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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 232

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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon Novel Chapter 232

Before long, Hu Xiao had made all the necessary arrangements.

Once Fei Huang Workspace uploaded a new video, fake reviewers would immediately go and flood the comments section with reviews and likes.

If it was a new UP Master, such acts would be more obvious; after all, a new UP Master wouldn’t have that many fans yet.

Fei Huang Workspace already had a huge following, and fake reviewers’ comments might not be that evident.

However, that didn’t matter. As long as immediately after the new video was launched, the fake reviewers as a horde posted tens of reviews stating ‘I have used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend it!’, others would definitely be able to tell what was up.

As Hu Xiao wanted to keep an eye on this matter, he followed Fei Huang Workspace’s page. Every once in a while, he would refresh the page to see if there were any updates.

Finally, on the second day, Fei Huang Workspace really released a video!

“Not bad! This Hardcore Reviews’ information is rather reliable. They actually know Fei Huang Workspace’s movements so clearly; this information-gathering is rather formidable.”

Hu Xiao increasingly felt that the UP Master behind Hardcore Reviews was someone not to be belittled.

He took a closer look and realized the name of the video was A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life. The caption of the video also had a keyword ‘review’ in it.

“It is indeed a product review video!”

After making sure that it was a product review video, Hu Xiao immediately posted a message in one of his group chats to direct his fake reviewers to take action! The content of all the reviews was uniform. Everyone was copying and pasting ‘I have used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend!’.

Such messages were posted continuously.

As Fei Huang Workspace had many fans already, some other comments by normal fans were also in the mix. For example:

“Is this a miracle?”

“Is this a comeback?”

“When is the next season of Boss Pei’s Daily Life going to be released?!”

“So fast!”

These types of comments were made as well.

However, fake reviewers’ comments still formed the majority. Furthermore, these fake reviewers would also repeatedly ‘like’ other fake reviewers’ comments. As such, the top comments all became those by fake reviewers!

Hu Xiao saw the effect of his fake reviews army and couldn’t help but feel proud.

So what if they had many fans? These fans were still swallowed up by my fake reviews army!

This barrage of comments actually had a significant effect.

Such product review videos actually couldn’t earn much money just by relying on Aili Island’s incentive plans. They primarily relied on their sugar daddies: the so-called sponsored partnerships.

However, if a video had many fake reviewers commenting on it and they all appeared at once, that would have an impact on sponsored partnerships.

From the ordinary fans’ point of view if the product reviews they paid attention to used fake reviewers, that would definitely affect the objectivity of the reviews. Some fans might actually abandon this platform.

For sugar daddies and sponsors, they were mindful of these fake reviewers hired by the product review platforms, which would lead to a falsification of these platforms’ human traffic statistics. If they entered into sponsored partnerships with these platforms, would there be a backfire effect and ruin their own products’ reputation?

All these doubts would create a negative impact.

Of course, just a few fake reviewers would not strike a decisive blow on Fei Huang Workspace. However, this would become a rather vexing and messy issue for them.

Hu Xiao patiently waited for a while and then decided to go and see everyone’s responses on the video.

According to Hu Xiao’s estimates, only two possible scenarios could happen.

The first would be that the fake reviewers’ comments were so prominent that all viewers would jump on the bandwagon and pollute the comments section.

This was what Hu Xiao wanted to see.

The second would be Fei Huang Workspace immediately discovering the fake reviewers and starting to mass delete their posts.

However, regardless of how much they deleted, people would definitely still notice these fake reviews. Furthermore, the fake reviewers were posting very swiftly, and perhaps then accusations could be made against Fei Huang for deliberately deleting posts and comments.

Two hours later…

“It’s about time! Let’s see what the results are!”

Hu Xiao took a look at A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life’s comments section. After looking through, he was utterly befuddled.

What was going on?

Why isn’t there scolding and cursing?

Even more people are posting ‘I used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend!’?

Hu Xiao was flummoxed.

Were the fake reviewers still posting?

That didn’t make sense. Fake reviewers were paid to do so and would only post as per instructed and paid; why would they be so passionate about this?

What was going on?

As Hu Xiao was still confused and couldn’t make sense of this, he clicked on the product review to watch and find out the reason behind this.

On the screen was a sluggish-looking youngster…

“My name is Sun Aidi; my English name is Aidi Sun. I am a great inventor. This is my latest invention: a hand-held portable washing machine.”

This washing machine appeared in the youngster’s hands and on the screen. This was a bottle-shaped object that had a mini brush head, motor, batteries, and a water container.

“It has a high-efficient motor inside that can activate the brush head to move rapidly while spewing out appropriate amounts of water to target the dirty spots.

“At this time, you only have to prepare a little liquid detergent and dab it on the dirty spots. Using the washing machine to wash these spots continuously, you would have clean clothes anywhere, anytime; you don’t have to worry about dirtying them anymore!

“I intend to apply for a patent for this new invention immediately. This product would soon enter production and would probably have good reviews with its sales exploding, the company getting listed on the stock exchange and becoming a commercial empire, attaining the pinnacle of life!”

The scene changed and became that of a cafeteria.

Aidi Sun faced a beautiful girl, and the two were having a meal.

“I am having a meal with a beautiful lady today. I can use this opportunity to show her my invention. This way, she would definitely adore and worship me; she would listen to everything I say!”

Aidi Sun deliberately shook his hand vigorously while holding his cup, resulting in a few drops of alcohol spilling onto the beautiful lady’s skirt.

“Aiya!” The beautiful lady hurriedly took a napkin and wanted to wipe the stain off.

“Beauty, leave this to me!”

Aidi Sun immediately took out his portable washing machine and activated it. The portable washing machine’s brush head started to churn and spew water out.

The screen froze as it captured everyone’s expression in the cafeteria.

The beautiful lady was stunned for a moment as she then took up her cellphone and called a number. “Hello? Is this 110?”

The scene changed again to a roadside barbecue store.

Aidi Sun was holding onto a stick of meat as he cried out to his brothers.

His brothers were trying their best to comfort him. “Don’t worry, Aidi, that beautiful lady misunderstood you; she will definitely forgive you!”

As they ate, a fat chunk of meat landed on one of his brother’s sleeves.

Aidi Sun’s eyes opened wide as he said, “Don’t move! Leave it to me!”

He once again took out the portable washing machine from his bag and sprayed at the sleeve stained with grease.

One of his brothers shouted, “Aidi! This is your new invention? The portable washing machine? Hurry up and help me! Quick, quick help me clean this!”

Aidi Sun immediately grew energetic as he took the portable washing machine and struck a pose.

A moment later, Aidi Sun thought about something, “You… did any of you bring liquid detergent?”

His brothers, “?”

Aidi Sun, “For such a stain like this, we need liquid detergent; do you guys have it? Or… perhaps, soap?”

His brothers, “?”

A few scenes later…

Aidi Sun sat on his sofa at home.

“My name is Sun Aidi; my English name is Aidi Sun. I am a great inventor. I have created an invention that could change the world. However, no one seems to understand.

“If you are interested in my invention, please contact me. We can speedily enter production, have hoards of great reviews come in with sales exploding, get listed, and create a commercial empire; entering the pinnacle of life!”

Hu Xiao then looked at the bullet screen comments and comments section.

“This is Fei Huang Workspace’s new program? This is rather refreshing!”

“Hahaha, this is something new!”

“Who gave this video’s caption the ‘review’ word? This is hilarious!”

“This washing machine is really very useful; where can I buy this?”

“I have followed you guys. As long as you guys do not invent useful things, I will continue to follow you guys!”

“I used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend it!”

“I used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend it! +1”

Regardless of whether it was the bullet screen comments or the comments section, this same message kept on appearing; many people were following suit as well.

Hu Xiao shook his head, utterly stunned.

What was going on?

Where were my fake reviewers?

Where was my fake review army that I hired?

Why have their comments completely integrated with the ordinary fans’ comments; their comments had no effect whatsoever?

Thinking about this repeatedly, Hu Xiao was still lost and confused as he sent a message to Hardcore Reviews: “Brother, who… who on earth are you?”

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Chapter 232