying to pass the hundred thousand yuan, which Lin Yu had initially prepared for him, over to Lin Wan.

Lin Wan had indeed just achieved considerable success. She single-handedly lost eight million yuan.

This hundred thousand yuan should be dissipated within the Lin Family.

Lin Chang only responded a while later. “Boss Pei, you know that my older sister is not on good terms with Ah Wan, don’t you? You’re trying to take advantage of the situation and help them repair their relationship? Pei Qian, “?”

What the hell? You’re overthinking! I didn’t intend to do that!

Lin Chang minded his own business and continued, “Boss Pei, you are so considerate. I can use this as a reason to try and repair the relationship between the sisters.

“Since that’s the case, I will not turn down your good intentions. We owe you a favor. Boss Pei, if you need help in any area in the future, feel free to ask us.”

Pei Qian, “…Alright.” Although he did not fully understand what had happened, he felt like he had triggered a series of hidden events.

Yet, he did not pay too much attention to this. After all, the Lin Family should be left to deal with their own family problems.

Boss Pei was only interested in how to incur losses.

Lin Chang and Pei Qian exchanged a couple more pleasantries and then ended the conversation.

Pei Qian thought hard about what Lin Chang said before. He felt like something was amiss, but he could not put his finger on it. “Lin Yu and Lin Wan are not on good terms? Yet, Lin Wan seems to be on good terms with her two other brothers. Does that mean that Lin Yu is more similar to Old Master Lin? Lin Yu must be hoping that Lin Wan would give up on the game industry and go home to take over the family business.

“That means… Lin Yu and I are on the same side. We might have a chance to work together in the future.

“Yes, I’ll take it that I’m doing her a convenient favor this time.”

Pei Qian did not think too much about this. Instead, he went back to suffering in Repent and be Saved.

At Shang Yang Games… Lin Wan was still reading the posts in the forum.

Gamers seemed to be very divided on Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. Some praised it to the heavens, but some dissed it mindlessly. Others even offered some suggestions for improvement.

However, most old players seemed to support the new game. Many players had offered suggestions, but even after spending half a day reading them, Lin Wan could not find any valuable post.

She sighed softly.

Players were giving all sorts of suggestions, but most of them were impractical.

As opposed to wasting time considering these ridiculous suggestions, Lin Wan would do much better thinking about what Boss Pei had told her. She wanted to understand the deeper meaning in his words.

“Boss Pei said that when it’s time, the situation will change. Yet, what is Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version’s fate? “When would the right time be? “What if it never comes? What shall I do, then? Can I possibly allow this game to keep incurring losses?” Lin Wan’s head hurt as different thoughts fought for space in her mind.

Although Boss Pei had shown her a path, the path seemed to be extremely blurry. She had no idea how to continue working from here on out.

As the director, she felt a strong weight on her shoulders once again.

Lin Wan was still struggling internally when her cell phone rang. It was a call from Lin Chang.

“Eh? Brother, what’s the matter?”

Lin Wan was slightly irritated that her thoughts had been interrupted.

Lin Chang smiled. “It’s nothing. Our older sister decided to give a hundred thousand yuan to Boss Pei as thanks, but Boss Pei told me to transfer it to you. You haven’t changed your account number, have you? I’ll transfer the money to you in a moment.”

Lin Wan frowned and turned him down at once. “I don’t want it! I can earn my own living now, and I don’t want Lin Yu’s money.

“Didn’t you say the money was meant as thanks to Boss Pei? What are you transferring it to me for?”

Lin Chang quickly explained, “Boss Pei thinks that you have been working hard and making significant contributions to the company. That’s why he told me to transfer the money to you. Don’t turn down Boss Pei’s good intentions.

“What’s more, it’s not right to allow this cold war between you and our older sister to continue. Boss Pei wanted me to transfer the money to you, so that both of you can work towards mending the relationship.” Lin Wan was even unhappier. “Brother, I think you’re overthinking. Boss Pei probably just doesn’t care for this hundred thousand yuan. Lin Yu is too much-she’s so petty even when she’s trying to thank someone.

“In any case, I’m not lacking money. You can keep it.”

Lin Chang was speechless. “You don’t have to accept the money, but you can ask for something else. I was having a meal with our older sister a few days back, and I could tell that she genuinely cares about you. Stop being stubborn.”

Lin Wan fell silent for a moment. “I know, but I really don’t need anything. They’re treating me very well here. The salary and bonus alone are providing me with more than enough to spend. I appreciate your good intentions. Help me thank our older sister.”

“Don’t be too fast to reply to me.” Lin Chang pondered for a while and said, “Aren’t you working at a game company? If I’m not wrong, our older sister’s cell phone business is working on a revised edition of their application store. Do you want to select a few of Tengda’s games to put in the application store? We can put them on recommendation spots as thanks to Boss Pei as well.”

Lin Wan shook her head. “There’s no need. Those are mobile games. We only have one mobile game-Ghost General. What’s more, the number of players has already stabilized. I don’t think you can boost its popularity any further.”

Lin Chang replied, “It doesn’t have to be a mobile game. You can create a mobile version of the other games. In any case, they’re our own recommendation spots. It’ll be a waste if you don’t use them.

“I heard that mobile games are starting to flourish. There are also many users of Shenhua’s cell phones. These recommendation spots will prove to be extremely useful.”

Huh? Create a mobile version for the other games? An idea suddenly surfaced in Lin Wan’s brain. She seemed to realize something. What did Boss Pei say before? They had to wait for the right time for Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version to become famous.

He was absolutely right. Why were the game’s figures so horrible? It was because it was not yet the mini-clients’ time. At the moment, even web-based games were on the decline in the game industry. It was quite impractical to hope to create innovative web-based games that went against the current.

However, mobile games were all the rage. They were starting to flourish!

What’s the right time? The time for mobile games!

Web-based gamers would find it hard to tolerate Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version’s 370 MB mini-client, but what about mobile gamers?

They would not have the same problem! There were already 200 to 300 MB mobile games. Gamers did not turn away from such games. Instead, they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Turning Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version into a mobile game would solve the mini-client problem completely, wouldn’t it?

Lin Wan immediately perked up and shouted excitedly, “Brother, that’s great! I finally understand what Boss Pei meant!”

Lin Chang answered, “Huh?”

“Ask our older sister to leave me a couple of recommendation spots for mobile games! I’m going to ask the rest how long it would take to create a mobile version of our games!”

Lin Wan hung up and called a meeting with the others at the speed of light.

In Shang Yang Games’ conference room… Once everyone arrived, Lin Wan jumped straight to the point. “How long would it take to change our game into a mobile game?”

Everyone was confused. For a while, they did not know how to respond. Change it to a mobile game? Why do we have to change it to a mobile game? Nobody in this company had experience researching and developing mobile games.

Everyone faced one another, at a loss as to what to do. None of them understood why Lin Wan was asking this question.

At last, Wang Xiaobin spoke up, “To change it to a mobile game… won’t be difficult.”

“Actually, there are precedents for web-based games being changed to mobile games in the industry. Web-based games do not have high hardware requirements, and neither do mobile games. We can shift the entire client over.

“What’s more, our mini-client’s size is 370 MB. That’s within the acceptable range for mobile games. We don’t have to compress our resources and whatnot. It would be very convenient.

“The only problem is the vast difference between operations for web-based games and mobile games. One would use a mouse for web-based games, but a touch-screen for mobile games. We’ll have to make the necessary adjustments to the gameplay and UI.

“Apart from that, none of us have any experience in creating mobile games. If we want to change the game to a mobile game, we will have to play more popular mobile games and learn from them.

“In terms of time… I think if everyone works hard, we’ll be able to finish it in two weeks at best. If we’re slow, we would probably finish it in a month.”

Lin Wan nodded. She was satisfied with this response.

They would be able to make it on time!

Lin Wan cleared her throat. “Everyone, I have a bold suggestion. I went to speak to Boss Pei earlier. He said that our game is doing well, and we don’t have to make any changes. We just have to wait for the right time. “What time is it now? Web-based games are on the decline, and mobile games are on the rise. That’s the right time! “Boss Pei was hinting to us to keep up with the times. As long as we can ride the wave as mobile games become popular, wouldn’t our game become equally popular? “What’s more, we can create two versions of the game.

“Once we create the mobile version, people can play the game on the phone or on their computers after downloading the mini-client. Since we’ll be able to reach players on both of these platforms, we’ll gain an exceptional advantage!”

As Lin Wan described this bright future, everyone began to understand.

That seemed to make sense!

None of them had thought in this direction earlier because they had been limited by what they were comfortable with.

Everyone worked on web-based games from the beginning. That was why none of them thought about changing the web-based game to a mobile game. Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version was top-quality. The only problem was that traditional web-based gamers would not download the mini-client.

The natural solution was to give up on traditional web-based gamers and run into the arms of mobile gamers!

They did not have any advantages in the field of traditional web-based games. However, in the field of mobile games, they had a huge advantage!

If the mobile version really became popular, they would try to reach out to web-based gamers using their original mini-client. The fact that the game was available on both of these platforms would be the selling point.

The plan made sense!

Ye Zhizhou nodded profusely. “I think it’s worth a shot! Changing it to a mobile game sounds more practical than segmenting the mini-client. This seems to be the most reliable path.”

Wang Xiaobin nodded, too. “Yes, that makes sense. We have never worked on mobile games before, but mobile games are much simpler than traditional web-based games. As long as we do some research, I’m sure it will not be difficult to change our game’s operations to be suited for mobiles.”

Lin Wan was elated. “It’s decided, then. Changing Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version from a web-based to a mobile game, in progress!”

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Chapter 255