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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 330

All chapters are in Let Me Game in Peace Novel

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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 330

I can’t fail three consecutive times, right? Heavens, please bless me with success! Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as he clicked on the fusion. He saw the sparkling light on the two Companion Beasts slowly fuse together.

Amidst Zhou Wen’s uneasy feelings, all he heard was a chime. The phone emitted a light as a new Companion Beast appeared on screen.

I succeeded. Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly checked the new pet.

The new pet looked somewhat different from the Overlord Snake and the Sword Fang Fish. The Overlord Snake was black, while the Sword Fang Fish was golden; the new pet was a dark gold color. It wasn’t as dark as black, nor was it as bright as gold. It looked quite pleasing to the eye.

Mutated Overlord Sword Snake… Epic stage… Zhou Wen saw its name and saw that it looked like a sea serpent. He didn’t waste his time looking carefully and directly checked its stats.

Now, what Zhou Wen was most concerned about was whether the Ever-Victorious skill was still around.

Mutated Overlord Sword Snake: Epic

Life Providence: Overlord of Swords

Life Soul: Sword Flash Snake

Strength: 40

Speed: 39

Constitution: 27

Primordial Energy: 36

Talent Skill: Ever-Victorious, Fangwheel Sword Flash

Companion Form: Sword

Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed when he saw this. Although the Overlord Snake’s Death Wrap and the Devourer techniques couldn’t be inherited, the strongest Ever-Victorious had been inherited. Fangwheel Sword Flash was also a very potent skill, so with both present, they could be considered excellent-grade.

The other stats were all pretty good. The Life Providence of Overlord of Swords could raise the might of the user when using sword techniques, so it had a certain suppressive effect on typical sword-type Companion Beasts. It was a very good Life Providence.

Sword Flash Snake was basically the same as the Sword Fang Fish’s Sword Flash Fish Life Soul. When it used Fangwheel Sword Flash, the Life Soul would enhance the might of the sword flash, allowing more sword flashes to appear.

If there was anything about the Mutated Overlord Sword Snake that wasn’t perfect, it was its Constitution-27 points. Even before the fusion, the Sword Fang Fish’s Constitution wasn’t this low. It was quite a mystery why the RNG gave such a low Constitution.

With a poor Constitution, it meant that the Mutated Overlord Sword Snake would be easily injured. And when transformed into its sword form, it could easily be damaged or be cleaved apart.

The Overload Sword Snake in its sword form was a dark gold greatsword, and the sword’s edge radiated a cold glint. There was a black, snake-like pattern on the sword’s spine.

If one looked carefully, they would realize that the sword had dark fish scale patterns that resembled a pattern that had been tempered and forged countless times. The entire sword was extremely domineering. It was five feet long and with Zhou Wen’s strength, he could only barely lift it. If he were to strike with it, he probably wouldn’t have any strength left after swinging it around.

He tried out the might of the Overlord Sword in-game and slashed out with his sword. The sword flash transformed into a circular blade that slashed forward. Ever-Victorious also augmented the sword flash, splitting a Chi into two.

What a powerful sword flash! Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be overjoyed. The might of the Overlord Sword was no weaker than Li Xuan’s Thundergod Sword. It might even be stronger.

Ever-Victorious was even more powerful than a sword flash augmented with lightning attributes. In a comparison between the two swords, Thundergod Sword might probably lose its accolade as the best offensive pet.

The only flaw of the Overlord Sword was that its Constitution was poor. It was alright slashing out a sword flash, but if the sword were to clash directly with the Thundergod Sword, it would likely crack open a notch. Repeats of this might snap it.

How can I raise Overlord Sword’s Constitution? Otherwise, it won’t live up to its name. Zhou Wen quickly came up with an idea.

If a Companion Beast were to fuse with a Companion Egg, it would mainly be the Companion Beast taking center stage while the Companion Eggs became supplements. The Overlord Snake’s basic appearance and abilities wouldn’t change much other than become stronger.

As long as he found a Companion Egg with a high Constitution that had a high compatibility with Overlord Sword Snake, he could increase its Constitution.

Of course, after experiencing the previous failure, Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t risk it with the Overlord Sword Snake with anything less than 80%. It would be best if the compatibility was above 90% before he made an attempt.

However, after a few matches, he realized that the compatibility between the other pets and the Overlord Sword Snake wasn’t very high. The highest was less than 50%. Even the compatibility between the Overlord Snake and the Overlord Sword Snake was only 49%.

Zhou Wen planned on making a trip to a shop selling Companion Eggs when he had the time. By matching them together, he might be able to find a Companion Egg with a higher compatibility score with the Overlord Sword Snake.

As for the remaining Companion Beasts, Zhou Wen looked at them and couldn’t bear to fuse them. He had no choice but to leave it at that. He took the Overlord Sword into the underground sea, hoping to see if the Overlord Sword’s sword flash could approach the white cocoon.

He once again came into the war wagon and looked at the white cocoon in the darkness. Zhou Wen pulled out his Overlord Sword and slashed at the white cocoon. Immediately, the sword flash of Overlord Sword spun like a circular blade as it headed for the white cocoon.

Intense ripples appeared in the air. It was as if a calm water surface had been torn apart as the sword flash approached the white cocoon at a discernible pace.

Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw this. He watched as the sword flash tore through the invisible force outside the white cocoon and hit it, tearing open a hole.

However, before he could make the next move, the black dragon rushed in and swallowed the blood-colored avatar. The game screen went black.

A sword flash with Ever-Victorious is really useful! Even Zhou Wen was surprised. After all, he couldn’t touch the white cocoon back when he used the Overlord Snake.

This made Zhou Wen see hope again. Now that he was able to rupture the white cocoon, the only thing he needed to consider was how to damage the white cocoon before the black dragons charged in. He also needed to obtain a drop of blood from the creature inside.

The Overlord Sword together with Transcendent Flying Immortal was already fast enough. Together with Ghost Steps’ Speed, it was difficult to find someone faster than Zhou Wen at the same level. However, he still wasn’t able to complete his goal before the black dragons charged in.

Zhou Wen had already done the math. He needed to slash at least three times before he could produce a gap that allowed the blood-colored avatar to charge in. After several attempts, he was swallowed by the black dragon that rushed in before he could finish the three strikes.

From the looks of it, my Transcendent Flying Immortal still isn’t fast enough. Other than the three strikes, I still need one more strike to damage the creature inside the white cocoon to obtain its blood. My sword needs to be even faster. Zhou Wen planned on honing his Transcendent Flying Immortal to raise it to Rank 10.

The thought of raising his sword’s speed reminded Zhou Wen of Feng Qiuyan. Hence, he called Feng Qiuyan and asked him if he had the time to be his sparring partner.

In terms of speed, Feng Qiuyan was definitely one of his fastest peers. Furthermore, with his Swift Saber Heavenly King Life Providence and talent, Zhou Wen really couldn’t figure out who could be faster than him among his schoolmates.




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Chapter 330