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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 329

All chapters are in Let Me Game in Peace Novel

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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 329

“It depends on how painful it is,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“Worse than death.” Wang Mingyuan said tersely.

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss for an answer. This was because the words “worse than death” were too vague. He didn’t know what kind of concept it was because he hadn’t experienced such pain.

Zhou Wen felt that physical pain could sometimes be endured for a moment, but a psychological blow might very well result in a pain worse than physical pain.

Seemingly sensing that he had been too vague, Wang Mingyuan thought for a while and said, “Let’s use a more common analogy. If there’s a woman you love very much, and she’s raped in front of you, but you don’t have the ability to save her. You have two choices. One is to fight to the death. Even though you know you can’t save her, you insist on dying to protect her. You will have a clear conscience. The second option is to collude with those people and think of ways to preserve her life. After that, you try to rescue her out of her misery before killing those people to avenge her. If it were you, what would you choose?”

“This is really a difficult question. Reason tells me that I should choose the second option, but I’m ultimately only one person. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the mental fortitude to complete the second choice. Therefore, I believe that if I were to encounter something like this, I would choose the first option,” Zhou Wen said after seriously considering it.

“Is that so?” Wang Mingyuan’s tone was odd as though it was both a question and answer. It was unknown if he was asking Zhou Wen or himself.

“Teacher, what is the answer to this question?” Zhou Wen knew that some problems weren’t limited to the question itself. If he was smart enough, he could think of other answers.

Wang Mingyuan smiled and said, “There’s no answer. I’ve asked Jiang Yan and the others this question too. Haifeng’s answer is identical to yours. Ziya said he would kill that woman first and Jiang Yan chose the second option.”

“Then what’s your answer, Teacher?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

“I don’t have an answer.” Wang Mingyuan changed the topic. “How’s the situation at the Zhuolu battlefield? Have they found your former principal?”

“Not yet. An Sheng called me a few times, but he didn’t say anything. However, I can tell that it isn’t going well. Perhaps many sacrifices have been made.” Zhou Wen fell silent after saying that.

An Sheng seldom contacted him recently, but Zhou Wen knew that the An family definitely wouldn’t give up. They would definitely get someone to open the doors of the two palaces. When the time came, they would definitely suffer losses. After all, the An family didn’t have Mythical experts. What they could do wouldn’t be much better than Zhou Wen’s.

“I recently learned some divination arts. Although I’m not very proficient in them, they seem to be effective to some extent. I did read your former principal’s fortune, and the results are that there’s a silver lining. He should be fine for the time being,” Wang Mingyuan said.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if Wang Mingyuan was comforting him or if he really had learned divination, but he felt better after hearing that.

After hanging up, Zhou Wen continued grinding. However, he didn’t make much progress. Be it the white cocoon in the war wagon or the two palaces in the temple, he was at an impasse.

Zhou Wen’s strength had seemingly reached a bottleneck. No matter how many Primordial Energy Skills he learned or cultivated any other Primordial Energy Arts, they weren’t of much use.

He felt that he couldn’t continue grinding aimlessly. Therefore, he planned on organizing his thoughts.

Zhou Wen: Legendary

Life Providence: Sigh of the King

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

Constitution: 20

Primordial Energy: 21

Primordial Energy Skill: Demonic Astral Wheel, Nine Dragons Art, Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill, Ghost Steps, Transcendent Flying Immortal, Ashen Palm, etc.

Companion Beast: Truth Listener, Banana Fairy, Tyrant Behemoth, Mutated Stone Chi, Mutated Sword Fang Fish, Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, Silver-Winged Sky Spider Youngling, Ghost Bride, White Shadow of Poison, Mutated Overlord Snake, Doctor Darkness, Mutated Demonized General, Saber Shield Knight, etc.

In terms of Primordial Energy Skills, they were mainly focused on Speed and movement techniques. There wasn’t much of a problem in this area. With sufficiently fast Speed, one was better at attacking and escaping than the average person.

Among Companion Beasts, there were only a few that were frequently used. The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant was clearly unable to keep up with the current battles.

However, the real deciding factor was still the Mythical Banana Fairy. Truth Listener had yet to finish its incubation, so it was unknown what changes it would undergo in the future.

Typical Companion Beasts have all kinds of problems. It’s not that their stats are bad, but that their Life Providences are bad or their Primordial Energy Skills are lacking. In short, they have all kinds of flaws. Just like Overlord Spear, Ever-Victorious is indeed a good skill, but the Mutated Overlord Snake’s level is too low. Its stats are only considered average. Even with Ever-Victorious’s skill, it’s difficult to use it to the fullest. After some thought, Zhou Wen still had a route to take. That was to use his phone’s pet fusion capabilities to fuse the pets so as to get the Life Providences, Primordial Energy Skills, and stats he wanted on one pet.

First, it’s the Ever-Victorious skill. I have to think of a way to raise the Overlord Snake’s level or fuse this skill with other pets. Zhou Wen matched the Mutated Overlord Snake with his other pets and looked at their compatibility score.

Mutated Overlord Snake and other pets had a relatively low compatibility score. It didn’t exceed 30% at best. It only had a slightly higher compatibility score with the Mutated Sword Fang Fish.

He didn’t have any better options, and keeping them didn’t seem to be of much use. Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment but couldn’t bear to risk it.

It was still a low chance of success that didn’t exceed 50%—just too low. If he failed, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to grind the Mutated Overlord Snake again. It would be a waste of time, something about the thought of grinding it made him retch.

The success rate of Doctor Darkness and other Companion Beasts’ fusion chance was even lower. Basically, there wasn’t one that exceeded a compatibility score of 10%. It was about the same for Ghost Bride.

The Mutated Demonized General and Saber Shield Knight had a compatibility score of nearly 50%. Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and chose to fuse them. The two weren’t very useful now, and if they couldn’t progress further, keeping them wouldn’t be of much



With the sound of the explosion, there was nothing on the phone. The Mutated Demonized General and the Saber Shield Knight vanished as the words “Fusion failed” appeared.

Zhou Wen was instantly depressed. The Mutated Demonized General could still be grinded, but it wouldn’t be easy to obtain the Saber Shield Knight.

Unwilling to give up just like that, Zhou Wen fused the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, hoping to increase its stats a little.

The compatibility score was nearly 70%. Zhou Wen originally believed that it would definitely succeed, but to his surprise, with a bang, they vanished once again.

That actually failed? Zhou Wen was extremely depressed. He wasn’t willing to give up, so he decided to place the Mutated Overlord Snake and Mutated Sword Fang Fish together and risk it again.




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Chapter 329