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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 242

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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 242

Pei Qian held Qiao Liang’s hand at once. “Teacher Qiao, I’ve heard a lot about you, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Qiao Liang immediately felt overwhelmed by Boss Pei’s passion. He bowed slightly at once and said, “Boss Pei, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Pei Qian sized Qiao Liang up and discovered that his old enemy looked quite upright after all. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his five features looked good. The only thing was he looked slightly dispirited and plump. He looked like a teenager with pure internet addiction. However, he was different from Bao Xu. Bao Xu was slightly bald and malnourished. On the other hand, Teacher Qiao had a head full of thick hair, and his figure was quite round. He just looked a little weak in general.

Qiao Liang was shocked that Pei Qian looked so young. He had already been prepared for Boss Pei to be young, but he was much younger than Qiao Liang had expected.

No matter which angle he looked at Boss Pei from, he looked younger than Qiao Liang.

Boss Pei was already the owner of a company at such a young age. What’s more, he was only just finding his place in the small circle of gaming videos now. He had not even made huge contributions yet. Qiao Liang could not help but feel sorrowful and envious. Pei Qian led Qiao Liang to the living room, poured him a cup of tea, and then exchanged a couple of pleasantries.

“Boss Pei, I’ve rested enough. Let’s talk about business now.” Qiao Liang took the initiative to discuss work. In fact, there was no need for him to rush things. He could have waited to discuss work after lunch.

However, Boss Pei had already taken such good care of him. He chauffeured Qiao Liang around and arranged for such good accommodation. He scored full marks on various aspects. Of course, Qiao Liang had to show that he was ready and eager to start work. Pei Qian nodded and said, “Alright.”

The fish had taken the initiative to take the bait. What more could I ask for?

Pei Qian had wanted to give Teacher Qiao more time to rest, so that he would not be overwhelmed physically and emotionally. However, since Teacher Qiao brought up the topic first, Pei Qian had to go along with it.

Pei Qian had already prepared the contract. “Let’s sign the contract first.”

Qiao Liang took it and scanned it quickly. The contract contained the terms that they had agreed on earlier. He would play the game for eight hours each day, and he would earn five hundred yuan.

If he rested on weekends, he would earn about ten thousand yuan per month. If he did not rest, he would be paid overtime. That meant he would earn more each month.

Although they had agreed on these terms in advance, they had not spoken in much detail. Qiao Liang was also uncertain if they would pull any tricks in the contract or if they would make more complicated and ridiculous requests. However, from the contract in front of him, he could confirm that there was no such thing. He just had to play the game for eight hours each day in order to earn five hundred yuan!

Qiao Liang felt emotional. Boss Pei was an outstanding person indeed!

In this day and age, ten thousand yuan per month was considered quite a high salary.

Of course, if Qiao Liang felt inspired and began to take in sponsored partnerships like crazy, he would be able to earn about ten thousand yuan a month as well.

However, that would be extremely exhausting.

He would also have to rush production of his videos overnight, write the plots seriously, edit the videos, and then have good enough luck to meet rich clients. Maybe then, he would be able to earn that much money.

Comparatively, this job would be much more relaxing. Nothing was expected of him. He would just have to spend eight hours playing Repent and be Saved every day.

Qiao Liang scanned the contract twice and then signed it happily.

“Okay, come with me.”

Pei Qian and Qiao Liang chatted and joked around as they left Tengda’s office building. Little Sun then drove both of them to the nearest Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Pei Qian did not plan for Qiao Liang to play in the office. That was because Li Yada and the other employees in the office probably knew about the design of the game. They knew things like which weapon was the best, which route was the easiest, how to obtain the Pudu in the game, and whatnot.

If Qiao Liang played the game in the office, he would be able to discuss it with the other employees if he lost horribly. Once he understood the tips and tricks, the game would seem less difficult for him.

Pei Qian wanted Teacher Qiao to experience what ordinary players would-he had to play Repent and be Saved with zero knowledge and foundation in the game. In order to obtain that game experience, he had to get rid of these influences.

Qiao Liang would be served food and drinks in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. The computers were of high quality, and there were unlimited alcohol and coffee. Teacher Qiao would have nothing to worry about.

Soon, they reached Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. This was the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe at Handong University. It was a ten-minute walk from Shenhua View. Of course, it was called the Handong University branch, but it was not that close to Handong University in reality. One would have to walk for at least fifteen minutes.

From the beginning—when they were selecting locations for the internet cafe, they avoided areas around universities.

However, this region was considered a busier area. This branch did not have a low turnover to begin with. After what happened with Chen Lei, the volume of business increased more. Now, it was only second to the flagship store, incurring a little loss.

For this very reason, Pei Qian had always neglected this branch. He rarely came over.

He was only visiting this time because he was leading Teacher Qiao here. Whenever Pei Qian felt sad in the future, he could come over and watch Teacher Qiao play the game. That would improve his mood for sure.

Pei Qian introduced Teacher Qiao to the branch manager of this Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Then, he found a spot on the second floor. That would be Teacher Qiao’s work desk from here on out

Repent and be Saved’s beta version had already been installed on the computer. This version would be updated along with the research and development progress of the game. At the same time, it had simple time-recording functions. Each day, it would record the duration for which Teacher Qiao played the game. He had to fulfill the eight hours.

If he did not play enough one day, he could make up for it the next day. If he still could not make up for it, his pay would be docked.

There were also other things to note. At the moment, Repent and be Saved was still being developed. He could not reveal the plot of the game. That meant that Teacher Qiao could not record videos or discuss too much about the game with his fans.

There were not many customers in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to begin with, and Teacher Qiao’s spot was located in a deserted corner. That ensured he would not be disturbed while he was playing the game.

Soon, everything was in order.

“Ask the branch manager to prepare your daily meals and drinks. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe adheres to hygiene standards, and the food and drinks would be safe to eat. You can rest assured.

“Try to get used to this environment. We have prepared a welcome feast for you tonight. We’ll pick you up when it’s time.

“If you have any questions about living here, please raise it to the branch manager.”

Pei Qian quickly resolved all of Teacher Qiao’s worries.

Qiao Liang was very moved. “Alright!”

“Go ahead and try out the computer. I’m going to make a move. If you have any questions, contact me at any time.” Pei Qian did not stay to watch Teacher Qiao suffer. Instead, he turned around and left.

This was like the saying ‘one cannot bear to see a living animal die nor eat the meat of an animal after hearing their cries’. Pei Qian could not help but feel sorrowful. Ai, I am really a kind-hearted person.

“Boss Pei is kind indeed. He has taken care of everything. He even has a welcome feast prepared for me tonight. It sounds like it would be high-class!”

Qiao Liang opened the game excitedly. This trip to Jingzhou felt perfect.

Ai, if I had a girl with me, everything would feel even better.

Of course, Qiao Liang knew that it was wishful thinking on his part.

However, girls would not be as fun as games.

He had no idea if Boss Pei’s meticulous care had some sort of psychological effect on him, but once Qiao Liang entered the game, he liked everything about it.

“Indeed, all Boss Pei’s games feel like top-quality stuff! Look at these modelstop-quality! Look at the style-unique! Look at the movements-smooth! “Look at these little monsters…

“Holy shit, that hurt. These are little monsters? “…How did I die?!”

Looking at the black screen, Qiao Liang felt extremely confused.

What just happened?!

He had just touched a villager with torn and tattered clothes, who was holding a hayfork. The villager turned around and stabbed him to death in just two moves!

“I… did I open this wrongly?”

Qiao Liang scratched his head, his eyes filled with confusion.

In the afternoon, at Ming Yun Private Kitchen… “Eh? You have King Crab? Give me one of


An extravagantly-dressed young man in a private room pointed at the King Crab on the menu and placed an order with the waiter.

“I’m sorry, Sir. You have to pre-order this dish.” The waiter was polite but strictly sticking to Boss Pei’s special request for them to serve customers without ‘over-explaining anything’.

Of course, once the waiter said this, he felt guilty.

The young man in front of him was obviously not lacking money. Based on experience, the waiter guessed that his temper would not be good either.

The customer looked young; he looked about 24 or 25 years old. He was dressed in a gaudy shirt with red, green, and yellow threads intertwined together. It made him look like a ladybug, but the waiter could tell that this shirt probably cost more than ten to twenty thousand yuan.

What’s more, this customer had gold and silver on. The golden necklace he had on looked very expensive. It was heavy, and it did not look at all like the type of necklace that would float in the bathtub. The most outstanding thing was the Spongebob Squarepants, made of pure gold, hanging at the end of the golden necklace. It perfectly expressed the young man’s unpredictable and irrepressible character, coupled with his probable hot temperament because of his wealth.

According to the waiter’s experience, customers like that were the hardest to wait on. If Boss Pei had not given them these instructions in advance, the waiter would have smiled as widely as he could and explained how rare King Crabs were and how difficult it was to import them. That would minimize the chances of the customers getting mad and causing trouble.

However, he had to follow Boss Pei’s instructions now and not over-explain anything

The young man did not look very angry. Instead, he nodded and said, “Oh, King Crabs are not easy to obtain indeed. It’s logical that I would have to pre-order them.

“Give me a sea urchin, then.”

The waiter kept his smile as he apologized again. “I’m sorry, Sir. You have to pre-order that, too.”

The young man frowned. Although he did not say anything, it was obvious he was getting unhappy.

“You should have Bluefin Tuna then, right?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. You have to pre-order that, too.”

The young man looked at the waiter, slightly confused. He did not know if he should laugh or get angry. The waiter very helpfully pointed to a line of words on top of the menu. “These dishes on the front require very expensive ingredients so you have to pre-order them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

The young man glanced and saw a disclaimer on the top of every item on the thick menu. It said that everything had to be pre-ordered. It was not small, but it was not obviously written as well. That was why he missed it.

“Alright, alright, alright. Then, tell me what you have in the restaurant.”

The young man couldn’t be bothered to find anything else and decided to ask the waiter directly. Again, the waiter helpfully flipped past 80% of the contents to the last page of the menu. The items on this page of the menu did not have the accompanying disclaimers anymore.

“Sir, we have these.”

The young man frowned as he read the last page of the menu.

Some dishes were more complicated such as the Braised Pork Belly Pyramid and Lion-Shaped Fish. There were also simpler dishes like green vegetables, fried prawns with Longjing, and whatnot. What they all had in common was that they were all extremely expensive. Their prices were slightly higher than other high-end restaurants.

Take the Braised Pork Belly Pyramid for example. It was priced at 270 yuan. The young man remembered having this dish in a city in Hangzhou, and it had only cost him 240 yuan.

Of course, compared to the more valuable dishes in the front part of the menu, these common dishes were considered much cheaper.

The young man felt speechless. The price was not the main problem. The main problem was that he had to pre-order everything that he really wanted to try.

Did he travel all the way just to try common dishes?

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Chapter 242